Zach Randolph available?

Coaching change or not, there are rival executives out there who believe that the Grizzlies will ultimately be forced to look hard at trading Mayor of Memphis, Zach Randolph, if they want to commission a serious shake-up that leads to a roster infusion of youth and athleticism. As shocking to the system as that would be for many Memphians, Randolph is the player on the roster most likely to fetch a difference-maker in return. So we have to keep a lookout for that as well, should the Grizz decide they need to make a more drastic move than their interest in Mario Chalmers we reported earlier this week.

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July 29, 2016 | 7:48 pm EDT Update
CJ McCollum on singing his new contract extension to keep him in Portland through 2020-21… “It’s a very, very unique feeling. Honestly, I’ve never experienced it before, although I was able to watch Dame [Lillard] go through the process. It’s just a blessing, man, to be able to put the work in, to go through the struggle of injuries, ups and downs, in and out of the rotation to getting an opportunity and taking advantage of it and seeing everything kinda fall into place. Better than a Lifetime Original, better than a 30-for-30 ESPN original movie to just go from where I came from to signing a $100 million deal, man, it’s a really great feeling. I danced around a little bit after I did it and thanked the Lord and went and worked out right afterward, just because that’s kind of how I’m programmed: to continue to get better and never get complacent.”
Matt Mosley: Mark, why did you essentially pick Harrison Barnes over Chandler Parsons? Parsons ends up getting very similar, if not the same money, from Memphis. Y’all had a great relationship. I saw quotes recently [where] you said, ‘It continues to be a great relationship.’ Did it simply come down to the knee, the medical, as comparing Barnes to Parsons or do you just feel like maybe Barnes has more upside? Mark Cuban: Can’t go into any details, but I’ll just say it wasn’t a basketball issue. Chandler obviously is a very, very skilled player. There’s a lot of great things to his game. But he’s, in essence, a different player from Harrison. Harrison is longer, more athletic, younger. Just like Chandler really didn’t get a chance to have his game blossom when he was with the Rockets. He just showed glimpses of it because of Dwight [Howard] and James [Harden] being there. I think Harrison was kind of in the same role. I think we’re going to give Harrison the opportunity and I know he’s excited about the opportunity to really shine and be a featured guy for us.
Matt Mosley: Seth Curry. …I know everybody looks at Steph and says, ‘Well I hope something’s rubbed off on Seth.’ When you look at his ceiling and look at what he could become, it’s not fair to say if he’s ever going to be Steph Curry. What’s the best version of Seth Curry that you could ever hope for? Mark Cuban: A dysfunctional team in Sacramento at the end of the year he played team ball. He struggled some to stick within kind of a dysfunctional system. But when he got the minutes and when he started he put up great numbers. But more importantly, from a catch-and-shoot perspective he’s almost automatic from three. We really didn’t have that. We didn’t have that guy where situationally you just knew if you can get him open he was going to hit that open three. We miss that 42-43 percent three-point shooter. We just didn’t have it. We think we have that with Seth. I think it’ll make life a little bit easier for Dirk [Nowitzki]. It’ll allow us to push the ball more and I think it’ll make everybody’s lives a bit easier.
Rudolph “Spider” Edwards, who with his dust mop and jaunty fedora shared the parquet floor with Celtics stars from Bill Russell to Larry Bird in the old Boston Garden and new, has died. He was 86. Edwards had suffered from cancer, the Celtics said Wednesday. Edwards began working for the Celtics in 1964, sweeping the floor during timeouts so the stars of the NBA’s first dynasty wouldn’t slip on the moisture seeping up from the hockey ice underneath.

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