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June 10, 2011 Updates

Remember, he had that one good season in 2003-04 and parlayed it into a big-time contract with the Memphis Grizzlies? It was Jerry West who was the Grizzlies general manager at the time, and it's probably considered one of the worst moves he's made in his career as an executive. The topic of Cardinal and his signing came up during a discussion with West on Thursday. "He was a player we thought would help," said West, the Grizzlies GM from 2002-07. "He could shoot the 3-pointer, gives you great effort, and (coach) Hubie Brown really liked him. When you looked at the strengths and weakness of that team, we felt we needed a dirty-work type player, get loose balls. Make those kinds of plays." CSNBayArea.com

The Heat thus limp back home praying that their closer absorbed no lasting damage from the Cardinal encounter, since James doesn't appear capable of filling that void. After all those vows to redeem himself from his eight-point misery in Game 4, LeBron looked like a shooter with zero faith in his shot on several jumpers and finished with a miserly two points in Game 5's final period. "He's really a unique player," Dallas coach Rick Carlisle said of Cardinal, who logged just nine minutes and 37 seconds but has given himself a shot to be remembered -- even if that wasn't the intention as he slid into charge-taking position -- as the first Mav who's ever managed to stop (or at least slow) Wade. "He's always going to be there taking charges," Carlisle continued. "He's always going to be making contact with people. He's going to be there." ESPN.com

June 5, 2011 Updates

On coach Rick Carlisle’s depth chart, Cardinal is buried behind Nowitzki, Shawn Marion and Peja Stojakovic—a distant moon in the Mavs’ solar system. This hard truth does not bother him. “This is the most enjoyable season I’ve had in the NBA,” Cardinal said. If nothing else, his candor is remarkable. “Everybody wants to play,” he said. “But in the whole scheme of things, we need those guys out there on the court more than we need me because, well, they’re obviously much better than I am.” Wall Street Journal

Cardinal, who once upon a time was known as a 3-point specialist, might get another chance in Sunday’s Game 3 at American Airlines Center. Teammate Brendan Haywood, a center who has been struggling with a hip pointer, expressed confidence in Cardinal as his potential surrogate off the bench. “Put the Custodian in there,” said Haywood, referring to Cardinal’s nickname. “He’s gonna be ready, he’s gonna be foulin’.” Wall Street Journal

During that year Cardinal’s nickname hit fellow Piston Jerome Williams while the two were carpooling: “He’s like, ‘You know what? You’re always diving on the floor and scrambling and doing the dirty work. And the name has to start off with the first letter of your first name. The Custodian!’ So he started calling me it.” And it stuck? “For the most part,” he said. “In Washington, nobody called me that. I don’t even know if they knew my first or last name in Washington.” Wall Street Journal

June 4, 2011 Updates

Indications from sources are the Mavericks want to at least bring back Chandler, Barea and injured forward Caron Butler. Brian Cardinal and Peja Stojakovic are the other two free agents. The Mavs currently aren't in position to lock up any of the free agents. The threat of a lockout and the new collective bargaining agreement will certainly change the financial parameters of future contract negotiations. Much has to be sorted out before next season's roster is constructed. ESPN.com

June 3, 2011 Updates
May 30, 2011 Updates

In an attempt to block a potential lockout, the players' association filed an unfair labor charge against the league last week with the National Labor Relations Board. "From what I hear and read and see, we're going to get locked out," Mavericks co-player rep Brian Cardinal said. "But hopefully that doesn't happen." Thanks largely to interest in the Heat, the league has seen a big increase in TV ratings during this year's playoffs. Any work stoppage would come with the sport's popularity at a peak. "Not thinking about that now," the Heat's Dwyane Wade said. "When it's time to think about it, we will. Obviously, it's something that we've known is a possibility for a while. All of us have done our jobs and if there is, we'll be prepared for it. "But at this point, the game is at its highest. The game is doing great. We've been part of the most-watched games in NBA history. NBA basketball is as [good] as it's been in a long time." CBSSports.com

April 27, 2011 Updates

The Trail Blazers are upset that Cardinal applied a very hard screen on guard Patrick Mills on Monday with about 13 seconds left in Game 5. Tempers flared after the game was over with guard Wesley Matthews, Mills and some other Blazers shouting some unpleasant words at Cardinal. But Cardinal said the Blazers are the ones at fault. He noted that the game was already settled, but Mills was applying heavy man-to-man pressure defense to guard J.J. Barea in the backcourt as he was bringing the ball up the floor. In that situation, normally no one guards anyone, the clock runs out and the teams go to their respective dressing rooms. Cardinal said if Mills doesn't pick up Barea full court, "I'm going to be standing on the court waiting for the clock to run out and the buzzer to sound. "Patty, if they're mad, they should be mad at Earl [Barron] or [Nicolas] Batum or whoever else was in the game that should have called out that screen." Fort Worth Star-Telegram

April 26, 2011 Updates

Bad blood surfaced between the Trail Blazers and Mavericks at the end of Game 5 when Dallas reserve Brian Cardinal levied what the Blazers feel was an unwarranted, blind-sided screen on Patty Mills at halfcourt in the final seconds. Blazers guard Wesley Matthews sought out Cardinal after the game and had a few choice words for him at halfcourt, during which Mavericks reserve DeShawn Stevenson interjected. Matthews and Stevenson exchanged pointed expletives from about 10 feet apart before Stevenson was bear-hugged by a teammate and pushed toward the Dallas locker room. “I know it's the playoffs and everything, but come on,'' Matthews said. “With four seconds left in the game? But that's cool. I'm not going to forget it, that's for sure.'' Oregonian

February 8, 2011 Updates

Dallas Mavericks forward Brian Cardinal, whose wife is a yoga instructor, reserves his time on the yoga mat for the offseason, even though he admitted younger players have opened up to the discipline. “I’m a big believer in it,” said the 11-year big man, who prefers sticking to his yoga-free in-season routine. “I think the newer generation of will do it much more than older athletes.” Two of his teammates, forward Shawn Marion and guard Jason Terry, don’t share his enthusiasm. SLAM

January 5, 2011 Updates

The Mavericks will keep one of their players with a non-guaranteed contract, but not the other. Steve Novak, the stellar outside shooter who played sparingly in the first two months of the season, will be waived so that he can clear waivers before next Monday, when all contracts become guaranteed. Novak was working on a veteran minimum contract worth about $800,000. Meanwhile, it appears Brian Cardinal will be retained. If he is on the roster on Monday, his entire salary of about $1.3 million will be guaranteed. Dallas Morning News

October 21, 2010 Updates
September 27, 2010 Updates

The Mavericks signed three free agents to fill out their training camp roster, the team announced Monday. Dee Brown, Brian Cardinal and Adam Haluska will join the team for its first practice at Tuesday at SMU's Crum Basketball Center. Dallas Morning News

September 22, 2010 Updates
September 21, 2010 Updates

Training camp opens in a week and the Mavericks’ intentions are to start with only 13 guaranteed contracts. A few others will be brought in, probably including 6-8 Brian Cardinal, who won’t be guaranteed any money or a roster spot. He’ll have to earn his way onto the regular-season roster and if he doesn’t, there’s no risk on the Mavericks’ part. There was a time before Cardinal signed a six-year deal with Memphis in 2004 that the Mavericks had an interest in bringing him in. But the price at the time was too high. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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