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February 25, 2017 | 11:45 am EST Update
For Thomas’ part, he swears he isn’t pondering the possibilities just yet. “Honestly, I haven’t looked that far, but I know when that time comes it’s definitely going to be a decision that I make that’s best for me and my family,” Thomas told USA TODAY Sports on a recent visit to the NBA A to Z podcast (before the trade deadline). “I love Boston. They changed my career. They’ve given me an opportunity of a lifetime, and I can’t thank them enough. But at the end of the day, as a businessman and as a professional basketball player, I’ve got to keep my options open. “I would love to be in Boston. I would love to bring a championship to Boston, and hopefully one day be a Boston Celtics legend like Danny Ainge said…You know this game is business, and you never know what’s going to happen. So I’ve definitely got to keep my options open.”
Storyline: Isaiah Thomas Free Agency
“The Lakers (have) always been a team I wanted to go to, I mean desperately – before I was on the Celtics,” Thomas said in the A to Z interview. “My Dad, being a Laker fan (growing up in Tacoma, Wash.), I was brainwashed as a kid of being a Laker fan, so that’s all I looked up to. I definitely (wanted to go there), especially in the draft (when) they had four second-round picks. “And when I did work out for the Lakers, they were interested in me and they thought they would pick me – which, they didn’t. And also, when I was a free agent, they were showing interest but that was the year they were waiting on, like, Carmelo (Anthony) and those types of guys to decide if they would come to LA, so I wasn’t like the first option. And then they ended up getting Jeremy Lin, so…”
Rose gave no indication he was looking for a buyout, still saying he hopes to be with the Knicks long-term. If there’s a buyout in the offing, it’s news to Rose, who still is hoping to re-sign with the Knicks. “I hope so — they didn’t trade me,’’ Rose said. “That’s a good sign. My job is to come in and get better every day. You have to ask Steve about that. If you ask me, I’ll probably sign me for a couple of more years.”
It’s been well documented over the years the loyalty the franchise has toward Nowitzki and vise versa. In his 19 years – all with Dallas – Nowitzki has taken multiple pay cuts. “Can’t put into words what Dirk has meant to the city and the franchise,” Nelson said. “We really would love him to play five more years, but that’s his decision and it’s a year-by-year decision. We want to surround him with a group that can win.”
Storyline: Dirk Nowitzki Free Agency