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February 26, 2015 | 10:12 PM ET Update

“I think, God willing, if I have no major injuries or anything, I want to keep playing for five more years,” Crawford said. “It’s weird because I’ve said ‘five more years’ for two years now, but I still feel like I can do that. So yeah, I think five more seasons. I still want to be playing at a high level, though. But honestly, it’s crazy, I still feel like I’m getting better and finding ways to keep learning about the game and continuing to challenge myself with things to get better at. I don’t know, but hopefully five more years. I’ve said that for two years now, so we’ll see.” Basketball Insiders

February 26, 2015 | 08:03 PM ET Update

Jose Calderon is hoping to avoid a long-term layoff due to a sore Achilles that has him in a walking boot. And the Knicks' point guard says he is not entertaining any idea of shutting it down at any point this season if he can still play. ESPN.com

There are just two games in the NBA today, so the pool is pretty shallow. All of the teams feature upstart offenses, highlighted by Russell Westbrook. He'll eat up 18% of your cap at $9,000, but he has netted at least 45 FantasyScore points in nine of 10 games. He has scored at least 50 in six of those. Stephen Curry ($9,000; 18.0%) came back from an ankle issue with 48 fantasy points Tuesday night, and he's a nightly option as well. HoopsHype


Who's the man of the minute in the NBA Twittersphere? Find out here who's getting the most mentions at any given moment.

February 26, 2015 | 06:55 PM ET Update

Richard Hamilton: I want to give a major shout out to everyone who supported me through my NBA journey. To my coaches, teammates, and fans in Washington, Detroit, and Chicago: thank you for treating me with the utmost class and respect during my career. I couldn’t have been the player I am without you! Every stop taught me valuable lessons that I will remember for the rest of my life. Although this part of my path has come to a close, my basketball journey is far from over and I am looking forward to the road ahead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhhpDHp9od4 #Holdat #Cv4life #RetirementLife Instagram

Sacramento Kings All-Star center DeMarcus Cousins knows Sanders well. The two share an agent and have played together in the past as part of Team USA. Cousins, like Sanders, wears his heart on his sleeve and has a unique perspective on some of the issues. “Support is exactly what he needs,” Cousins said following the Kings win over Memphis on Wednesday. “I don’t think a lot of people understand the mental abuse of this whole sport. It’s not diamonds and gold everyday.” Cowbell Kingdom

Nick Friedell: If the tear isn't too bad and they can clip all, or a piece of the meniscus, Rose could return to the floor much sooner than before. Remember, Rose and the Bulls decided to repair the same meniscus in Nov. 2013, not remove it, to give Rose a chance to elongate his career. Twitter @NickFriedell

Ethan J. Skolnick: David Blatt: "I've been a head coach for 22 years, I think people overlook that too easily, & I think unfairly." That last David Blatt quote was in reference to a question about whether he may have benefitted from assistant job in Golden State. Twitter @EthanJSkolnick


There's no shortage of great players who don't have their jerseys hanging in the rafters at the arenas of the teams they starred for.

February 26, 2015 | 05:02 PM ET Update

They reached out to Josh Smith after the Detroit Pistons waived him, but he opted to sign with the Houston Rockets. They recruited Kendrick Perkins hard after the Utah Jazz bought him out and before he decided to join LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. They had their sights set on Kevin Garnett and Tayshaun Prince before both were traded back to their original teams at the deadline. They still have an open invitation out to Ray Allen, but he appears content to stay retired. ESPN.com

"We like our team," Rivers said Wednesday. "We actually like our basketball team, and if we could add something that can help that, we will. What people don't understand is chemistry is so freaking important. Unless it's somebody you think is going to really change your team, this team was a couple bad plays in Game 6 away from the Western Conference finals last year. We lost some guys and added some guys, but we like our team." ESPN.com

