Ty Lawson arrested

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September 30, 2016 | 11:05 am EDT Update
Bryan Colangelo: I’m watching four bigs that are all talented competing at this level. It bodes well for us to have that kind of depth and that kind of a problem. I call it a high-class problem because most teams are looking for bigs that can play. (…) The guy with the single greatest chance to combine all of the things you’re looking for in a big is probably Joel [Embiid] but we’re still not sure where Joel is on a health basis. (…)
Erik Horne: Kendrick Perkins on @TheVertical on his time in Oklahoma City and his trade: “When’ started playing, my first game was in Washington whenl played for OKC. I remember! came out and it was like ‘boom.’ We just took off from there. The guys, from Russ, to Kevin, to everybody just fell under my wing. I had a two-bedroom townhouse and they was there every night. Every night we was home, they was there. Every time we went on the road, we were in there watching games together. It was instant. I instantly forgot about Boston — the four years, $36 million dollars helped a little bit, too. I didn’t forget about Boston, but I’ma tell how much the organization meant to me in Oklahoma City: When I got traded from there like two years ago, do you know after I got traded, me and Sam (Presti) talked, and (assistantgeneral manager) Troy Weaver and they actually told me to come by the practice facility. And you know we sat in the office and hugged and cried for about 35-40 minutes, all three of us.”
Erik Horne: Kendrick Perkins on @TheVertical on his time in Oklahoma City and his trade: “They crying, I’m crying, because they didn’t want to part. And they said ‘we’ll cross paths.’ The crazy thing about it is even Mr. (Clay) Bennett sent me a long paragraph, which is rare from an owner, sent me a long paragraph thanking me for what I’d done for the organization, and that we will cross paths again, that I’ve been a blessing, that he hates to lose me, that he didn’t want to do it and stuff like that. But I know the business part of it. Sometimes it happens. I got a $9 million dollar contract. ReggieJackson ain’t take the extension, he didn’t wantto be there, so yeah I get thrown in, I know the business. But you never know what opportunity might come up. I didn’t burn no bridges. Everything still was great overthere in Oklahoma City when I left. You always leave those doors open, because you never know.”
“With Kevin gone,” says one rival executive, “it’s totally fine for Russ to do all the crap he does.” It’s possible Westbrook is about to produce a season of straight-line, single-minded fury we’ve never seen before. When Durant missed the last two months of 2014-15, Westbrook hoarded 40 percent of Oklahoma City’s possessions with a shot, turnover or drawn foul — a number that would set the all-time record if done over a full season. He might come closer to averaging a triple-double than anyone since Oscar Robertson did in 1962.
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Every player in that fraternity will be watching Westbrook this season. Players marveled at the triple-double numbers Westbrook put up in Durant’s absence to close the ’14-15 season, but the spectacle rubbed some of them the wrong way. “He’s putting up insane numbers,” Clippers guard J.J. Redick told me on a podcast that spring, “but after we played them, it was like, ‘OK, a different MVP for me.’ It’s kind of crazy how many possessions he uses.” Everyone admires Westbrook’s snarling anger and balls-to-the-wall competitiveness. They want that fire in their teammates. They also want the ball.
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September 30, 2016 | 7:46 am EDT Update

Manu Ginobili not thinking about retirement

Though Tim Duncan decided to call it quits over the summer, Ginobili said his future wasn’t influenced by his longtime teammate. “Those type of decisions that defines your future … and family and all of that usually doesn’t depend on what Tim does,” said Ginobili. “I just felt like I still wanted to do it. That I can help the team. That I enjoy it. That I’m healthy. That was the main key.” Asked if he has a time frame on how long he wants to continue playing, Ginobili responded: “Not at all.”
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