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The NBA really has changed quite dramatically under Adam Silver. We know this because Mark Cuban is now gushing over decisions made by the commissioner’s office. It happened Monday night at Madison Square Garden, when Cuban, the Dallas Mavericks’ outspoken owner, was asked a general question about Silver, who took the commissioner’s reins from David Stern on Feb. 1. “I think he’s taken some great steps on the officiating,” Cuban said. “There’s been more changes in 15 days, or whatever it is, than I saw in 14 years.” Cuban then divulged the most significant of those changes: The league is now sending its teams regular reports on blown calls by the referees. It’s one of the first steps in Silver’s push for greater transparency. Cuban has been advocating for measures like this since he purchased the Mavericks in 2000. Bleacher Report

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Ohm Youngmisuk: NBA monitoring Raymond Felton situation. And no idea yet on this but NBA could always have something to say about JR's headband antics too Twitter @NotoriousOHM

New Commissioner Adam Silver’s policies have won over the Dallas Mavericks owner, who had a long-running and costly feud with former commissioner David Stern. “I think he’s taken some great steps on the officiating. There’s been more changes in 15 days or whatever it is than I saw in 14 years. So I like what he’s doing there,” Cuban said Monday. CBS

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Nets general manager Billy King called it “a basketball decision,” as if to disregard any other significance. Commissioner Adam Silver politely disputed that narrow assessment. “While it shouldn’t be a big deal—and I understand Billy King saying, in essence, it’s just a basketball decision—it is a big deal,” Silver told Bleacher Report in a telephone interview. Bleacher Report

But Silver also said it’s disappointing it took this long for this moment to finally happen in the sports world. “I have mixed feelings, because I’m enormously proud that the first openly gay player is playing in the NBA,” Silver told The Post in a phone interview prior to Sunday’s game. “On the other hand, this is so long overdue that I don’t think this should necessarily be on the list of the greatest accomplishments of the NBA. “This is an area where no one in sports should be too proud. Sports has led society in so many critical areas … this is one where we fell behind.” New York Post

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New NBA commissioner Adam Silver revealed in an interview with ESPN Radio that Miami Heat star LeBron James is among the players who have personally asked him to make the league's annual All-Star break longer. Silver told the network he met briefly with multiple players during All-Star Weekend in New Orleans and shared that James, in particular, is lobbying for an extended break to allow the game's stars to enjoy some semblance of respite from the grind of the regular season. ESPN.com

"LeBron and I have had a relationship for a long time," Silver said. "We're so far in season [that] the relationship has mainly been one of texting and emailing. I spoke to him for a little bit [Sunday], and he had a few things to say in the locker room when I was in talking to the players. "One of the issues LeBron raised is a break during All-Star [Weekend]. A guy like LeBron, All-Star Weekend is not a break for him in any way. He's going around the clock with a combination of things the league is asking him to do, personal commitments, and I think it makes sense if we can work in the schedule a few days so the All-Stars can get a break as well." ESPN.com

The same, Silver said, holds for the change to the NBA age limit he has repeatedly indicated he will pursue. "We raised it in the last bargaining session, which led to the compromise and us ending the lockout [in November 2011]," Silver said. " ... We'd like the opportunity to try to convince the players that it's in all of our interests to move to a 20-year-old age limit and move away from one-and-done. Improved college ball is better for the NBA, and it will also mean a better NBA with kids coming one year out of college. "When we finished the last collective bargaining agreement, we had a so-called list of 'B issues,' and we agreed we would address those issues once we got the season up and running. A collective bargaining agreement is like any contract. It can be amended at any time as long as both parties agree." ESPN.com

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Evidently it wasn't just corporate-speak, either. As Silver's agenda comes to light, it fits a theme: innovation. Silver addressed an invite-only crowd of powerbrokers (Mark Cuban, Vivek Ranadive and a few hundred others) at the Tech Summit in New Orleans on All-Star Friday. The talk was off the record, but word that everyone came away with from the conference was "innovation." "He laid it down," a grinning team executive said in the hallway after hearing Silver talk. "It's a brand-new day." ESPN.com

Both David Stern and his successor, Adam Silver, targeted India for the next phase of the league’s global expansion. Given the lack of facilities and infrastructure, realistically, how long until the NBA schedules preseason games in your hometown, Mumbai? And how, specifically, will you benefit in India from your Kings ownership? Merchandise sales? Corporate sponsorships? Right now, we’re just saying we’ll build out the fan base. When you approach these things, you take a long-term view. You don’t ask, “How am I going to make money right now?” Are you going to lose money this season? Yes. But we’re not that concerned. Sacramento Bee

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New NBA Commissioner Adam Silver stood alone at the podium inside the New Orleans arena news conference room on Saturday night, his bald head glistening amid the scores of television cameras and his hip unattached to David Stern's for the first time in decades. "This press conference feels awkward for me, because, one, I'm not sitting, and also I'm not sitting next to my longtime friend, mentor, and boss, David Stern," said Silver, who noted that Stern was taking a few weeks of vacation before beginning his role as consultant for the league that grew to such great heights while on his watch. "It goes without saying that virtually none of us would be here without David. I want to thank him personally for his friendship, his leadership, his mentorship over all these many years." USA Today Sports

The draft: Silver said everywhere he goes that "people dislike so-called one and done," referring to the many players who go to college for just one year to meet the league's age minimum of being one year out of high school and 19 years old. He favors pushing the age minimum to 20. "It is my belief that if players have an opportunity to mature as players and as people, for a longer amount of time before they come into the league, it will lead to a better league," he said. "And I know from a competitive standpoint that's something as I travel the league I increasingly hear from our coaches, especially, who feel that many of even the top players in the league could use more time to develop even as leaders as part of college programs." ESPN.com

On Saturday, Silver noted that such an age limit was mentioned in the most recent Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations, and that it remains something he is committed to pursuing because he believes it is in the best interests of the sport at all levels. “Everywhere I go people dislike [the] so‑called one and done,” he said. “It’s important to the NBA and important to basketball generally that there be strong college basketball. It’s important to college basketball that there be strong youth basketball and strong AAU basketball. And I think we feel we have a responsibility at the NBA as the stewards of the game to ensure that the game is played the right way.” SI.com

By now, most NBA fans know the 76ers are among several teams sacrificing wins, with subpar rosters, in pursuit of top lottery picks. As a result, new NBA commissioner Adam Silver was asked to define tanking and whether he thought teams were doing it. "My understanding of tanking would be losing game on purpose,” said Silver, who has been employed by the league since 1992. “And there’s absolutely no evidence that any team in the NBA has ever lost a single game, or certainly in any time that I’ve been in the league, on purpose.” Philadelphia Inquirer

“I’m committed to studying … international expansion,” he said. It’s not on the top of my list right now. And I tell you that goes for domestic expansion as well. Largely because I want to ensure that we have a healthy 30‑team league. As powerful as the gains were that we made in the last collective bargaining agreement, we still don’t have a league that has 30 teams that are financially viable. I think that we could do a better job on the competitive front as well. I would like a harder system to distribute players better as opposed to the tax system we have in place right now.” SI.com

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