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You mentioned how Gilbert Arenas changed his personality after the gun incident and Tiger Woods publicly apologized after his scandal, and yet both still struggled. Conversely, Kobe blocked out his legal situation in Colorado and played some of the best basketball of his career. Why is he able to do this while others can’t? Tim Grover: Because Kobe and Michael had the ability not to think of external things. When they stepped between the lines, it was like, “This is my safe haven. No one can touch me here. Nothing’s gonna happen. All that other stuff, once the whistle is blowing and I step across that line again, it’s still gonna be there, so I can’t let the other stuff affect me and the end result of what I do. I’m focused in on thing. I play basketball. This is what I do. I can’t let that other stuff distract me from doing this.” It’s the ability to shut it all down, not from a physical standpoint, but from a mental standpoint. Land O'Lakers

March 14, 2013 Updates

SLAM: So do you have long-term plans in China? What do you see for yourself in the future here? Gilbert Arenas: 32 games a year. Maximum 36 minutes. That’s all I need at this point in my career. So as long as China teams want me, I’ll be here. SLAM: Do you have any plans or hopes to tryout with the NBA again? Gilbert Arenas: Nah! [Shakes head vehemently] Because after this season I can enjoy my family. You know my kids are getting older. Being in the NBA, you don’t really get to enjoy your family life because you’re always on the road, you’re always gone. So, no. After this season will be the first time I’ll get to be with my kids for a long period of time. SLAM

March 13, 2013 Updates

We saw a few players returning from China sign with teams over the last two to three weeks. Do you see Tracy McGrady or Gilbert Arenas catching on with an NBA team this season? I ran your question by an NBA team executive, Trayvon. Here was his text: ''Shocked. Shocked if anyone picked up Arenas or McGrady.'' SI.com

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January 28, 2013 Updates

“Gilbert is a very nice person. You know they have a word for people, they say, ‘workaholic.’ He’s probably like a ‘playholic.’ He loves to play basketball,” Yao said. “Only thing in his mind is basketball. He plays the game and practice all day long. Unfortunately, he has some injury problem. The few games he played, he showed what it means to be an all-star. Even though he is a former all-star, he’s still at a different level.” Washington Post

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January 17, 2013 Updates

Gilbert Arenas: "The NBA season is too long, but the CBA has just 32 games for the regular season, which is good. I'm old already, life in China is pretty good. Maybe when the CBA season is over, I will go back to the U.S. for the playoffs. But I'm sure that I'll be back in the CBA the next season." hupu.com

December 17, 2012 Updates

Gilbert Arenas is healthy enough to return to the Shanghai Sharks lineup, according to the team’s official website. He will replace Ryan Forehan-Kelly, who has played the last three games as Arenas’ temporary replacement. NiuBBall.com

November 25, 2012 Updates

Former NBA All-Star guard Gilbert Arenas injured himself in his Chinese Basketball Association debut as his Shanghai Sharks lost to the defending champion Beijing Ducks 94-78. Arenas, who signed with the Yao Ming-owned Sharks last week, limped off the court halfway through the first quarter of Saturday night's opening game of the 2012-2013 season and sat out the rest of the match. "He pulled a hip flexor (muscle), he will be day-to-day ... obviously we would like to have him back as soon as possible," Shanghai's American coach Dan Panaggio told reporters. "I didn't expect this, but this is sports, this is basketball, the craziest things happen." news.asiaone.com

November 20, 2012 Updates

Arenas said the Lakers contacted him following Steve Nash's injury, but he made it clear that he wanted to play for CBA teams. "When I played for the Wizards, Eddie Jordan was my coach. He's Lakers' assistant coach right now, we talk to each other a lot. He told me the Lakers were interested in me. I told him I'd like to try in China. Maybe after I play well in CBA, I'll consider (the NBA). " hupu.com

Arenas, perhaps learning from his failed experience in latching on with Guangdong, went along with company policy in Shanghai, however, and proved himself to be in shape in individual workouts and full-team practices. Further helping his cause, Arenas also got a ringing endorsement from Yao’s former teammate and longtime China National Team point guard, Liu Wei, who reportedly is in favor of adding a proven backcourt scorer to play alongside, similar to when the team signed John Lucas III for their 2009-10 semi-finals run. The fact that Arenas, who will collect over US $20 million this season and next from the Orlando Magic after being amnestied in December 2011, was willing to accept a contract within Shanghai’s budget also played a factor in the team’s thinking, according to the source. NiuBBall.com

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November 9, 2012 Updates

The Shanghai team has officially reached an agreement with Gilbert Arenas. It is reported that the two sides signed a contract of the 1+1 type. The team will pick up the option for the second year based on Arenas' performance this season. 361 Sport

Our reporter telephoned the vice general manager of Shanghai Basketball Chi Zhang. He said, "One million for Arenas? Who said that? There's still no final confirmation at the present moment. Arenas has already been to two training trials. If we do sign him, it will be for one season." Eastday.com

November 8, 2012 Updates

Stephon Marbury showed the way by taking a detour around Europe and being the first NBA superstar who signed in Chinese CBA. Gilbert Arenas is ready to follow his footsteps. According to sources near the situation the former superstar of Washington Wizards has a deal with Shanghai Sharks after a week of practicing with them. EuroHoops.net

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