Steve Nash admits playing days likely over

1 year ago via TSN
Though he has yet to confirm his retirement, Steve Nash is under no delusions when it comes to the fact that his NBA career is at its end. The Los Angeles Lakers point guard joined the The Bro Jake Show on TSN Radio 1040 Vancouver on Tuesday morning and pulled no punches when it came to the state of his game. “Unfortunately the NBA game is just a touch too far for me,” said the 41-year-old native of Victoria, BC. “I play one game and I’m out a month. I have a bunch of back things going on that compromise that nerve.”

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May 24, 2016 | 9:55 pm EDT Update
During a recent sitdown with WBZ-TV, Ainge pointed to some of Boston’s youngest players while discussing the sort of talent that could blossom with bigger roles. “I really believe it’s an opportunity league. There are many players that are sitting on benches on other teams that are stacked with talent that just don’t get an opportunity. We have some on our team,” Ainge said on “Sports Final.” “We think [2015 second-round pick] Jordan Mickey has a bright future and [2015 first-round pick] Terry Rozier has a bright future and we’ve gotten calls from other teams about them that say, ‘Those guys aren’t getting an opportunity in Boston, we want to get those guys to come play for us.’ But we’re going to try to be patient with them as well, and other young guys.”
Green’s teammate Shaun Livingston finds a professional application, but analytics don’t have any play in his vast life as a sports fan. “I use it as a scouting tool,” he said after a recent Warriors playoff game. “I want to know, defensively, someone’s 3-point shooting tendencies or whether a guy is a bad free throw shooter so that I know when exactly I want to foul him. I use them as an advanced scouting report. When I played for Mike Dunleavy, he was great with the scouting report … So was Erik Spoelstra … and those things were an important part.

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