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You don't have to be an NBA star to have your own sneaker model these days.

May 27, 2015 | 08:22 PM ET Update

The New Orleans Pelicans’ coaching search is gathering momentum, a process that included a formal interview Tuesday with Jeff Van Gundy, league sources told Yahoo Sports. Van Gundy, one of the NBA’s top available coaches, and New Orleans officials met in the Bay Area to discuss the opening. The sides had spoken over the phone, but this was the first face-to-face meeting, league sources said. Yahoo! Sports

For now, New Orleans officials and Van Gundy are beginning the process of getting to know each other. Van Gundy had traveled to the Bay Area for his role as a television analyst for the Western Conference finals. Yahoo! Sports


It will be very hard to surpass the No. 1 player on the list – especially now that he's back..

May 27, 2015 | 06:30 PM ET Update

Serena Winters: Byron Scott: "I'm in love with Russell Westbrook." (on @TheBeast980) I think it's safe to say, Byron's a Westbrook fan. Twitter @SerenaWinters

Metta World Peace ended his season in Italy with an ejection with two minutes left in Game 5 of the quarterfinals between Reyer Venezia and Pallacanestro Cantù. Metta had something to say to Julyan Stone and when the two teams went to the bench for a timeout, the referees decided to eject the former Lakers. Fans of Venezia threw a lot of things to the bench of Cantù. Sportando


From Jameer Nelson to you know who, HoopsHype ranked the best players so far in the 21st century.

May 27, 2015 | 05:55 PM ET Update

There are, still, three NBA head-coaching jobs open. Sort of. Around the league, the process of finding new coaches in New Orleans, Denver and Orlando — where there are openings — has been held up by the one impending opening. That would be in Chicago, where some players and people around the Bulls already have heard that coach Tom Thibodeau won’t be back next year, two people close to the situation told Sporting News. Sporting News

The Bulls have been in a bind because of the Thibodeau situation. Team owner Jerry Reinsdorf has a long-standing aversion to paying coaches who are not currently working for him, but for the Bulls to be rid of Thibodeau, they would have to either fire him or move him to another team — a trade, of sorts, like the one that sent Doc Rivers from the Celtics to the Clippers in 2013 for a draft pick. Sporting News

Other teams have moved on or, at least, have given the appearance of moving on. There are still those around the league who feel that New Orleans and Orlando want Thibodeau and have come up with candidates like Scott Skiles for the Magic and Jeff Van Gundy (Thibodeau’s friend and mentor) for the Pelicans in order to spook the Bulls into simply letting Thibodeau go. If their new candidates are decoys, that’s a high-stakes game of chicken for the Pels and/or Magic. Either way, whether by straight firing or some form of trade, Bulls players are expecting to call a new guy “coach” next season. Sporting News


Oh, the '90s! Michael Jordan, Karl Malone, David Robinson, Hakeem Olajuwon... You know all of them. But what about the not-so-big names that you have started to forget (or didn't know in the first place)?

May 27, 2015 | 05:23 PM ET Update

The Jason McIntyre Show airs Sunday on Yahoo Sports Radio (and Sirius channel 92) from 11 am-2 pm. You can click-to-listen to the show here; if you’d like to subscribe and listen on iTunes, click here. The show even has a Facebook page and a Twitter account! Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports talked about how the Bulls are going to screw Thibs, who the Orlando Magic like the NBA draft, and whether Kevin Love will return to Cleveland. Keep an eye on Houston. The Big Lead

Scott Souza: Brandon Bass said #Boston has always been his " home away from home" & wanted to continue community service as long as he's w/ #Celtics. Twitter @scott_souza


Check how the most coveted ring in basketball has looked in the last four decades.

May 27, 2015 | 04:45 PM ET Update

As of Wednesday, all remained quiet as far as the job status of Thibodeau. That doesn’t mean details of the frayed relationship between coach and front office haven’t stopped permeating throughout the league. While there had been reports of Bulls VP of basketball operations John Paxson trying to force-feed an offensive-minded presence on Thibodeau and his staff last summer, that so-called would-be assistant coach went nameless. According to a league source, however, it was former Bulls coach Doug Collins. Considering how close Collins and members of the Bulls front office have remained over the years, it would have been a recipe for disaster. The ultimate act of undermining. Luckily, Thibodeau resisted the idea, as his team went on and finished fourth in the Eastern Conference in offensive efficiency anyway. Chicago Sun-Times


Swaggy P actually said all these things. We're lucky to have him in the NBA.

