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July 24, 2017 | 8:04 am EDT Update
Still, I was surprised on Sunday evening to get a call from someone who has known Anthony personally for more than a decade. And when I asked why Portland wasn’t among Anthony’s preferred destinations, I didn’t get a diatribe on basketball, or the rainy weather, or how he needs to know the organization can compete for a title. Instead, I got a pleasant surprise. “‘Melo’s a doting father,” the person said. “He’s a great dad. He’s present and he loves that kid. There’s no way he’s going to leave that little boy in New York and be 3,000 miles away from him.”
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Storyline: Carmelo Anthony to Blazers?
In an interview published this weekend on Sport Express, the Russian sports site, Mozgov answers the question. Yes, it’s part of how the Nets plan to use him. Just as Kenny Atkinson gave Brook Lopez the green light last season, he’s asked the Russian 7-footer to include the three-pointer in his arsenal. “I’ve started working on this,” he said according to a translation of the interview. “In fact, I can shoot three-pointers. In the past, I’ve been on teams where there was always someone who could shoot them. “I’ve already talked with the coach. It seems to me, this year it will surprise many that I’ll can shoot the ‘treshki’ (laughs). It will be interesting. But we’ll see. “When I first spoke with the coach, we were on the same page. But this does not mean that I’ll be like Steph Curry, in a frenzy taking 10 shots (a game). I have a main job that I have to perform.”
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Tom Gores built a private equity empire that made him rich enough to buy professional basketball’s Detroit Pistons and become a civic leader in Michigan. Now the billionaire’s firm has struck a deal to buy Securus Technologies Inc., a company that provides telephone services to Michigan prison inmates at rates of up to $22.56 for a 15-minute call. Critics say the lucrative venture could tarnish the image of the team owner who has won plaudits for returning the National Basketball Association Pistons to downtown Detroit and for helping to raise $10 million to help Flint, Michigan, his boyhood home poisoned by lead in tap water.
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