Rajon Rondo already feuding with Rick Carlisle?

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February 24, 2017 | 7:00 am EST Update
Several league sources labeled Redick as a non-starter for Rivers and company and there is a belief that Redick already has committed to re-sign in July. Like Griffin and Paul, Redick is viewed as a core piece, and while his $7.3 million price tag is likely going way up, there is a belief that Rivers and the Clippers are ready to pay it. The problem with that is they won’t control it, so things could get interesting at the deadline, but the sense is Redick is staying put.
There will be a number of suitors in pursuit of Bogut, who is also eligible to return to the Warriors because he was traded from Dallas to Philadelphia. He is ineligible to return only to the team that most recently traded him, which in this case is the Mavericks. So if the Warriors want him back, they may pursue him. The Cavs have long had their eye on Bogut, but they’ll have competition for him – primarily from the Houston Rockets.
The Cavs had Larry Sanders in this week to talk to him, but his checkered past apparently is even more checkered than known. A Cavs official confirmed to me tonight they were aware Sanders was arrested last year on a felony charge in Los Angeles, but did not provide any details about the arrest. Late-night attempts to obtain a police report were futile, but according to Los Angeles Sherriff’s Department jail records, Sanders was arrested on June 12 and booked into the Van Nuys jail. His bail was set at $50,000. One Cavs official said he didn’t believe Sanders would be facing discipline by the league should he sign with an NBA team.
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