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To say that the Rockets are keenly aware of the deadline on Thursday would be an understatement. Battier, especially, seems to believe he will be gone. Jared Jeffries almost certainly will be dealt or waived. Everyone else is certain something will happen, though unable to guess what. "Something is going to happen," guard Aaron Brooks said. "Something will happen. We have to just go out and play." Houston Chronicle

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The Knicks are mulling a trade that could bring in Aaron Brooks for some needed backcourt help. A source with knowledge of the situation said the Rockets "are going to try hard" to move Brooks before the Feb. 24 trade deadline. A separate source confirmed that the Knicks are interested. Newsday

The Knicks made an inquiry into Rockets point guard Aaron Brooks, but it doesn’t look good. A Rockets official said there is no interest in trading Brooks to the Knicks. New York Post

A report in New York had the Rockets eager to dump Aaron Brooks, and that the Knicks were mulling a deal. The primary point of the report, that the Knicks are interested in Brooks, is entirely accurate. According to two individuals with knowledge of the Rockets' thinking, the Rockets are not mulling a deal because so far there is not one to consider, and the Rockets are not looking to dump Brooks. Not even close. Houston Chronicle

He could be moved by the deadline, which has been true for most of the Rockets roster since Yao Ming started limping Nov. 10, long before Brooks stalked off the floor on Saturday. The Rockets, however, are not in talks to deal him and really don't want to. Houston Chronicle

February 4, 2011 Updates

As for Aaron Brooks, there is no shortage of interest in last year's Most Improved Player, but the Rockets have thus far been unwilling to entertain offers outside of including him in a deal for Carmelo Anthony. The problem is, he also isn't the ideal point guard for their system. He can put points on the board, sure, but being in the final year of his contract he's much more interested in his own stats than in helping the team win. He also has a hard time scoring in the clutch, which makes it hard to keep him on the floor when the defensive-minded Kyle Lowry will at least shut down his opponent and look for open teammates. The general consensus is that Brooks is a new incarnation of Steve Francis, who could put up nice numbers but lacked the ability to make the right plays when it mattered most. HoopsWorld

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Trade rumors involving Aaron Brooks have also surfaced, but sources say that he's the least likely player to be moved by the Rockets. Teams like the Sacramento Kings, who have always let their interest in the point guard be known, continue to pursue Brooks, but the chance of a deal happening is very slim. Because he's a restricted free agent after the season, teams aren't offering anything substantial for Brooks. No team, including Sacramento, wants to risk losing or overpaying to keep him this summer should he sign a large offer sheet elsewhere. HoopsWorld

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