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June 11, 2014 Updates

Sterling, who received a lifetime ban and a $2.5 million fine from NBA commissioner Adam Silver after an audio recording that captured Sterling making a series of racist remarks became public, called the NBA “a band of hypocrites and bullies” and referred to the league as “despicable monsters.” The full text of Sterling’s screed — published by CNN — is below. SI.com

Sterling makes it clear that he will not go quietly. According to Samini, Sterling will go on a “crusade” to expose the NBA’s hypocrisy. “The NBA has a history of discriminatory practices which is supported by the numerous lawsuits filed by NBA employees claiming gender-based discrimination,” Sterling wrote. “(Commissioner) Adam Silver has worked for the NBA since 1992. He must know about the discriminatory practices of the NBA which are all matters of public record. The reason Adam Silver is focused on the sale, instead of the larger social issue, is because doing so would require him to examine the NBA’s own discriminatory practices including those that occurred under his many years in leadership. “…The NBA is a band of hypocrites and bullies. They will not stop until someone stands up. They have taken the liberty to desecrate my privacy rights and my right to own property.” Orange County Register

June 10, 2014 Updates
June 9, 2014 Updates

Donald Sterling’s attorney said Monday his client would not be dropping his billion-dollar lawsuit against the NBA, complicating some of the final details in the sale of the Clippers. Last week Maxwell Blecher said Sterling had agreed to a deal with the NBA in which he would sign off on the $2 billion sale to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and agree to drop his suit against the NBA. Orange County Register

The league, in turn, would agree not to sue Sterling and would drop the charges against him. Sterling’s legal team interpreted that to mean the league was rescinding its lifetime ban and $2.5 million fine. To the NBA, however, the only charge they were dropping against Sterling was the “charge to terminate ownership.” The NBA cancelled that June 3 hearing after Sterling’s wife Shelly agreed to sell the team to Ballmer. But that’s not the main reason Sterling reversed course, according to Blecher, who said NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s adamancy in a Sunday press news conference was the primary culprit for Sterling’s change of heart. Blecher called Silver's handling of the situation, “just plain nasty.” Orange County Register

Ramona Shelburne: Donald Sterling: "I believe that Adam Silver acted in haste by illegally ordering the forced sale of the Clippers & banning me for life from the NBA. Action taken by Silver & NBA constitutes a violation of my rights and fly in the face of freedoms that are afforded to all Americans." Twitter @ramonashelburne

When was the last time the NBA and the NBA Players Association worked together to solve a problem? Not as long ago as you think. An unusual alliance featuring Commissioner Adam Silver, the union, hockey players and conservative legislators came together over the last few months to get rid of one of the more unusual versions of a "jock tax" in the state of Tennessee. The tax, which was implemented on NBA and NHL players the last four years, was repealed in April by the Tennessee state legislature, and signed by Republican Governor Bill Haslam. NBA.com

June 8, 2014 Updates

In his first NBA Finals media address, commissioner Adam Silver said he is satisfied the air conditioning issue that plagued Game 1 has been resolved, but also admitted the situation could have been handled better. "In hindsight it wasn't handled perfectly, but they'd never been confronted with that issue before," Silver said. "We in the league office, and not just me as commissioner, but I've been with the league office for more than 22 years now, I'd never dealt with a situation like that before." ESPN.com

"There was never a point where we were considering either postponing or canceling the game," Silver said. I would say that it's certainly not one of my prouder moments in my shortened tenure as commissioner so far, but it's the nature of this game," he said. "There always are going to be human and mechanical errors and it's unfortunate." ESPN.com

Sterling levied a $1 billion lawsuit against the NBA and Silver following a lifetime ban and $2.5 million fine handed down by the league following racially charged comments by Sterling. "I have absolute confidence it will be resolved because as part of the sale agreement with Shelly Sterling, she agreed to indemnify the league against a lawsuit by her husband," Silver said, "So in essence, Donald is suing himself and he knows that. While I understand he is frustrated, I think it's over. I think it's just a matter of time now, and then we will move on to better topics and back to the Finals." ESPN.com

Silver said Ballmer intends to purchase the Clippers entirely on his own, with eventual plans to build an ownership group. "What Steve has told us is that while he's the 100 percent owner of the team now, he intends to move forward and close as the 100 percent owner," Silver said. "And all he's told me is that he would then look to bring in other partners, but that would be premature right now." ESPN.com

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