Daryl Morey: Charles is right, it is all about getting high-end talents. It's about recognizing them, which not any idiot can recognize... The Harden trade was about 60-40 in favor of our side at the time. Even we had doubts. You need to prepare yourself to be ready for those opportunities when they come. It's not like anyone's giving away these good players. You have to maneuver your way into them....The notion that people in analytics don't think talent wins is ludicrous. Bleacher Report

Guaros de Lara waived Jamario Moon. The former NBA ended his experience in Venezuela and now the team is on the market looking for a new player. Sportando

Marc J. Spears: Bulls say Derrick Rose will have a meniscectomy Friday morning to repair a medial meniscus tear in his right knee. Timetable after surgery. Twitter @SpearsNBAYahoo

Sacramento Kings guard Darren Collison is scheduled to have a consultation with Dr. William Meyers on Monday at the Vincera Institute in Philadelphia before undergoing surgery on Tuesday to repair a core muscle injury. Collison suffered the injury in the first half of Sacramento’s contest against the Dallas Mavericks on Feb. 5 and has not played since. He is expected to be re-evaluated in three to six weeks, when more information will be made available. NBA.com


We're living in a time when it's great to be good at basketball. Most of the highest-paid players of all time are in the NBA right now.

February 26, 2015 | 03:41 PM ET Update


Who's the man of the minute in the NBA Twittersphere? Find out here who's getting the most mentions at any given moment.

February 26, 2015 | 02:55 PM ET Update


We research the most common birthplaces of current NBA players. So many Californians...

February 26, 2015 | 01:52 PM ET Update

Butler's offensive emergence and defensive consistency have helped Chicago reach the top of the Central Division standings, despite injuries to Rose and Joakim Noah. But Butler's progress will almost certainly cost the Bulls a small fortune. Last fall they offered a contract worth more than $40 million over four years. Butler says a deal was "really close," but he chose to bet on himself instead. Next summer he's likely to weigh offers of $70 million over four years as a restricted free agent, though executive VP of basketball operations John Paxson has vowed to match them. "In terms of being a two-way player," says Thibodeau, "he's as good as it gets." Sports Illustrated

The deadline for players to be playoff-eligible is Sunday, meaning the Heat have until then to finalize the roster they will take to the postseason if they make it. Combo forward Henry Walker is on a 10-day deal that began last Saturday, so Miami has flexibility with two of its spots. Palm Beach Post

On the court, Butler admits, he compensated for feelings of inadequacy with an "ego problem." Envisioning himself as the next Tracy McGrady, the Rockets' star he idolized, Butler would brag to teammates that he could score 40 points on Derrick Rose, if the top player in the 2007 high school class would only dare come to Texas. But despite earning All-District honors as a senior, Butler failed to make real noise in Houston's AAU scene and received no Division I offers. "I was never good enough," he says, shaking his head. "It was always me against the world. I thought like that for so long." Sports Illustrated

"We had no idea we were going to take him in the first round," McHale, vice president of basketball operations for the Minnesota Timberwolves, says. "I didn't even want to go see him. I thought it was a waste of time. Then we went, and Flip Saunders [then Minnesota's general manager] and I were in the car afterward, and we just looked at each other. I said, 'Wow, we're going to pick a high school kid in the first round.' It was that obvious. "This was our first draft. Flip and I were both new. Our owner was also new. How do you tell him that the first thing he's going to do is sign this high school kid? I think we figured if it went bad, we'd just say, 'Hey, it was our first draft. We didn't know what we were doing.'" Sports Illustrated

Hawks ratings on SportSouth have increased 100 percent year-to-date in Atlanta through 53 games, the network announced Thursday. The network has reported several record viewership games this season, including an all-time high, regular season or playoffs, for the game against the Warriors earlier this month. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Jerome Kersey, the beloved former Portland Trail Blazer who died suddenly on Feb. 18, is the first person to receive a memorial bike lane in Bike City U.S.A. The Portland Bureau of Transportation posted a photo of the newly painted bike path in front of Moda Center on its FaceBook page on Wednesday. Oregonian



The Euro NBA pioneers were pretty good, but the new generations have significantly outperformed them.

