TJ Warren to miss the rest of the season

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April 30, 2016 | 2:35 pm EDT Update
Elhassan: If you look at the four-man combination of Chris Paul, J.J. Redick, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, they’ve consistently ranked among the top lineups in the league in plus-minus and net rating. The idea that the Clippers need massive changes is overblown. What they need is competent cap management, good free-agent signings, better minor league evaluation and better player development. In short, all the things you need to correctly fill out your supporting cast.
But he disputed the notion that he does not value chemistry or that it was as much of an issue this season as many, including some of his players, have said. “I think it’s hugely important,” Morey said. “I don’t remember articles about how our chemistry was great last year. I don’t remember articles last year that said how great our guys were together. That’s a label people throw on a team when it’s not going well. The reality is we didn’t have enough guys playing together and playing well. Last year, we had a lot of guys playing well and playing together. It’s the same group of guys. They had good chemistry. They just didn’t play well.
Storyline: Houston Rockets Turmoil?

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