May 27, 2015 | 04:21 PM ET Update

The Chicago Bulls are giving increasing consideration to firing coach Tom Thibodeau and absorbing the corresponding financial hit, according to league sources. Sources told ESPN.com that the prospect of Chicago simply terminating its highly successful but often contentious relationship with Thibodeau, as the days pass, is growing in likelihood, even with nearly $9 million left on the coach's contract over the next two seasons. ESPN.com

The Bulls' interest in Iowa State's Fred Hoiberg as a replacement for Thibodeau, meanwhile, has been an open secret around the league for months, but it is not yet clear whether Chicago has a commitment from Hoiberg to make the jump to the pros or if Bulls management is inching closer to parting with Thibodeau under any circumstances. ESPN.com

Former National Basketball Association (NBA) player Andray Blatche has committed 100 percent to Gilas Pilipinas in its FIBA Asia championship campaign this year. The naturalized Filipino is expected to be in Manila near the end of the PBA Governors’ Cup to join the team’s practices ahead of the Olympic qualifier. “We expect him to be with us. I’ve spoken to Andray and he’s told me he’s committed and will be 100 percent with the team,” Gilas coach Tab Baldwin told Richard Dy in a report to sports website Spin. “I want to get him here virtually before we go to the (training) camp, or maybe a little bit before that. Hopefully, before the end of the third conference,” Baldwin added. ABS-CBN News

The NBA announced last week there were too many logistical challenges to moving up the NBA Finals if both conference finals ended earlier than normal. The first reason is that venues have been booked far in advance. Theoretically, if the Finals were moved up, they would end earlier, which means trying to fill those back-end dates. As of now the venues have a rough schedule that will generate the necessary amount of revenue to run the arena. Taking a week off and shutting down an entire venue isn’t very business savvy. This doesn’t even take into account city planning, activations on-site or setting up NBA-centric activities in the NBA Finals cities. The break gives everyone extra time to plan. The Fields of Green

Finally, the advertisers bought time based on when they thought the NBA finals would be played (June 4 – June 19 if they go seven games). Moving that schedule up changes things. Demographic studies and a lot of time has been spent on how much advertisers should pay for certain time periods. The advertisers want what they paid for and they specifically paid for time during those two weeks for a reason. The Fields of Green


Dozens of players have donned the Sixers uniform during Sam Hinkie's reign. Some of them were fringe NBA players. Can you name them?

May 27, 2015 | 03:44 PM ET Update

Of course, the Clippers would prefer to keep DeAndre Jordan, the third-team All-NBA big man who ranks right up there with perennial All-Star power forward LaMarcus Aldridge as the Mavs’ top targets in free agency. However, Jordan intends to consider all of his options and has privately made it clear that he’s highly intrigued by the possibility of coming to Dallas as a featured attraction for the Mavs. A sign-and-trade swap of the centers (Tyson Chandler-DeAndre Jordan), which has been mentioned in Mavs front-office offseason brainstorming sessions, would make a lot of sense for all of the involved parties. Jordan has all the leverage in this situation. If he decides to leave Lob City, Clippers coach and president of basketball operations Doc Rivers would be crazy not to cooperate in this scenario. It’s the only way the Clippers could get a legitimate replacement for Jordan next season. ESPN.com

Dallas would insist that the Clippers also take reserve point guard Raymond Felton, who was the Tyson Tax in last summer’s trade with the New York Knicks. Felton earned a lot of respect from the Mavs with his approach last season, when the longtime starter stayed ready despite playing sparingly, but they’d still like to dump his $3.9 million salary after he officially exercises his player option for next season. ESPN.com


Who will be the top free agents in the summer of 2015?

May 27, 2015 | 02:48 PM ET Update

The 76ers will work out former La Salle and Dobbins High standout Jerrell Wright on Thursday. The 6-foot-9, 245-pound post player averaged 12.1 points, 6.5 rebounds and 1.5 assists as a senior this past season for the Explorers. The second-team all-Big-Five selection shot 60.3 percent from the field. Wright could latch on with a team as a role-playing, undrafted rookie free agent. The 22-year-old said he could provide energy and display leadership, set screens and protect guards for the Sixers. Philadelphia Inquirer

Chris Dempsey: Askia Booker says he was asked about his refusal to play in the CBI tournament by the 76ers, and expects to be asked by other teams as well. Booker:"It's something I'm willing to address no doubt. I have no issue addressing that. When the question comes I'll be able to answer it." Twitter @dempseypost