February 26, 2015 | 12:53 PM ET Update

Even DeMarcus Cousins, their franchise center, is not untouchable, according to a source with insight into Karl's thinking. "At the trade deadline, everyone was available," the person said. Including Cousins? "Every single person (on the Kings roster) was available." Although Karl does not hold a front office title, "he definitely has control" of future personnel decisions, the source said. Bleacher Report

George Karl's first power move as Sacramento Kings coach was to trade for Andre Miller, a trusted old hand from his Denver days. Expect more of the same this summer. Sources say Karl would love to acquire Ty Lawson—if the rebuilding Nuggets were to make him available—or any other members of his last Nuggets team, which won 57 games in 2012-13. Karl wants players who move the ball and push the tempo, and that could mean wild upheaval on the Kings roster. Bleacher Report

The NBA trade deadline turned into homecoming day, with Kevin Garnett returning to Minnesota and Tayshaun Prince going back to Detroit. Could an Amar'e Stoudemire-Phoenix reunion be next? Perhaps. Stoudemire joined the Dallas Mavericks last week after being waived by the Knicks, but he'll be a free agent again in July, and sources say he would welcome a return to Phoenix, where he spent his first eight seasons. Stoudemire loves the city, and his creaky knees could benefit from a reunion with the Suns' renowned medical staff. Whether the Suns would reciprocate the interest is unclear. But the Suns could use a scoring big man, and team officials could certainly use a PR boost after trading the popular Goran Dragic to Miami last week. Bleacher Report

Kobe Bryant: But the facts are facts. The salary cap is the salary cap. Players aren't going to leave millions and millions of dollars on the table twice to come here and play. It's just not realistic. Wanting LeBron (James) to come here and take a massive pay cut again (last summer), after taking a big one to go to Miami, is not realistic. Melo (Carmelo Anthony) leaving $15-20 (million) on the table to come here is not realistic. So we have certain restrictions, but we'll figure it out. USA Today Sports

Q: You and I talked earlier this season about that concept, the fact that so many people kept assuming you'd want out at some point because of how bad things had gotten (with the present-day Lakers). A: That's not what I do, man. I've got to take the good times with the bad, man. You can't ask to be the leader of the franchise, and then when the franchise hits rough times, you say, "All right, thank you. Peace." USA Today Sports

Kobe Bryant: I tried teaching Dwight. I tried showing him. But the reality is that when you have a perception of what it is to win a championship — and most perceptions of what it's like to win are a very outgoing, very gregarious locker room where you pick each other up and you're friends all the time. That's the perception. And I think that's what his perception was of what the idea is. But when he saw the reality of it, it made him uncomfortable. And it's very tough to be able to fight through that, to deal with that challenge. And I don't think he was willing to deal with that uncomfortable and combative nature. USA Today Sports

Another out-of-left-field one for ya, but have you talked to Lamar Odom lately? Kobe: I have. Q: How is he? Kobe: He's doing good. He's doing good, man. I've talked to him during some of the low times for him, and I think during those moments it's funny how sports can be really impactful because I used what we did as a team, and the toughness and the mental fortitude and shared some stories to kind of remind him of that journey, right? And to take him back to that place, to hopefully get him to find that place again and get himself out of this thing. USA Today Sports

Q: You've talked about how that should even be the case at All-Star Games, where you'd still go after guys. Kobe: Go back and watch the 1988 All-Star game, the '89 All Star game. Those guys competed. They were trying to win, man. And I always tried to do the same thing. ... You understand, when I'm matching up with Vince (Carter) in the All-Star Game, or matching up with Dwyane (Wade) in the All-Star Game, they know I'm coming. Hopefully All-Star Games will get back to that. USA Today Sports

