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“It’s highs and lows definitely, but yeah, I still enjoy it,” said Morrison, who scored 917 points as a rookie but just 283 in the NBA since. “It’s tough, but I look at it in a way that my problems as far as basketball are really not that big a deal compared to other people’s problems. I sincerely mean that. And you know, I was on a good team [with the Lakers]. So it wasn’t like I was on a really bad team and still didn’t get an opportunity. Just didn’t get minutes. I understood and we were loaded, that’s what happens.” Boston Globe

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Summer league, full of young legs, fresh faces and futures as far as the eye can see, is usually about beginnings. For Adam Morrison, it could be the end. The 6-foot-8 forward is chasing more than loose balls and open jumpers on the practice court inside the Amway Center this week, in front of a throng of NBA coaches and scouts. He's running after one more chance to finally belong in the NBA, gunning for a long-shot spot on the Brooklyn roster. "I'm here to see if something can happen," Morrison said. NBA.com

He moves around the floor well among all of the young prospects in the summer league and can hit the open shot. Yet, at this point, there is nothing particular in Morrison's game that says he's ready to take the step that's been beyond him for the past six years. "All I can do is show up here every day and try to do what's asked of me by the coaching staff and play the game to the best of my ability and let things happen," he said. "If I play well, maybe I get a chance here or maybe somebody from another NBA team likes me enough to invite me to their camp. NBA.com

"I don't think I'd go back to Europe. It's a long way and I've got two daughters now. I don't have regrets. I've had plenty of experiences. "I'm pretty sure that if nothing else happens, then I'll probably go home, finish school (sports management) and get into coaching. There's only so long that you can go after something. Then it's time to move on." NBA.com

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The Grizzlies are conducting a private free-agent camp today that will feature former NBA lottery pick Adam Morrison. Morrison, 27, is a small forward whom the Charlotte Bobcats selected with the third overall pick in the 2006 draft. The next year Morrison suffered a torn ACL - something that compounded the disappointment of his poor play. The Bobcats then traded Morrison to the Los Angeles Lakers in 2009. Memphis Commercial Appeal

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Jordan has taken plenty of grief for his previous drafts, which include selecting Kwame Brown with the No. 1 overall pick when with the Wizards in 2001, and injury-prone forward Adam Morrison third with the Bobcats in 2006. But several sources say former GM Bernie Bickerstaff was the one who sold Jordan on Morrison, and that Jordan’s role in the draft process in Charlotte has been minimal. FOXSportsOhio

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Wasn't Adam Morrison Michael Jordan's pick though? Rod Higgins: "No. From my gathering, because I wasn't here at that particular time, I thought it was Bernie Bickerstaff. … It's a fair question and I'm sure every market and every team has to kind of go through that process because you can second guess. I'll sit here and tell you guys that we're fairly equipped to make sound decisions. You can go back and forth and always say what if, but at the end of the day, I think that Kemba Walker and Bismack are going to be pretty good at the end of the day. I think Gerald Henderson is going to be pretty good." Deadspin.com

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Adam Morrison knows how hard it is going to be to shake the label: bust. But he longs for the chance. “I understand I’m never going to shake being a bust or being a failure in some people’s eyes,” said Morrison, the No. 3 draft pick by Charlotte out of Gonzaga in 2006. “I’ve experienced a lot of highs in basketball, so I guess you could call it a hardship, but it’s really not. I get to play basketball for money. That’s pretty good.” New York Post

Not quite what was envisioned for the College Player of the Year who averaged 28.1 points for Gonzaga before turning pro. He’s back from overseas trying to land with the Nets, who expressed interest two years ago but saw the plan snuffed when Morrison sprained an ankle. “It just didn’t work out. I ended up taking the year off and then played overseas last year. So one more shot and see what happens,” said Morrison, who played in Turkey for Besiktas, the team that retired Deron Williams’ number. Morrison, at 6-foot-8 and looking much thinner than he did in his pro days, gave it another try yesterday. “He knows how to play. Unfortunately he didn’t have a point guard who could find him because he came off screens open,” Nets general manager Billy King said. “But he knows how to set himself up, come off screens. He didn’t make some shots early, but he got them to go. One thing, we know he can do that. New York Post

"I guess the toughest thing is, I guess, the athletic ability,’’ Morrison said when asked why he’s had so much trouble sticking with a team in the NBA. "And I understand I’m never going to shake being a ‘bust’ or being a failure in some people’s eyes. I’ve experienced a lot of highs in basketball so I guess you could call it a hardship but it’s really not. I get to play basketball for money. That’s pretty good.’’ Newark Star-Ledger

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