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March 5, 2014 Updates

Some day, Davis hopes to have a more personal rooting interest in the awards show. He already is more involved in the film industry than any of his contemporaries in the NBA. Since 2002, he's been working on film projects, and he's currently writing his first script for a potential Christmas completion, a basketball title that he says is like "Boyz n the Hood meets He Got Game." "Maybe it'll be Oscar-worthy," he said, laughing, "but hopefully it'll be something that will give me the respect that I'm just looking for." Bleacher Report

February 14, 2014 Updates

It's been some time since we've had Baron Davis in our lives, and that is unfortunate because Baron Davis is awesome. Here Davis teams up with Steve Nash in a video detailing his "efforts" to return to the NBA. You will laugh at this. This could have ended up being very dumb, but Nash and Davis possess enough charisma and comedic timing to make it work. And thanks to Davis, we now have a new term to describe guys like Zach Randolph: "Dominant fat." Deadspin.com

February 6, 2014 Updates

Baron Davis has a teammate for life! The NBA player married former CAA agent Isabella Brewster over the weekend of Jan. 31, five months after Us Weekly confirmed their engagement. Brewster's older sister, Fast & Furious star Jordana Brewster, posted about the big day on her Twitter and WhoSay accounts. "Ready for auntie's wedding!" she captioned a sweet photo of herself with son Julian, 4 months, in a little tux. "Congratulations @BellaBrewster." usmagazine.com

December 4, 2013 Updates

Baron Davis has a new play in mind: TV host. Swinging by Tuesday's episode of Chelsea Lately, the NBA star dished with Chelsea Handler about How I Rock It, the new men's style show he's emceeing for Esquire. "It's a men's style show," the 34-year-old Davis told the funny lady. "It's like taking trendsetters and people like that and showing them in their daily life. The things that they like to do instead of so much like the clothes that they wear. So it's just like taking it a level deep and like getting inside their personality." Eonline.com

November 20, 2013 Updates

Baron Davis is done as a basketball player after the terrible knee injury. But his future is as an actor. The former NBA point guard is the star in 'Save The Last Dance' Parody by Funny or Die. Sportando

November 5, 2013 Updates

I believe the same, furthermore, for Jackson and Davis -- who I hear is working steadfastly toward a second-half comeback of his own -- and that's based on the same premise as my Odom take. Teams will roll the dice on guys who have the resume and know-how that suggest they can make a difference. ESPN.com

November 4, 2013 Updates

Who would make your “Dream Team” when it comes to the league’s top dressers? Baron Davis: I would say Tyson Chandler and Russell Westbrook. Those would kind of be my two fashionistas. I would go with LeBron as far as that gentleman prepster meets street culture. I like James Harden, he has an original look. And probably Dwyane Wade, because Dwyane Wade, he’s the one guy who kind of actually started the whole trend of really thinking outside the box. uptownmagazine.com

September 30, 2013 Updates

Former NBA athletes Baron Davis and Jarron Collins teamed up with current free agent Jason Collins and J.J. Redick of the LA Clippers for a Sunday afternoon of basketball and video games at Common Sense Media's GameOn! Fundraiser in Los Angeles. The family-friendly event, which took place at Sony Pictures Studios, attracted over 500 attendees who were treated to sneak peeks of upcoming video games like Skylanders SWAP Force and basketball games led by the NBA players. Huffington Post

September 17, 2013 Updates
September 14, 2013 Updates

How was that phone call when you were told Ukraine wanted you? PJ: My agent Andre Buck told me 'Yo, this is getting serious, man'. I really thought about it and all my friends told me I should do it. You are going out there, you're going to play basketball, even though you are away from home... Get that experience, playing for coach Fratello. Go for it. Everybody was pushing me to do it: Baron Davis, Bobby Brown, Brandon Heath, Trevor Ariza... HoopsHype

August 11, 2013 Updates
July 18, 2013 Updates

Baron Davis says he has continued the rehabilitation process on the gruesome knee injury he suffered in the 2012 playoffs while playing for the Knicks. After taking the last season off (he spent a lot of time around the Knicks), he 34-year-old said he plans to return to the NBA this season. "My whole thing is to get in the best shape of my life and by September or October be ready to showcase my talent and try out for whoever I need to try out for," he said. "I think the most important thing is being in shape." Sulia

July 17, 2013 Updates
July 14, 2013 Updates

Former Cavaliers' guard Baron Davis told the hosts of "The Champs" podcast he was inducted by aliens in the desert while driving from Las Vegas to L.A. two weeks ago. "I'm a little tired and see this light and I think it's a big truck," Davis said. "The next thing you know I was like in this big steel thing...with these crazy looking half-human people." Sounds ridiculous, but maybe he nodded off. Maybe the big steel thing was Madison Square Garden and one of the big-eyed beings poking at Davis was Spike Lee? The hosts weren't sure what to make of his story, twice asking him if he were serious. Cleveland Plain Dealer

July 13, 2013 Updates

“The Champs” hosts Neal Brennan and Moshe Kasher pushed Baron on the story, telling him, “We don’t know if you’re being serious or not.” “They were poking me on my nose and they were, like, looking me in my eyes,” Baron responded. “They had my hands like, tied up and the next thing you know, I was f***ing in Montebello, dude, burning rubber on the way back to LA. It was like four o’clock in the morning.” The NBA star finished his story explaining how the experience — or whatever you wanna call it — changed him: “I come back and I’m like, sharper and s**t. I’m retaining information.” hollywoodlife.com

July 12, 2013 Updates
July 8, 2013 Updates

A source with knowledge of Davis’ plans told Sporting News that Davis is, indeed, working out in the Los Angeles area with eyes on a comeback. But the source conceded that Davis, who now is 34, is still a “longshot” to actually take the floor in the NBA again. In the wake of his injury, Davis had vowed to come back and play again. But just how much demand there will be for a player his age who had trouble staying on the court even before the injury (Davis struggled with the Knicks as he returned from a bulging disc problem in his back) is questionable. Sporting News

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