Multiple sources confirmed Wednesday night that because there was minimal swelling in the knee, team physician Brian Cole would conduct the surgery at the Gold Coast Surgicenter no later than Friday afternoon, with Thursday still a possibility. Coach Tom Thibodeau said the organization knew that a second surgery on the knee was always a possibility. Chicago Sun-Times

To say the Lakers could maybe use a player like Towns is to say they've had a good big man or two in their past. They currently own the NBA's fourth-worst record and are on pace to keep the top-five protected pick they owe Philadelphia via Phoenix, though nothing is set in stone until the May 19 lottery. While teammate Willie Cauley-Stein gets all the national highlight attention for his dramatic array of dunks, Towns is more apt to score on an eight-foot hook shot. With either hand. Or a mid-range jumper. Or set up a teammate with a sharp pass from the post. He doesn't project to make the immediate pro splash of Okafor but he'll eventually make someone happy. "He's the one to take for three years from now," said an NBA front-office official who requested anonymity. Los Angeles Times

Tampa Bay Rays part-owner Randy Frankel and ComPsych Corp. founder Richard Chaifetz are among the bidders for the National Basketball Association’s Atlanta Hawks, according to two people with direct knowledge of the matter. Some of the bids were for about $900 million, the people said, declining to be specific. The people requested anonymity because the bidding isn’t public. The team, which is on the market after lead owner Bruce Levenson disclosed a racially insensitive e-mail, retained Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Inner Circle Sports to run the sale. Bloomberg


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February 26, 2015 | 09:01 AM ET Update

Shams Charania: Bulls have held exploratory conversations with Nate Robinson, sources tell RealGM. Chicago in plan mode, w/ some hope Derrick Rose returns. Twitter @ShamsCharania

Thomas Robinson went from shocked to happy Tuesday upon hearing the 76ers had claimed him off waivers. "I was happy because the Sixers made it clear that they wanted me here," Robinson said before Wednesday's game against the Milwaukee Bucks. "At the end of the day, I'm happy." Philadelphia Inquirer

Yes, there is an obvious reason to feel sympathy for Faried. If Shaw has put the brakes on Denver's fast-break attack, then the Manimal's ability to get out in the transition has been negated, while the lack of refinement in his offensive skills is exposed. "The expectation level with Kenneth was never as a go-to guy. He was never a guy we expected to be able to throw the ball into and say: 'Go get us 20 points every night.' ... It's probably unfair for people to expect that," Shaw said. "But the other things — the rebounding, the running the floor and the energy — that's what people expect. And that's been a little bit inconsistent." Denver Post

In a season that began full of the optimism, nothing has gone right for the Nuggets, and everything has gone wrong for Faried, whose new $50 million contract looks like a waste of money. "Any time that you're struggling, you have to go back to the lab and you have to work harder," Nuggets coach Brian Shaw said. "You have to get in the gym and do the things that got you to this point. That's something he's going to have to look at and say: 'Am I doing it?' " Denver Post

"If anything, it should make the team stronger," Mavs locker room leader Tyson Chandler said after Rondo served his one-game suspension in Wednesday's 104-87 loss to the Atlanta Hawks. "For one, it should make those two have better communication. They're not familiar with each other, so I think for the first couple of whatever all parties are tip-toeing. "Not against each other, but two guys who are competitors, who want to win, sometimes it's better that you have a little blowout. It lets you know that you're on the same page, that you want to win." ESPN.com

Rondo’s first coach in Boston, Doc Rivers, echoed similar sentiments about the incident. “It happens more, hopefully, in the locker room, but it happens,” Rivers, who now coaches the Los Angeles Clippers, told reporters on Wednesday. “They’re both winners. They’ll figure it out, I really believe that. Rick Carlisle has proven he’s a championship coach. Rondo has proven he’s a championship point guard. You have two champions. You just figure at some point, they’ll figure it out. The fact it was out in the open gives us all something to talk about.” CSNNE.com

