Sergio Rodriguez mulling NBA return

Former Trail Blazers point guard Sergio Rodriguez on Saturday said he is mulling a return to the NBA this summer and will wait “to see how the market is” after the free agent period opens July 1. Since leaving the NBA in 2010, Rodriguez has become one of the best players in Europe. Rodriguez led Real Madrid to the 2015 Euroleague championship and was the 2014 Euroleague MVP. He says he has three years left on his contract, but said his contract has a reasonable buyout.

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December 1, 2015 | 4:56 pm EST Update
“I need to get into a rhythm,” he said, “and then hopefully get onto a team where I can provide a spark off the bench and have a team that wants me to get consistent minutes.” Fredette went on to use the word “when” to describe his potential return to the N.B.A., and not “if.” The Knicks do not hold his rights — he is free to sign anywhere — but it seemed clear that he enjoyed his newfound freedom. He supplied 41 minutes in the 102-90 victory. In a four-game stint with the Pelicans this month, he played a total of 13 minutes.
Fredette said he had options other than the D-League. He could have gone to Europe, where the contracts are more lucrative. But he wants to return to the N.B.A. Asked about the perception that he has been a bust, Fredette said that people were free to their opinions. He tries not to worry about any of it. He reflected on his wandering journey. “Sometimes that happens for people in this league,” he said. “For a lot of guys in this league, actually.”
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December 1, 2015 | 3:33 pm EST Update

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