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May 27, 2015 | 01:54 PM ET Update

Chris (Philadelphia): Latest news surrounding the Lakers and what they will do with the #2 pick? Chad Ford: Same situation. They're digging ... If Towns is there at 2. That's a lock. If it's Okafor, I think it's up in the air between Okafor, Russell and Mudiay. All three in the mix. But not strong feeling right now which guy it would be. I also hear they are digging on Porzingis, though I doubt they have the guts to take him that high. ESPN.com

Chad Ford: It's a bit early to say anything definitively. They're doing their homework. Okafor seems to be the guy that Flip favors. But that could chance with workouts and interviews. The workouts will be one-on-none. But still, I think it will come down to that for Minnesota ... and it's not just Okafor vs. Towns. I hear D'Angelo Russell in the mix there too. ESPN.com

Alex (NY) - If you are Phil Jackson what is your draft day plan for #4? Chad Ford (1:19 PM): Be patient. Take whoever falls. I think there are five guys worthy of the No. 1 pick. At four you'll have your choice of two of them. Of the five guys, I don't believe Towns or Russell will be there. But there are scenarios where Okafor, Mudiay or Porzingis will be there. And I hear that Justise Winslow has some strong support in New York. And two different sources today told me the Knicks are also looking strongly at Willie Cauley-Stein. They want a strong defender in New York which explains the Winslow and Cauley-Stein interest. Of course, I also think there's a good chance they just trade this pick if the right veteran comes around. But for me, I think they really should keep it. Lots of talent with long-term potential where they are drafting. ESPN.com

The Suns also have the rights to Bogdan Bogdanovic, 22, a Serbian guard who has won the Euroleague Rising Star Trophy the past two years and has a NBA out in his contract for next summer. The prevalence in youth makes trading out of the first round a possibility for the Suns. "At some point, there is a saturation point for young players as you try to put together a team that is capable of competing and making the playoffs in the Western Conference," McDonough said after making five first-round picks in two years. "I think it (trading the pick) is something we're more open to than in the past but, at the same time, we like the players that we think will be there at 13." Arizona Republic

Chad Ford: As for the Thunder, since late last week there's been a lot of buzz among rival GMs that the Thunder promised Cameron Payne they'd take him at 14. I don't know how much of that is smoke, but he is a great fit at 14 and talent wise he may be the best pure point guard in the draft. ESPN.com

A playoff spectator can't be picky about who could make the team better. The Suns held their first draft workout Tuesday, although there was not a candidate for the 13th pick in the six-player bunch. The daily workouts in the coming days will include lottery-range prospects in a draft that Suns General Manager Ryan McDonough said has a talent drop-off after their No. 13 spot. "As a non-playoff team, I think you need help everywhere," McDonough said. "So we'll take the best player, even if that goes against what some people think we should do in terms of conventional wisdom. I think, unless you're a championship-level team, you always take the best available player. Our philosophy is if he's better than the guys who are on your current roster, maybe he beats him out and you move one of the guys on your current roster. I think some mistakes, in the history of the draft, are made drafting for saying, 'Oh, we need this. Let's do the best player who does whatever.' When you draft that guy, you tend to reach sometimes." Arizona Republic

Twice, James said how emotional the moment was for him. "Could I foresee this?" James said. "At the beginning of the season, I couldn't. I couldn't foresee us being in the Finals at the beginning of the season because I just knew that we just had to get better and I just saw how young we were and how young‑minded we were at that point in time. "But I knew I had to lead these guys, and if they just followed my leadership, I knew I could get them to a place where they haven't been before." USA Today Sports

He also joins another exclusive list: He will play in his fifth consecutive NBA Finals, joining of short list of former Boston Celtics who did it in the 1960s and he is the first non-Celtic to do it and first to do it with two teams. "His confidence has gone to another level," Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer said. "Having watched and prepared — watching how he orchestrates and has a great command for where he wants his teammates and what's important in the moment and the confidence that he has in himself to make the right play, whether it's making a shot, making the pass. As a leader, he's grown. His confidence has grown." USA Today Sports


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May 27, 2015 | 12:32 PM ET Update

Cleveland will play either the Golden State Warriors or the Houston Rockets in the best of seven game NBA Finals, starting on June 4. Mark and Leanne are hoping to make the trip to the US to watch some of the series. “Hopefully (Andrew) Bogut (Golden State centre) gets to the NBA Finals as well, so that we’re guaranteed of an Aussie winning,’’ Mark said. Bendigo Advertiser


We're living in a time when it's great to be good at basketball. Most of the highest-paid players of all time are in the NBA right now.

