Will Barton back to Denver

Restricted free agent guard Will Barton is finalizing a deal to re-sign with the Denver Nuggets, league sources informed Northeast Ohio Media Group. The agreement with their athletic 24-year-old prospect is a three-year pact worth around $10 million, sources say. The deal could be signed as soon as today. Barton, a 2012 second round pick, spent his first two and half season with the Portland Trail Blazers and his role was extremely limited. The team consisted of a core group of veteran players that had the potential to make a deep postseason run.

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On Saturday, as the Warriors concluded camp, Bogut again turned heads. “He went three-quarters of the court, coast-to-coast, to finish with a floater,” Steph Curry said. The Warriors, it appears, have a brand new Bogut. Players and coaches are noticing. Bogut says he lost about 22 pounds, resulting in improved agility and stamina. Most of the credit, according to Bogut, should go to Is Sugar the New Fat?, a documentary he watched on Australian TV in August.
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“No, I’m definitely playing,” he told reporters with his trademark shake of the head. “(I didn’t) come all the way out here, (where) people are going to be coming to the game, and you’re going to be sitting on the bench? That’s not cool.” It’s expected to be a sellout crowd at the Stan Sheriff Center, where the Lakers have been enduring two-a-day practices during training camp this past week and getting ready for their latest daunting challenge. From general manager Mitch Kupchak on down, there has been talk of them pushing for a playoff spot in the loaded Western Conference.
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Russell, the No. 2 draft pick out of Ohio State, will share the backcourt with second-year guard Jordan Clarkson. Bryant, meanwhile, will get a chance to play off the ball in ways he swears he has longed for. “I don’t understand why you guys can’t figure this out,” he joked with reporters. “I do not like setting up the offense. I hate it. (Former Lakers coach) Phil (Jackson) made me do it years ago, and I had to learn how to do it years ago to set up the triangle. I haven’t played with point guards who were playmakers at heart, and D’Angelo is a ridiculous playmaker, man.
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He now has a two-year guaranteed contract for $1.96 million with the Kings, assuring he will be on the opening night roster against the Los Angeles Clippers. But that’s not how Curry, the younger brother of Golden State star Stephen Curry, is approaching the season. “I wouldn’t say more relaxed,” Curry said after Thursday’s practice at UC San Diego. “I think it just gives me a sense of trying to fit in with the team and find my role instead of just trying to make the team. But I still have the same sense of urgency that I’ve had in the past.”
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Jerebko seems perturbed that his NBA success, as the lone player in the league from Sweden, has gone unnoticed back home. During NBA All-Star Weekend, thousands of international media cover players from their countries. Jerebko said he hasn’t received much attention from Swedish media. “It’s an honor [to play in the NBA] but at the same time somebody has to show the Swedish kids that anybody can do it, no matter where you’re from,” he said. “Swedish people are very locked in to their sports. It’s tough for a sport to break through when the media is not really into it.”
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Being a high school basketball player in a country where soccer, hockey, and outdoor winter sports rule was difficult for Jerebko. “It’s a small sport in Sweden but I played all kinds of sports,” he said. “Basketball is a growing sport everywhere, but in Sweden it seemed to be put on ice. You barely played basketball in school, it was soccer, hockey, handball, floorball. There’s sports that you don’t even know about that are bigger than basketball in Sweden.” What’s more, there are professional floorball leagues in Sweden. It is similar to field hockey but played indoors. “It’s laughable,” he said. “You have no idea but it’s bigger than basketball.”
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The Magic lost 106-100 and allowed the Hornets to make 45.3 percent of their shot attempts. “It’s an interesting thing,” Skiles said. “We just got beat. Our main players didn’t play very much in the second half, and God bless our fans, they’re lining up in the tunnel down there [near our locker room] cheering for us and everybody’s back there shaking our guys’ hands and everything. At some point, we have to get past that everything is OK. We did not start the second half with any sort of energy whatsoever; [the Hornets] did. And that is not OK. If you want to win, that’s not OK. We need to understand that.”
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