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Paul Pierce on Tracy McGrady: Since there was no way to stop Tracy’s shot, you just had to do everything you could to make sure he didn’t get in a position to shoot. So I would always do my best to deny Tracy the ball and be physical with him. I always knew that I couldn’t allow easy points in transition against him because then he might heat up. And if a guy with an unblockable shot heats up, well, that’s not good. But limiting transition points against a guy with the physical talent of Tracy was just a nightmare. He was such a tremendous finisher. He’s fast, he’s long and he could jump higher than anybody. And if that wasn’t enough, he was one of the better ball handlers in the league. He’s a rare talent, and when you were up against him, you knew you were in for a tough game because he always had the green light. Well, that’s something all these guys have in common. The Players' Tribune

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Jermaine O'Neal: Bringing in the new year with a couple of my brothers in London with our beautiful wives! Man it seems like yesterday that we all were getting drafted from high school to the pros! I feel blessed to have life long relationships that's real. #London #HighSchoolToThePros #BringingTheNewYearsInWithLoveOnes #TheOneals #TheHarringtons #TheMcGradys #Nobu http://instagram.com/p/xQbAGNHK7u/ Instagram

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"The thing is, I can still go, man," T-Mac says. He is driving from lunch to his daughter Layla's junior high school volleyball game, but the workout is still on his mind. "My body is still in shape. I can go. It's about opportunity, though. … I want no limits on who I am and what I can do, not stand in the corner and shoot jump shots," he says. "I want to be involved, that's not saying 10 to 15 shots, I want to be involved. I don't want to stand in the corner and shoot threes. That's not me." The ideal team, T-Mac says, would be the Lakers. The Lakers are inexperienced. The Lakers need players. He could be the second star the Lakers must have to go with Bryant. "This Kobe," he says. "I could play with him." Bleacher Report

If only T-Mac could find a team that agrees with him. Even Williams, who fondly remembers the back-to-back NBA scoring titles McGrady had for his Magic a decade ago, sighs softly when asked about the comeback. "Tracy has milked every bit of basketball talent out of his body," Williams says. "There's nothing left." Bleacher Report

The China trip had been booked since January, so even if an NBA team had called on the phone he has left on a nearby bench, he would not have been able to attend its training camp. He won't sign unless he goes through camp. That wouldn't be doing it right. If there's going to be a comeback—and it doesn't seem there is—he is going to do it right. Still McGrady pushes through these workouts, because after 15 months away from the NBA there is something in these jump shots. His body feels young again. Bleacher Report

The back spasms that sabotaged his prime seasons are gone. The left knee pain that took away his speed has disappeared. He is fresh. He is certain if he works extra hard and gets into what he calls "tip-top" shape, he can matter for a team again. "I'm better than half the damn league, anyway," he will later grumble. Bleacher Report

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While he says that he could still play in the NBA or an overseas league, and admits that he sometimes wants to get back on the court, he’s no longer interested in putting in the necessary work to continue his career. “I am [at peace with my decision to retire],” McGrady told Basketball Insiders. “I am. At times I get that itch, the urge to go back and play. I still can, I’m young enough to still play. My body feels good; I haven’t played in a couple of years so my body feels great. It’s just the mental part of [not] having that drive to get back in that type of shape and to put that type of time and focus into it.” Basketball Insiders

“[Family] weighs a lot,” McGrady said. “Your kids get older, they get involved in more activities, and you want to be there to see them, whether its sports or school activities. You want to be there for those moments. You don’t want to miss out. You don’t get those back. I understand [what Ray Allen is going through]. … My kids help me reflect back [on my career]. My boys like to watch old video tapes of me. I [reflect] all the time.” Basketball Insiders

August 3, 2014 Updates

Steve Kyler: I asked Tracy MCGrady if in hindsight he felt he put in enough work to be great. He was said you don't lead the league scoring without work. Tracy said has no aspirations to return to the NBA, not looking to coach or get into TV. Still young enough to play, just not interested. Tracy said his kids like to watch old games of him and really allow him to reflect on his career through them. Twitter @stevekylerNBA

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Paul George: Kobe, TMac, and Penny RT @tconn2: @Paul_George24 who was your favorite NBA player growing up? Twitter @Paul_George24

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Former seven-time NBA All-Star Tracy McGrady has been pitching for the Sugar Land Skeeters of the independent Atlantic League and last night, in what was apparently a planned move, he started the league’s All-Star game, participated in the Home Run Derby … and then announced his retirement. His starting the All-Star game was purely a stunt, because in four regular season appearances McGrady posted a 6.75 ERA and walked 10 batters in 6.2 innings without recording a single strikeout. NBCSports.com

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