May 27, 2015 | 11:52 AM ET Update

Millsap should be able to negotiate a hefty raise on his next deal, although he’ll present an interesting question for general managers around the league, who will have to determine the market value of a player who continually improves but who, at 30 years old, has also reached the back end of his prime. Millsap said he plans to weigh his options and spend time with family before “letting the whole thing play out.” “Atlanta has treated us well,” said DeAngelo Simmons, Millsap’s uncle and agent. “They’ve treated us like first class. We’ve gotten a lot of support from them, so we’re excited to be a part of a great organization.” Grantland

DeMarre Carroll was ineffective at both ends of the court in the series because the Hawks said he was playing on a sprained knee. In fact, the situation was worse than that. Carroll told the AJC he also developed turf toe so he could not put any pressure on his left leg or get any elevation. “That’s why I kept getting shots blocked,” he said. If the injuries had taken place during the regular season, Carroll said, he probably would have sat out three to four weeks. But surgery will not be necessary. Carroll will become an unrestricted free agent but left the door to a return to the Hawks, pending negotiations with them and other teams. Atlanta Journal Constitution

With Utah focused on starting over with its young core, Jefferson and Millsap looked to continue their careers elsewhere. Jefferson signed with Charlotte in the summer of 2013, and shortly thereafter Millsap agreed to a two-year deal in Atlanta, joining a franchise that hoped to reverse its own long period of mediocrity by hiring former Spurs assistant Mike Budenholzer as its head coach. The Hawks also managed to sign several undervalued veterans on favorable contracts after trading Joe Johnson and allowing Josh Smith to depart in free agency. “[The] thought process was, I’m going into a system that [will] allow me to play to some of my strengths, make more decisions, handle the ball a little bit more,” Millsap said of his decision to sign with Atlanta. “It was a strategic thing. Knowing the coach and talking to him in the offseason, knowing the system that he’s gonna put in place, it sounded like a perfect fit.” Grantland

But amid all those phone conversations in the past week, Kupchak said on Tuesday he has not heard anything enticing that would convince him to trade the Lakers’ No. 2 pick of the 2015 NBA draft. Said Kupchak: “It would have to be a heck of an opportunity for us to consider doing something like that.” What would it take for Kupchak to find an offer too good to pass up? “You have to weigh it against who you would get as the second pick. We’re a little bit impatient,” said Kupchak, mindful the Lakers missed the playoffs for two consecutive seasons. “So if you came across something that made your team better quicker, that would probably be a veteran. That’s something you would consider.” Los Angeles Daily News

Kupchak plans to see more prospects that fit that range on Thursday. The Lakers also have workouts planned for next Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Kupchak added the Lakers would hold workouts for players worthy of the No. 2 pick “hopefully in a week or two.” “We’ll probably bring in as many as the representatives will allow us to bring in,” Kupchak said. “If the representatives do not believe we are genuine in considering that player at No. 2 they probably wouldn’t send them in. We’d like to bring as many as possible.” Los Angeles Daily News

In an exclusive interview with Northeast Ohio Media Group, Cavaliers' Owner Dan Gilbert said firing Blatt was never considered, and added that his confidence in his coach never wavered. "It really didn't," Gilbert told NEOMG. "I don't care what the expectations were, especially after we changed coaches twice in two years. This was a guy with a long-term record of success. You have to at least give a season, maybe more than just one. I think it would have destabilized the entire franchise and it would have been bad." Cleveland Plain Dealer

"When we did checks on him, we must have talked to 70 or 80 people, literally. We couldn't find somebody to say a bad word. There's something about him. It's hard to put your finger on it, but there's something about him. He's a good soul and he knows how to get these guys to love each other, to play for the team. That to me is the most important thing" Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Look, there's nobody you can point to in the world that doesn't make a mistake," Gilbert said to NEOMG. "The best players, the best business people, the best coaches. So one thing is not going to make or break a person." Now the Cavaliers are four victories away from ending a 51-year professional championship drought in the city, and Blatt is a huge part of that. "They wanted Coach Blatt fired, saying we needed another point guard, will LeBron and Kyrie be able to play together? So many story lines was just happening at that point in time," James said. "For us to be sitting at this point today, being able to represent the Eastern Conference in The Finals, this is special. It's very special." Cleveland Plain Dealer