And when an overweight fan yanked off his shirt in the third quarter to reveal "Welcome Home, KG" written on his chest, Garnett laughed and tapped his chest to acknowledge it. "I had to give him a big shoutout," Garnett said. "That was probably one of the craziest things I've seen in 15 years." USA Today Sports

Saunders acquired Garnett to push Wiggins, LaVine and others on professionalism and defense, an effort that began with Garnett's first practice the day before. Garnett arrived 90 minutes early, before any other player, and his intensity startled his new teammates. Twice, Garnett yelled at veteran center Nikola Pekovic for not getting back on defense. "He yelled at a couple of young guys, too," said guard Ricky Rubio. "I don't know how to do it yet. I'm too nice. So I hope he teaches me that bad side." USA Today Sports

You guys held a players-only meeting in Utah, and Danny Green talked a little about the communication in the locker room. What’s the vibe in the room to you right now? Tony Parker: “On our team, when we win it’s us and when we lose it’s us. We’re not going to pinpoint anybody individually. It’s us as a team. Obviously, I have a big part of that. I have to do my part. I know it. I’ve struggled before, but never like that. I think it’s my worst three-game stretch, but hopefully I’ll get it back. The last 10 games was great for me. I was looking great and making some positive strides in the right direction up to the All-Star break. Those three games (since) just … weird.” San Antonio Express-News

So, no. Gerald Green doesn’t want to talk about dunks. "Nah, hell no," he says. "I don’t want to be remembered for dunks, even though that will probably happen. Hopefully I can win a ring before it’s all said and done. Hopefully they’ll remember me as being a champion." SB Nation

Green spent the next two years in Russia, but his lowest point of his career came in China in 2012. Green played four games for the Guangdong Foshan Dralions before he was cut because his team had lost all four, even though he was averaging 27 points. Out of options, Green returned to the States and entered the D-League. "Gerald was humiliated," Williams says. "He was humiliated. I know he was. But he never said nothing about it to me. He just said, ‘Coach, I had to go through something and now I’m back.’" SB Nation

But his broken left foot injury serves as a yet another reminder – and maybe the last one needed – that Sullinger has to make serious changes to his body if he’s going to have the kind of professional career he wants. “Change the physique,” he said. “Change the way I look, that’s the biggest thing. We’re gonna find ways to get me in the best shape as possible.” CSNNE.com

“I got in better shape (last summer),” Sullinger said. “There’s another level. There’s always another level to everything. I just have to take it to another level. This year I came back in a little bit better shape. Obviously it wasn’t good enough. Now I got to get back to the grit and grind, kind of break my body down just to build it back up.” CSNNE.com

Are you still dealing with the hamstring issue? Tony Parker: “I don’t even want to use that as an excuse. I don’t feel great. Everybody knows it. Coaches know it. But hey, that’s everybody. Everybody’s got nagging stuff. It’s been a tough year for me since I got back from the nagging injury. I have not been the same since my injury. But I’m not going to use that as an excuse. Everybody knows me better than that. I just have to find a solution, even if I’m not feeling great.” San Antonio Express-News

Thibodeau said surgery hasn't been scheduled, but sources said while it's mostly Rose's decision, it will happen sooner rather than later, likely Friday because of minimal swelling. Team physician Brian Cole, who also repaired Rose's first torn meniscus in November 2013 and his torn ACL in May 2012, will perform the procedure. Rose underwent surgery two days after the first meniscus tear. Chicago Tribune

An official timeline for Rose's return won't be known until Cole performs the surgery, but multiple sources expressed strong belief that this tear isn't as significant as the one Rose had in November 2013. Sources added the expectation is that this procedure will remove a small cartilage tear, suggesting a shorter rehabilitation period. Chicago Tribune

"I don't know what to say other than it's so unfair," coach Tom Thibodeau said. "The guy has been through so much. What he has put into it and this one — not that any time you have surgery it's not tough — will hopefully be much shorter than the other ones. But the big thing is our concern for him first as a person." Chicago Tribune

