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July 19, 2011 Updates

But the union has been telling players for more than two years to save their money, not to buy expensive toys that would be hard to re-sell or get rid of in a hurry. And even though Greene acknowledges he doesn't know all of the minutiae of the discussions with the league, he says he paid attention when it came to expenses. "When I came in the league, three years ago, there was already talk about the lockout," he said. "I started saving my rookie year. I didn't really think it was going to happen. But it's here, and it's real. So you've got to be smart. Myself, I cut back on a lot of things. I moved from Sacramento. I don't even live in Sacramento anymore. I moved out of my house in Sacramento. All I have is my grandmother's house in Baltimore, and I have a house in Charlotte with my family. You've got to do little ways to save money. So cutting back was definitely a big thing for me. I turned in my BMW." NBA.com

July 17, 2011 Updates

This summer, with the NBA in lockout mode and summer league games cancelled, Greene decided to spend his summer at home. The 23-year-old Baltimore native is one of the NBA regulars in the Goodman League, which plays indoors at Spingarn High School (in D.C.) on weekends, and outside at Barry Farms during the week. Saturday afternoon, Greene suited up for Lincoln Park, as they took on the undefeated Running Rebels. Greene scored 24 points and, along with leading scorer and Goodman League veteran Ojo Dele, who had 32, handed the Rebels their first loss of the season, 128-123. “We have a good league and good competition,” said Greene, who met league commissioner Miles Rawls when he was still in high school. “A lot of pros, a lot of overseas guys come back home and play. It’s a good way to stay in shape and try to have fun at the same time.” Washington Times

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June 5, 2011 Updates
January 7, 2011 Updates

We'll file that one away in the Things-That-Make-You-Go-Hmmm department, especially since Casspi had only played 30-plus minutes four times previously (the last time coming on Dec. 6). Meanwhile, third-year small forward Donte' Greene has played a combined 15 minutes in the last five games and -- according to one source close to the Kings -- is more likely to be traded than Casspi. FanHouse.com

November 18, 2010 Updates

Donte' Greene is usually one of the players around for postgame interviews. He was gone fast this time, so there was no chance to ask about his contribution. Here's what Westphal said about Greene: "I was really pleased with Donte (Greene) tonight. Donte has had it rough these last two weeks, and he's stayed ready. I had a talk with him today and I said look, Donte, I know it's not easy what you're going through and I've made some tough choices. Coaches, when they make tough choices, are always evaluating them and things don't always stay the same as the choices get evaluated. The only thing you can do is stay ready, because if you're not ready when you get your chance - and you will get your chance - when you get it and you're not ready, then you can only blame yourself. Even if you're upset - and anybody would understand if you are - the only thing you can do is be ready, and he was ready. I thought he played an excellent game." Sacramento Bee

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