The NBA and FIBA announced today that Charlotte Hornets guard Gerald Henderson and forward Cody Zeller will participate in Basketball Without Borders Europe from June 2-5. Henderson and Zeller will lead 50 campers from more than 25 European countries in the first Basketball Without Borders (BWB) Europe camp in Gran Canaria, Spain. “I am excited to represent my team and help teach the game of basketball,” Henderson said. “I always enjoy educating others about the game of basketball and I am looking forward to helping the campers develop their basketball skills through this unique opportunity.” NBA.com

The Orlando Magic will host over 20 basketball camps, designed for boys and girls of all skill levels ages 7-16, across Central Florida this summer. Registration is officially open and limited space is still available for all sessions. In addition to the 17 day camps, the Magic are hosting an overnight camp from July 6-10 at Webber International University in Babson Park, Fla., which includes all meals and housing. Due to popular demand, a one-day “Mini Camp” returns for youth ages 4-8 at the RDV Sportsplex on July 18 from 9 a.m.-Noon, and two half-day camps will also be offered (June 15-19 at Highland Park Church and June 29-July 3 at First Baptist Church of Kissimmee). NBA.com

We’ll give these guys the benefit of the doubt and assume this idea was better in theory. It’s all just rather strange, really. The music doesn’t come through very clearly and is hard to hear; it’s confusing how they’re shirtless in a bath but still wearing hats; LeBron’s intense stare halfway through the video goes from funny to scary at an alarming pace; Iman Shumpert seems a little too into the entire process. Maybe some good editing would make the narrative arc a little clearer. Get on that, J.R. For The Win


Sauce Castillo beats them all, but there's many other amazing NBA player aliases.

May 27, 2015 | 09:03 AM ET Update

Carroll has a bit more elasticity in the marketplace, largely because he isn't a max player. There might not be a player in the league who drove up his price more than Carroll this season -- and postseason. League sources say that the high appraisal on Carroll is four years and $50 million, with the regular caveat these days (see above) that the combination of a league brimming with cap space and a salary-cap number one year away from an historic explosion could compel a single team to go even higher. ESPN.com

Though Millsap is reportedly very fond of his situation in Atlanta, the All-Star will have plenty of suitors on the open market. With gobs of cap space around the league and the reality that a max deal signed in 2015 will look like a lot less once the salary-cap number explodes in 2016, Millsap is expected to command the max -- or close to it -- which for 2015 projects to be somewhere between $18 million and $19 million for a player with eight years of service. ESPN.com

“I think looking at different options, looking at this team, looking at what we’ve built thus far, in weight my options I can’t make a decision right now,” Millsap said. “It’s been a long series, a long year, for me and the team. Let things die down, cool off, relax and think about it a little bit. We are a family. This team is close. It will play a lot into the decision.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

On Tuesday, Ainge once again made it clear that the Celtics plan to re-sign Crowder to a multi-year deal this summer. And prior to the injury, Jae Crowder indicated that his preference is to come back and play for the Celtics. “I just think what I bring to the game and what they need … it’s a good fit,” Jae Crowder told CSNNE.com earlier. “Hopefully we can get something done that’ll keep me here for a long time.” CSNNE.com

Kostas Koufos is a free agent, despite playing limited minutes behind Marc Gasol he seems ready for a bigger – even a starting – role in a team and that’s why he is name is rumored to be gaining interest from many NBA teams. According to US sources not only Memphis may try to keep him – a scenario which is tied to the fate of an other free agent, Marc Gasol – but also Orlando, Sacramento and Boston have an interest on him. EuroHoops.net

LeBron James: It's very emotional to be back in this city. When I made my decision to come back here, I knew what I wanted to do. I knew it wasn't going to be easy. It was going to take a lot of hard work and a lot of dedication. It was going to be the toughest task for me to try to get this team back to the Finals. I knew I'd have to step up my leadership. I had to be very patient. Which, I'm not a very patient guy. But I'm glad to work on that. To be able to sit at one point in the season and see us at 19-20 and watch my team struggle with me sitting out two weeks. People saying I wanted Coach Blatt fired. Or that we needed another point guard. Or asking if LeBron and Kyrie would be able to play together. So many storylines were just happening at that point in time. For us to be sitting at this point today, being able to represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals is special. It's very special. Cleveland Plain Dealer

Sam Amico: Jeff Teague says Hawks disappointed, but proud of season. "It's only our 2nd year together. We're looking forward to getting back in gym." Twitter @SamAmicoFSO

