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October 27, 2011 Updates

Hard-nosed and fun-loving Dallas Mavericks forward Brian Cardinal wants to play ball and soon. But, if the NBA's labor issues can't be resolved during this latest round of negotiations, Cardinal will follow through with his plan to prepare for life after hoops. "My plan is I’m going to go down to Purdue -- and it’s not 100 percent set in stone yet -- and I'm going to have a position down there that allows me to help mentor some of the kids and do some other stuff with the alumni group and that kind of stuff; kind of start my post-NBA career and then I’ll continue my workouts down there at Purdue," Cardinal said. "It allows me to essentially give back to the university and start my post-basketball career." ESPN.com

October 21, 2011 Updates

Brian Cardinal, an alternate player representative with the Dallas Mavericks last season, said he hopes a labor deal can still be reached but acknowledged that losing the entire season is a real possibility. “As a players union, we’ve tried to give money back and change some of the structure and other things and work on the things that they want us to work on to make it all work,” Cardinal, previously a player rep with Detroit, Memphis and Minnesota, said several days before this latest round of marathon negotiations fell apart Thursday night. “But for whatever reason, they’re going for the jugular. It’s unfortunate. It’s unfortunate for us as players, but more than just us it’s unfortunate for the fans, unfortunate for the people that work at the arenas.” ESPN.com

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September 24, 2011 Updates

Brian Cardinal: “@hoopshype: Rumors: Turkoglu, Kyrie Irving have no plans to play overseas. http://bit.ly/2wBMER” (neither do I) Twitter

September 16, 2011 Updates
August 19, 2011 Updates

IamaGM: The Brian Cardinal to Poland rumor is fake. It was taken from a fake facebook account that is not really his. Twitter

August 18, 2011 Updates
July 29, 2011 Updates

With this lockout, what are you doing to stay in shape? Are you playing any summer ball? Have you thought about taking your talents overseas? Brian Cardinal: Well for me, it’s a pretty typical summer. I’ve been doing my training — my running, my strength work, all that kind of stuff. For me it’s pretty normal. I know a lot of guys are looking at overseas options, but for me personally, I’ve been in the league for so long that I understand how great this business is. I’ve played overseas before and it’s a great way to play and make a living, but for me, just having finished my 11th year, I don’t need to go overseas to play or to prove myself or anything like that. My game is what it is and doesn’t necessarily transcend to European type of ball, so I’m just going to stick with playing here. Dime

Are you a car person? Have you updated the car collection since the Finals? What are you driving around in now? Brian Cardinal: (laughs) Am I car a person? Hell, I just got a little Infiniti 35 X, or whatever the hell it’s called — no I’m not a car person. Dime: What about on the Mavericks, who’s got the nicest cars? Brian Cardinal: Oh, Shawn Marion. He’ll love me for saying that too. Shawn Marion’s got the best car collection hands down. Dime

July 28, 2011 Updates

Dime: For a guy who’s bounced around the league a lot, and not always played big minutes, how do you stay ready to play in big situations? Brian Cardinal: I just think it’s a matter of staying professional. It’s kind of my role to be ready whenever I’m called upon, and you kind of have a sense that, you know, I’m not going to play a whole lot of minutes because I’m backing up Dirk or Shawn Marion – those guys are obviously much better than I am. They deserve the majority of the minutes, but at the same, you know that if something happens, if somebody gets in foul trouble, somebody gets hurt, you got to be ready to rock and roll. And when you get put in you gotta go, you gotta play. So that’s always kind of been my mindset, not just here, but in general in this league. I mean, it’s a great business. It’s an incredible gig that we all have, and it’s very easy to, you know, kind of get sucked in to feeling sorry for yourself or feeling frustrated or any of that. My mindset’s always been this is the best job around, and I’m with some of the best guys that play this game, so I wasn’t going to be the weakest link on this team. Dime

Dime: Who’s the best player you’ve ever played with? BC: Gotta be Dirk. Pau is pretty talented, Pau is pretty good, but I think when it boils down to it, the best player I’ve ever played with has to be Dirk. Dime: Why? BC: You know I played with Jordan towards the end of his career. He was 40 and he was still pretty good, but I think Dirk’s just the best, because he’s a seven-footer. He’s got all these crafty shots. I wouldn’t even call them trick shots because he practices them. And he just knows how to play. He’s a smart player, and if the game’s on the line, I know who I’m giving it to — it’s him. Dime

July 15, 2011 Updates

That’s the most comfortable we’ve seen Dirk [Nowitzki] ever in front of cameras. Is he going Hollywood on us, are we concerned about this? Brian Cardinal: No. I don’t think so, because – this might be a little too much information – we were in the bathroom prior to going out there in the audience and taking our seats and he was like, ‘Ah man, if I win this, what am I going to say?’ So I was giving him a couple of one-liners and just kind of screwing with him. So then he wins the award and goes up there and he kind of pauses in his acceptance speech, and Jason Kidd and I looked at each other and were like, ‘Oh my god, he is not going to start crying.’ Dallas Morning News

June 16, 2011 Updates

Thus, the new NBA champion Dallas Mavericks took their turn on the talk show circuit Wednesday night when they were guests on The Late Show with David Letterman. Eight players, coach Rick Carlisle and owner Mark Cuban read the Top Ten List on the show, and they had some pretty funny lines. The players included JJ Barea, Rodrigue Beaubois, Caron Butler, Brian Cardinal, Tyson Chandler, Shawn Marion, Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry. The topic for the Top Ten was The Good Things About Winning The NBA Championship. The following is the countdown and what each person had to read -- via satellite -- from American Airlines Center. No. 10: forward Shawn Marion, “I don’t have to sit here and lie about how winning isn’t important.’’ No. 9: guard JJ Barea, “The congratulatory sext from Anthony Weiner.’’ No. 8: guard Rodrigue Beaubois, “Helped take the sting out of hearing Hef’s wedding was cancelled.’’ No. 7: forward Brian Cardinal, “It’s every kid’s dream to lick the Larry O’Brien Trophy.’’ Fort Worth Star-Telegram

No. 6: coach Rick Carlisle, “U.S. Constitution permits NBA champs to sit in on national security briefings.’’ No. 5: center Tyson Chandler, “Celebrating with my kitties.’’ No. 4: forward Caron Butler, “Why didn’t anyone tell me we won?’’ No. 3: guard Jason Terry, “Now I can ask Mark Cuban for a raise.’’No. 2: owner Mark Cuban, “If you thought I was cocky and obnoxious before – get ready.’’ No. 1: forward Dirk Nowitzki, “It might land me a Kardashian sister.’’ Fort Worth Star-Telegram

June 14, 2011 Updates
June 13, 2011 Updates

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