Joakim Noah, who doesn’t hide his emotions, didn’t even want to meet with the media, and the front office was unavailable for comment. “Very tough news, unexpected,’’ Pau Gasol said. “Heartbreaking in a way because of how much he has been through the last couple of years. Difficult to deal with; we feel for him. He’s definitely a key player for us, as well.’’ Chicago Sun-Times

For a moment, Luol Deng was back in Chicago, back with the Bulls, back to one of those nauseating moments when word broke of another injury setback for Derrick Rose. "Honestly," he said Wednesday, "I was almost in tears. It's different when you know the guy that well." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Marc J. Spears: Grizzlies injured F Vince Carter (foot) is hoping to return to practice in 7 to 10 days, a source told Yahoo. Return to games timeframe TBD. Twitter @SpearsNBAYahoo

Arturas Gudaitis is prepared to test his chances at this year’s NBA Draft with several NBA scouts keeping an eye on his situation. Basketball agent Tadas Bulotas told to TV channel Sport 1 that Gudaitis is seen by NBA teams. “NBA scouts are watching and asking us as well as Zalgiris [about him]”, said Bulotas. TalkBasket

According to a source familiar with the situation, Jackson’s mysterious tweets weren’t mysterious at all. They were simply a shot at the Knicks for not coming out to compete against the Cavaliers, according to the source. Nothing cryptic about J.R. Smith’s or LeBron James’ showboating during the rout. New York Post

The Timberwolves sold more than 6,000 individual game tickets since Thursday, according to spokesman Brad Ruiter, who also attributed most of 400 new season tickets sold since the All-Star break to Garnett. "We think we'll sell most of our single-game tickets for the rest of the year," T'wolves President Chris Wright said. "People want to see K.G. before he goes." USA Today Sports

If you think all this talk of Nurkic borders on hyperbole, then you should take a look at this play from Wednesday night's game vs. the Phoenix Suns at Pepsi Center. With 7:00 remaining in the third quarter, Nurkic sent the defending Markieff Morris to the floor on a post-up (or maybe Morris sent himself to the floor). Nurkic scored fairly easily and happened to catch the ball on its way through the rim. So, naturally, he decided to hand the ball right to Morris while he was still on the ground. Yahoo! Sports

There were 11th-hour edits to make on his new film, a months-long media tour to complete and inspiration to be shared by way of his 90-minute Showtime documentary titled Muse. Kobe being Kobe, he played on — albeit in gray Nike sweats and a black "Kobe" T-shirt. "I've played with a torn shoulder, man," he told USA TODAY Sports this week while sitting inside this second-story bayside suite in which the documentary about his life, premiering Saturday, was mostly produced. "I've played with the flu before, so it's nothing. I'm loaded on medicine ..." USA Today Sports

As Bryant saw it at the time, the story was too safe. Too predictable, like a collection of Wikipedia facts that the world already knew compiled in cinematic form. Thus, Take Two. He scrapped the completed version and they all started anew. "It was finished," Bryant says of the first version of the movie. "And we just shelved it. (Bryant and Chopra) went into the (Showtime) office and said…, 'This is the vision. This is what I want to do with it.' And (they) said, 'all right, go for it.' And we did." USA Today Sports

"I was in Milan, and I had lunch with Giorgio Armani," Bryant says. "I was curious with how he built his company, and his whole process. And he told me he started Armani when he was 40, and for me it scared the (expletive) out of me, because I understood that a basketball careers typically end around 35, 36 if you're lucky. And I'm going to play a long time, but then what am I going to do? "From that point, I really started thinking about what it is that I really wanted to do, and I started being more active to understand storytelling. Maybe I wanted to be a copy writer, maybe I want to be an art director. Maybe I want to experiment with these things. And it took me 15 years to figure out what it is I want to do." USA Today Sports



DeMarcus Cousins and Jason Thompson are the only current Kings in a list with more NBA royalty than you would expect.


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