After the shellacking, Hawks players mulled over the full breadth of the season. One commonality in their reflections is that "this was only our second year together," as Jeff Teague said from the podium. "You can really say it was our first year because Al [Horford] didn't really play half of last year," DeMarre Carroll said down the hallway in front of his locker. ESPN.com

Ben Golliver: J.R. Smith's mother to J.R. Smith on going from Knicks to the Finals, per Smith: "Talk about starting from the bottom, now we're here." Twitter @BenGolliver

Tas Melas: LeBron James is the first player to go to five straight NBA Finals since 1966! Jordan didn't do it. Or Shaq. Or Magic... Kinda unbelievable. Twitter @TasMelas

DeMarre Carroll: THANK YOU FANS!!! This season wouldn't have happen without you ALL!!! I'm BLESSED!!! #StayPositive #JunkyardDog #TeamCarroll #CFF #GrindDaily Instagram

Dwyane Wade: Congrats to my brother @KingJames on 5 straight finals appearances... alot of people have no idea how tough that is. Twitter @DwyaneWade

Stu Jackson: Baffled #Howard contact was not upgraded to FFP2. Hard contact to face, reckless, released arm and flailed for free head shot and history. Twitter

The NBA's review of Dwight Howard's contact with Andrew Bogut concluded that it did not rise to the level of excessive because Howard was trying to free himself from a tie-up with Bogut, president of basketball operations Rod Thorn told CBSSports.com Tuesday. "It was a very close call as far as I'm concerned," Thorn said. "As Bogut is holding his arm down, Howard tries to extricate his arm. He doesn't hit him with his elbow, by the way. He hits him with the back of his hand, maybe a touch of the wrist. To me, it was unnecessary, but I didn't think it was excessive." CBSSports.com

Keeping cool and composed can be challenging in the aftermath of a demoralizing defeat. That can especially be the case when an athlete is then immediately asked a question about his team being cursed, but Blake Griffin managed to answer thoughtfully after the Clippers lost in the Western Conference Semifinals, providing perspective on how far they’ve come in just a few years. “The Clipper curse when I first got here was No. 1 picks getting hurt, not working out; their draft picks not working out, not making the playoffs, not having winning seasons,” Griffin said. “No one talked about not getting past the second round. Not a single soul talked about that, but now, that’s what everybody talks about. Just like the last one, we’re going to bust through this one.” NBA.com

There was a moment in the Warriors’ locker room, almost an hour after Stephen Curry slammed his head against the floor, that he had passed every test and Game 4 was still going on. In fact, according to Warriors general manager Bob Myers, the team doctors made Curry duplicate the concussion protocols to be doubly sure. After that, Curry went into the hallway and ran back and forth a few times, which is not on any concussion protocol, but was common careful sense after such a scary fall. San Jose Mercury-News

Curry looked, sounded and tested fine on Monday night and there were no indications about any further problems, Myers said on Tuesday, before the Warriors departed their hotel to fly back to the Bay Area. “At the very, very end, when he passed the tests, then it became ‘there’s no reason he couldn’t play,’” Myers said. “So then it was, he passed the tests, passed them once, passed them twice… “At that moment, he looked at me, said, ‘Yeah, I’m ready to go.’” San Jose Mercury-News

He has dual citizenship -- U.S. and Israel. His wife and family are in Tel Aviv. His son, Tamir, is in his last year of high school and is one of the best young basketball players in Israel. "I left a lot of people that I love dearly ... in order to pursue a dream," said Blatt. "That's a big sacrifice on the part of my family and where I'm from." Cleveland Plain Dealer

It has been three weeks since the New Orleans Pelicans fired coach Monty Williams and there has only been one acknowledged interview, of Golden State Warriors' assistant Alvin Gentry. Meanwhile, two candidates, former Knicks and Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy and Kentucky coach John Calipari have contacted the Pelicans to relate their interest in the positions. But no hire seems imminent at this point. New Orleans Times-Picayune

Ted Leonsis’s desire to have a standalone practice facility built for his Washington Wizards is no secret. The Wizards owner has been on the record since the end of 2013 stating his intentions and though he still doesn’t know where exactly the facility will be located, he expects to know by the end of the summer. “I’m hoping by the end of the offseason to make an announcement that says this is the place that we’re going to build it and how long it will take,” Leonsis said Monday at Verizon Center after watching the Mystics and Minnesota Lynx take part in an experimental analytics scrimmage. Washington Post


There's been 20 players 7-foot-3 or taller in the NBA. Sadly, most of them were no good.


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