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July 11, 2013 Updates

The Golden State Warriors have hired Brian Scalabrine as an assistant coach on Head Coach Mark Jackson's staff, the team announced today. Per team policy, terms of the agreement were not announced. Additionally, the team has promoted Joe Boylan to the position of assistant coach/player development. NBA.com

July 8, 2013 Updates
July 3, 2013 Updates

Before securing Stevens' interest and commitment to Boston's head-coaching job, Ainge talked informally about the position with popular former Celtic Brian Scalabrine, sources told Y! Sports. Ainge believes Scalabrine — who is strongly considering an assistant coaching job with the Golden State Warriors — has a future in coaching and talked in broad terms about the job with him, sources said. Nothing ever advanced to a formalized interview, though. Yahoo! Sports

Nothing locked up, but all indications are that Brian Scalabrine will join the Warriors' coaching staff as an as- sistant coach, a possibility already previously reported by Yahoo!. Other anticipated moves: look for video scout Joe Boylan to replace the departed Kris Weems as assistant coach-player development and assistant video coordinator John Fahey to move up into Boylan's old position. Still an opening for another assistant coach with both Bob Beyer (Bobcats) and Mike Malone (Kings) leaving. Sulia

June 28, 2013 Updates
June 12, 2013 Updates
June 9, 2013 Updates

LeBron James was given his first-ever video game cover on Thursday when it was announced that he would be the star of 2K Sports’ NBA 2K14. Most people were fine with this. James is, after all, the best player in the NBA, the reigning MVP two years in a row and the cover honor had been a long time coming. However, former NBA player Brian Scalabrine has other ideas. The retired New Jersey Nets, Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls player and current CSNNE analyst tweeted a version of the 2K14 cover with his face on it. For The Win

January 22, 2013 Updates

Scalabrine, who retired over the summer after a very serviceable 11-year NBA career, took on four of Boston’s best ballers in 98.5 The Sports Hub’s 1-on-1 “Scallenge,” put on by morning hosts Toucher & Rich. Listeners sent in their try-out videos, showing off their skills and talking some trash towards Scal, but it turns out even Boston’s best was no match for Scalabrine. He said before the “Scallenge” it would be no challenge, and Scalabrine did not disappoint on that proclamation. CBS Local

Scalabrine — who spent the last few seasons of his career seen as the “human victory cigar” — easily defeated all four of his opponents, throwing down monstrous jams and sinking smooth jumpers as he beat them all by a combined score of 44-6. But Scal applauded his competitors for their effort. “When you go into a game you have to realize that these guys can play,” Scal said of his opponents. “They’re strong, they’ve played against guys quicker than me, they’ve played against guys bigger than me, they’ve played against guys stronger than me.” CBS Local

January 16, 2013 Updates
December 18, 2012 Updates

Here are the details, as explained by Scal on ESPN’s “Waddle and Silvy Show” in Chicago (37:30 mark): In Boston right now, we have this challenge going out. I do a radio show out there, and there are people on the street that really believe they can beat me. So we’re doing tryouts for the top 10 people in Boston to play me one-on-one. And we’re playing to 11. And we’re gonna film it, everything. The reality of people and what they think NBA players are like. I’m the last guy on the bench and I will kick your butt if you’re out on the streets. It’s just the way it is. The Score

November 3, 2012 Updates
October 30, 2012 Updates

Former Celtics reserve and fan favorite Brian Scalabrine sits down with Bill Simmons and tells him why Kevin Garnett could be the most beloved teammate in the NBA and how Rajon Rondo compares to legendary point guard Jason Kidd. Garnett is "the most hated opponent in the NBA but probably the most beloved teammate in the NBA," says Scalabrine, who played with KG in Boston from 2008 to 2010. "Talk to anybody who's been on his team -- even Big Baby who he made cry in the middle of a game." ESPN.com

September 26, 2012 Updates

When did you realize that you wanted to become a basketball player? Brian Scalabrine: When I was a kid obviously -every kid dreams about playing sports when they get older but for me, the whole plan of playing basketball was to secure my education. Maybe I could go to Europe and play, maybe the NBA and see what I got. And one day become a basketball coach, that was like my goal growing up you know. I never ever really thought that I will be in the NBA so many years and have a career like the one I had. But that came you know, that was something that just happened because of my hard work and my dedication. Zona Dos Tres

The last question for you. Where do you picture yourself in, let’s say, ten years from now? Brian Scalabrine: That’s a good question, but I will answer that question for you -I’m not a long-term planner, I’m more a short-term planner. I have that kind of mindset -what can I do now, what can I do to improve. But ten years from now I picture myself being a color commentator for the Boston Celtics, following the team around. Still working on my job, getting better and better. If I could do that for the next ten years or the next thirty years I would be really happy. That’s my new goal now, be attached to basketball and learning from new players and stuff like that. That’s what I think now but hey, maybe I’ll play again in Europe and who know (laughs). To be honest with you I really miss playing in Europe. It was so awarding to get to play so many minutes. I miss playing forty minutes there, going to practice every day… I really miss that. Zona Dos Tres

You are kind of a star for the NBA fans, and in the Internet too. How do you feel about the love that fans give to you? Brian Scalabrine: Yeah it is kind of weird, you know? They love me in Treviso, they love me in New Jersey, they love me in Boston, they love me in Chicago too. I just -I don’t know whether they liked me because I’m kind of an underdog or because I did it good when I came out of the bench. I don’t really understand why they love me. I do know that there are a lot of hands up out there that I truly appreciate. A guy like me -you know, I have a pretty great life now, but when I was a kid I gave up my life to basketball. When I was in college I was not hanging out at parties or anything -I just focused on basketball and when I made it to the NBA I was still focus on basketball. But you know, it was a great life for me and I really enjoy it and I truly like it. Feel the heat of the game, knowing different cultures, talking to people and media, learning from players back in the 70s and from now. But I had to work really hard to achieve everything I ever had. So I don’t know if all those people understand how hard I had to work in order to make it to the NBA and the amount of dedication I put on it .If they do and they like me for that well I appreciate that love, but if they don’t and for they I’m a kind of a joke or something -I don’t want that love, you know. Zona Dos Tres

September 6, 2012 Updates

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