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January 15, 2014 Updates
January 14, 2014 Updates

With a key hearing approaching in Billy Hunter's lawsuit against the National Basketball Players Association, the union has hired one of the defendants in the civil case: Derek Fisher's former business manager, Jamie Wior, three people familiar with the situation told CBSSports.com. Wior and Fisher, the former union president, are co-defendants in a lawsuit that Hunter filed against the NBPA for wrongful termination. The lawsuit, which has been moved from Oakland, Calif., to Los Angeles, crosses the next legal hurdle this week with a hearing in LA Superior Court on the defendants' motion to dismiss. CBSSports.com

Wior played a behind-the-scenes role in the 2011 lockout while serving as Fisher's Los Angeles-based publicist and business manager. A chasm developed between Fisher and Hunter, resulting in Fisher drawing attention to what he believed were improper business practices during Hunter's tenure. Hunter was unanimously voted out as the union's executive director in February 2013 on the heels of a damning report by a New York law firm. The report highlighted Hunter's acts of nepotism and accused him of improper business dealings and putting his own interests ahead of the union's. In May, Hunter sued the NBPA, Fisher and Wior for breach of contract and defamation. He is seeking at least $10.5 million in salary and benefits he was owed at the time of his ouster. Among other things, Hunter, 71, alleged that Wior conspired with Fisher to oust him as director and "vest control of the union." CBSSports.com

Less than a year after Hunter filed his lawsuit, Wior has been retained on a temporary basis to assist with the NBPA's winter meeting during All-Star weekend in New Orleans next month. While her involvement in union business is nothing new, the NBPA's decision to retain her again is a sign that Fisher's influence in union matters has outlasted his term as NBPA president and executive committee member. Fisher was replaced as president by Chris Paul in August 2013. CBSSports.com

The NBPA has not announced Wior's hiring, as it is not customary for the union to publicly divulge who it retains in non-staff positions. And while Wior no longer works for Fisher, the union's decision to retain her nonetheless shines a new light on one of the key areas of concern about Hunter's tenure: hiring practices. Meanwhile, the union continues to work with the Chicago-based executive search firm, Reilly Partners, in its search for a new executive director. Candidates are still being vetted, and the process has not yet reached the finalist stage, sources said. CBSSports.com

December 21, 2013 Updates

Former Laker Derek Fisher sat on the Spurs bench after shootaround at the AT&T Center, not more than 30 feet from where he hit one of the most memorable shots in NBA history. But even though Fisher is constantly reminded about his catch-and-shoot miracle to beat the Spurs in Game 5 of the 2004 second-round series — even by his own teammates — he said the memory is tinged by L.A.’s ensuing loss to Detroit in the Finals. “One of the young guys asked me about it (at shootaround),” he said. “But I don’t really carry it like that. I think other people get more enjoyment out of that shot than I do. We didn’t win the championship that year, so it didn’t really lead to much. I’m not discounting what a great moment it was. I respect the fact that the fans…remember it so vividly, good and bad. But for me…I think of other things that led to banners.” San Antonio Express-News

December 13, 2013 Updates

But as he sat on the team plane before the Thunder traveled this week for a set of back-to-back games in Atlanta and Memphis, one significant backdrop was different. Fisher will retire after this season, putting an end to an 18-year career that brought him five NBA championships and becoming the league's second-oldest player behind the Lakers' Steve Nash. "I rarely use the word never, but I feel like this is a good opportunity to put a cap on a great career," Fisher said in an interview this week with this newspaper. "I think we have a legitimate chance to make a run at the title." Los Angeles Daily News

December 4, 2013 Updates

Scott Howard-Cooper: Derek Fisher sticking with plans to retire after the season. Has played in all but one OKC game and averaging 13.3 minutes as third PG. Twitter @SHowardCooper

November 28, 2013 Updates
November 22, 2013 Updates
November 21, 2013 Updates

Billy Hunter, the ousted former executive director of the National Basketball Players Association, has identified Kobe Bryant and his agent, Rob Pelinka, as the power brokers who pushed him to accept a 50-50 labor deal that Hunter claims was negotiated behind his back during the 2011 lockout. In a 21-page court filing this week in Hunter's lawsuit against the NBPA, its former president, Derek Fisher, and his business manager, Jamie Wior, Hunter laid out the case for how he believes he was sandbagged by Fisher during the labor talks. Hunter is alleging defamation and breach of contract in the lawsuit, and Fisher's alleged role in a so-called secret deal with the owners to end the lockout would be relevant if Fisher usurped Hunter's authority as the sole bargaining agent for the players under the NBPA's by-laws. CBSSports.com

October 8, 2013 Updates

And whilst Fisher claims the ‘relentless’ desire to improve is something that the two players share, the 39-year-old believes that Durant’s genuine concern for others is what sets him apart. He said: “The qualities that make the great players like Kobe who they are is just that they’re relentless in their preparation, they’re relentless in their desire to be better than everyone else. The Daily Express

“I think Kevin has come back as a better player every single year. From what I’ve seen so far I think he’s better now than he was last season. “What continues to separate Kevin from so many other young guys before him and probably those that will come after him, is that he’s a phenomenal person. “He really cares about the success of others around him and I think that is what will always make the conversation about how great he was, once he’s done, very fun to have because whatever success he has his teammates will have it with him and that’s what he’s always wanted.” The Daily Express

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