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September 4, 2015 | 7:57 pm EDT Update
The outlook, however, is a little more bleaker for starting small forward Quincy Pondexter. It’s looking like the Pelicans may have to wait until this upcoming November for Pondexter to fully recover from undergoing arthroscopic surgery on his left knee in May. ”Just one of those things that’s just takes time, he’s going to be OK,” Gentry said during a refurbished basketball court dedication ceremony on Friday involving the Pelicans and Chevron at Rev. Peter Atkins Park in Covington.
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In the past two seasons, Holiday has combined to miss 90 games because of recurring problems with his right leg. He sat out 42 games last season due to a stress reaction injury. ”What I think we’re trying to do is not push him anywhere,” Gentry said. ”We’re going to monitor obviously his practices. I doubt there will be a situation where we’ll let him go two-a-days. It’s just doesn’t make sense right now.”
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Kerr’s home renovation project wrapped up Friday with a new wall-hanging — a 2014-15 NBA championship banner. It was unfurled in a private ceremony for team employees in advance of training camp opening on Sept. 29. In a nod to the team’s “Strength in Numbers” motto, the name of every player was stitched around the border of the banner, in alphabetical order, from Barbosa to Thompson. “With everything we were trying to accomplish, we knew that we needed every piece of the puzzle to make it happen,” reserve guard Shaun Livingston said Friday. “And in the end, that’s kind of how it played out.”
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September 4, 2015 | 5:47 pm EDT Update
September 4, 2015 | 4:44 pm EDT Update
LeBron James is apparently getting a jump on his pre-training camp workouts for the 2015-16 season with the Cavaliers in Miami, under the direction of one or two personal trainers. David Alexander, a Miami-based personal trainer for several pro athletes who is also business partner and personal trainer for James’ wife, Savannah, posted a picture to his Instagram account Friday of himself, James, restricted free agent guard Norris Cole, and James’ personal trainer Mike Mancias.
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September 4, 2015 | 3:33 pm EDT Update
Smallball or a more traditional game with bigs? Kevin Durant: Oh… Great question. I love the traditional game and I think it works for me, playing with two quick players outside and two bigs inside. Smallball allows me to play power forward, moving in different spots both on offense and defense and I have to adjust to to it. I think the NBA is heading towards smallball and at the end it’s something that forces us to compete and improve our game and it’s fun.
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“As far as this year’s team, I think this is Andre Drummond’s coming out party,” Rose said. “I think he takes the lead we saw DeAndre Jordan take (with the Clippers). If you noticed, one of the things Stan (Van Gundy) has been able to do in his career is nurture young big men, including Dwight Howard. So that’s the thing, number one, I’m looking most forward to. And he has a better touch around the basket, and better hands, than DeAndre Jordan.
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It has not been determined yet if Pondexter will be ready to participate in the Pelicans’ upcoming training camp that begins on Sept. 29 at The Greenbrier in West Virginia. ”I’m focusing on getting my body in the best shape possible right now,” Pondexter said. ”I’m hurt, but I’m looking forward to the season. I hope not to miss much time if any time at all. I’m looking forward to having a lot better season than I did last year.”
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September 4, 2015 | 1:39 pm EDT Update
September 4, 2015 | 12:42 pm EDT Update
Calipari is normally aware of the range where his players will be drafted, and he said he knew the Timberwolves would make Towns the top pick in this year’s draft. The hardest wait was for Brandon Knight in 2011. “There was such a chance for him go from four to 12 that it was making me nauseous,” Calipari said. “Then, he went, I believe it was [eight]. It was like ecstasy. You’re jumping up and down like, ‘Holy crap.’”
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“Of course, you think [it’s] a little unfair,” Aaron Harrison added. “But it’s not really a big deal. You can’t really sulk about it; [instead] just go out here and play as hard as you can.” Late in the draft, Calipari had called to say that making a team as an undrafted free agent was better than being drafted late in the second round. And that night, Aaron Harrison worked out a deal to play in summer league with the Hornets. “Of course I have a chip on my shoulder,” he said. “So, I think that’s an advantage I have. But it’s a little bit of relief, too, just to know that I have somewhere to go.”
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