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May 31, 2014 Updates

George Postolos, former president and CEO of the Houston Rockets, said the sale, if approved by three-quarters of the NBA's owners, would provide relief to Commissioner Adam Silver, enrich the Sterlings beyond most expectations and, potentially, end a five-week spectacle. "It's a positive outcome for the league and a good financial outcome for the Sterlings," Postolos said. "And they can get this story off the front page, which I think would be good for everybody." USA Today Sports

Strategically, the contradictory behavior makes sense, according to Marc Ganis, a leading sports consultant who in 2012 advised NFL owner Tom Benson on the purchase of the New Orleans Pelicans. Ganis said there's a reason Ballmer, former chief executive of Microsoft, offered to pay almost four times more for the Clipppers than Forbes estimates the team is worth. Ganis said he was not surprised by Sterling's shifting positions — especially his "no-sale" stance during the 48 hours before Ballmer made the staggering bid. "The best way to get a higher price is to say something is not for sale," Ganis said. "That's the most tried and true way to get a higher price." USA Today Sports

He defended the $2-billion price tag, which was nearly four times more than the previous record sale of an NBA club. He said that he paid for what the team can become in the future. "I've got big dreams for the team. I'd love to win a championship. I'd love the Clippers to be the most dynamic, vibrant team and name in professional sports. But I got a lot to learn," he said. Los Angeles Times

May 30, 2014 Updates
May 27, 2014 Updates
May 26, 2014 Updates

Shelly Sterling has received inquiries from at least six serious bidders for the Los Angeles Clippers, sources told ESPN on Sunday. Shelly Sterling reached an agreement with her estranged husband, Donald Sterling, to negotiate a sale of the franchise after he was banned for life and fined $2.5 million by NBA commissioner Adam Silver on April 29. ESPN.com

Another potential ownership group consists of former NBA All-Star Grant Hill and billionaire investors and longtime Southern California residents Tony Ressler and Bruce Karsh. Sources told ESPN.com that Hill's group is already regarded by league officials as a viable contender for the Clippers. ESPN.com

May 23, 2014 Updates

Our sources say Shelly and her lawyer, Pierce O'Donnell, have been secretly meeting with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and NBA lawyers to "resolve the dispute amicably." We're told Shelly realizes the NBA wants the team sold, but she has significantly more leverage and credibility with the league than Donald. Her end game is simple -- she won't object to the sale, but SHE wants to call the shots. TMZ.com

May 21, 2014 Updates

Adam Silver said Tuesday his “confidence level is high” the league will be able to force Donald Sterling and his wife to sell the Clippers in a timely fashion. The NBA filed formal allegations Monday and set a June 3 hearing in its attempt to oust Sterling from the team he has owned for 33 years. The league said Sterling’s conduct “damaged and continues to damage the NBA and its teams.” That started the process to terminate Sterling’s ownership of the team. Los Angeles Times

Silver said that when the proceedings take place to strip Donald of the team, if the required three-fourths of the NBA owners vote to terminate him, “all ownership interests are terminated as part of that proceeding.” Silver said that despite Shelly’s lawyers saying she can’t be terminated, that “it just doesn’t make sense.” “Our position is under the constitution, based on Mr. Sterling’s conduct, if the owners ultimately decide that it is appropriate to terminate his franchise, the interest of all owners is terminated,” Silver said. Los Angeles Times

"Adam Silver's been very very open to. I don't want to speak for David (Stern) but my attitude and my battle with David when David was commissioner was that he didn't care who won. He knew one team had to win, and one team had to lose, and officiating may or may not impact who won, but for him, because he didn't care who won, the officiating was way down the list. "What Adam recognizes is that it affects our brand. It impacts TV viewership, it impacts merchandise sales, and as a result, it's something we should deal with." Oregonian

May 20, 2014 Updates

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