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May 14, 2015 Updates

A former NBA player is opening the first California location for a cryotherapy business in Sacramento. A.C. Green, who became well known as a key member of the championship Los Angeles Lakers teams of the 1980s, will open CryoBath on Howe Avenue on Friday. “Your mayor sold me on Sacramento,” said Green, who played with Mayor Kevin Johnson on the Phoenix Suns in the 1990s and is chief marketing officer for CryoBath. Green said he’s also had relatives in Stockton for many years, so he’s always been interested in the region. “When that time is right, I want to try something in Sacramento.” Business News

April 29, 2014 Updates
August 30, 2013 Updates

Q. You played 1,024 consecutive games. There is a legend about that streak: that one of your secrets to stay healthy was sexual abstinence. AC Green: Not true. It's one great misunderstanding. It never gave me strength. It helped me to stay focused. You're probably more distracted if you have sex every night or you're more tired. But it was just part of the legend. Marca.com

Q. You only missed three games in your career and it was because of Pat Riley. Green: It was coach's decision [laughs]. Really it was him who called me and apologized. "Sorry, I don't know what I was thinking. Please forgive me," he said. When we were together in Miami he told me: "Here we are. It's your sixteenth year in the NBA and you haven't lost a game since I brought you into the League brought and you didn't play three games because of me." It was a very special moment for me because it was him who called me to apologize. Marca.com

March 29, 2013 Updates

Police say three NBA championship rings belonging to former Los Angeles Lakers forward A.C. Green have been stolen from his Southern California home. Palos Verdes Estates police Sgt. Steve Barber said Thursday that Green believes the rings were taken by day laborers he hired to move belongings into storage. USA Today Sports

June 27, 2012 Updates
November 8, 2011 Updates

AC Green: That particular morning, the one thing that I will always remember, not just the announcement, but Magic asking me to come into one of our little private side rooms and saying I just need to get out of that atmosphere for a moment and let’s say a prayer. It wasn’t abnormal because he and I both had a common bond, a very religious background and upbringing through our parents so that was sort of a common thing for us. It was something that meant a whole lot to him. Sports Radio Interviews

AC Green on whether or not he noticed guys acting different after Johnson’s announcement: “I noticed that a lot of guys were more aware of what they were doing and thinking a little more responsibly about what they were thinking about doing or in the middle of doing. It brought a greater awareness to the world, to our profession. At that time, in the next month, condom sales through Trojan had reached an all-time high. There was a big, big impact of people thinking about okay if this can happen to him, is it possible this can happen to me?” Sports Radio Interviews

May 27, 2011 Updates

MT: Who were some of the other more notable tough guys you’ve had in your 27 years as the team’s trainer? Vitti: Derek Fisher. Michael Cooper. A.C. Green. All Iron Men. These guys were tough, man, they played no matter what. And there were a lot of guys, so you hate to single guys out. But I’ll tell you who was a tough kid: Chris Mihm. As bad as his situation was, that kid went out and tried. NBA.com

April 13, 2011 Updates
February 1, 2011 Updates

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