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September 22, 2014 Updates
September 18, 2014 Updates

The guy who's been hailed as a BEST commissioner is throwing his SUPPORT behind the guy who's being trashed as the WORST ... with Adam Silver telling TMZ Sports he believes Roger Goodell is still doing "great" at his job. We spoke with the NBA Commish in NYC Wednesday -- nearly 5 months after he was praised for his handling of the Donald Sterling situation -- and asked him how he felt about the way Goodell is handling all of the scandals in the NFL. "He's doing the best he can under difficult circumstances," Silver said ... "He's been a great commissioner so far and he'll work his way through these issues." TMZ.com

September 17, 2014 Updates

Fan experience, interactivity and advertising on jerseys were among the topics covered by Onexim Sports & Entertainment President Irina Pavlova during a wide-ranging one-on-one interview at the 2014 Game Changers conference in New York City. Pavlova said she would like to see jersey patch advertising become a regular sponsorship feature in the NBA. “I personally think we’re missing out on the huge revenue stream on the jersey patch advertising,” said Pavlova, whose Onexim Sports & Entertainment holds a 45 percent interest in the Barclays Center. “I’m hopeful that that is something that will come up in the near future for a new discussion. The problem is, there are 30 teams in the league, everyone has a different financial situation, market, different willingness to spend and it’s just hard to get everyone to agree on the same thing.” Sports Business Daily

September 13, 2014 Updates
September 12, 2014 Updates

Al Sharpton tells TMZ Sports ... he's been a part of discussions with NBA Commish Adam Silver on how to handle the situation with racist Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson. Sharpton -- who previously sat down with Adam Silver in the middle of the Donald Sterling crisis -- tells us, "In the discussions we've been having with the Commissioner, they said they were gonna vet everyone out [before allowing a sale of the team]." TMZ.com

Rev. Markel Hutchins: I have hypothesized, and I have no concrete proof, but there’s a strong inclination deep within me that suggests the reason that the meeting with civil rights leaders and the Atlanta Hawks was called off yesterday has everything to do with the league having put the kibosh on the meeting. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that NBA commissioner Adam Silver met with Hawks leadership on Tuesday after I spoke Monday night with Steve Koonin, the CEO of the Hawks. On Tuesday night, I get a call trying to suggest that they want to cancel the meeting with us. I don’t think there’s any coincidence. The NBA is apparently trying to cover this culture, and we have to expose it in order for justice to really prevail for the players. HawksHoop.com

Now Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA, is saying that he doesn’t believe that Danny Ferry should be let go. I read in ESPN.com today that your group or civil rights leaders that you brought to Phillips Arena yesterday, that you don’t agree with that position. RMH: Well, Adam Silver probably is concerned about what is good and best for the NBA. We are concerned about what is good and best for humanity overall, a part of which the NBA is. But there’s a larger issue here. We cannot afford, particularly in the cradle of the American Civil Rights Movement and the birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr., we cannot afford to send a message to this nation, and particularly to basketball players in the NBA – to everyone really – that it is acceptable to use that kind of language and still be embraced by the birthplace of the American Civil Rights Movement. So while Commissioner Silver may be looking at what is in the best interests of the NBA, we’re looking at what is in the best interests humanity and the nation as a whole. HawksHoop.com

September 11, 2014 Updates

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver does not believe that Atlanta Hawks general manager Danny Ferry should be fired for his racially charged remarks about former free agent Luol Deng, he told USA TODAY Sports Wednesday. Silver, who just arrived in Barcelona for FIBA World Cup, explained in detail how Ferry's respectable track record and the reality that he was relaying information from a scouting report in his June conference call with owners and basketball operations staffers factor into his decision. "The discipline of a team employee is typically determined by the team, and in this case the Hawks hired a prestigious Atlanta law firm to investigate the circumstances of Danny Ferry's clearly inappropriate and unacceptable remarks," Silver said. "In my view, those comments, taken alone, do not merit his losing his job. USA Today Sports

Czeisler was getting Silver up to speed on some harrowing details about the effects of sleep deprivation on athletes. With its numerous back-to-backs, the NBA is creating a dangerous situation in which its players might be showing up to games with the impairment of someone who is legally drunk. All from not getting enough z's. ESPN.com

This was just one of the many alarming scientific findings that the sleep doctor had divulged just an hour earlier when he gave his own Sloan talk to a roomful of attendees that included team executives and national media. Silver, who was prepping for Gladwell's interview, had not been present for Czeisler's stern recommendation to the league: "Personally, I'm very much hoping that the new NBA commissioner eliminates back-to-back road games," Czeisler said during his talk moderated by ESPN's Kevin Arnovitz. "It's a disservice to the fans to have one of the teams so degraded because there's no way structurally that we can ensure the players get enough sleep if they're on a trip like that." ESPN.com

September 10, 2014 Updates

What that might do to increase interest in the U.S. remains to be seen, especially since the NBA has already said it won't release players for games during its season. "Well, in the case of basketball, there's no question that the Olympics has been historically a bigger event," NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said before the tournament. "Basketball has been an Olympic sport since the 1930s, so the World Cup, just renamed from the world championship of basketball, is still developing into a world-class event." USA Today Sports

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September 7, 2014 Updates

In the aftermath of the Donald Sterling scandal, the dirty little secret within the NBA had played itself out in a most pronounced and predictable way: For all the public declarations of support on commissioner Adam Silver's banishment of the then Los Angeles Clippers loathsome owner, there were untold peers privately peppering Silver with misgivings on this perilous new NBA world. "Adam had far less support on Sterling than anyone knows," a league source who speaks frequently with Silver told Yahoo Sports. Yahoo! Sports

September 5, 2014 Updates

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Silver was asked whether one owner stands out as the "modern owner of an NBA team." "You know, I think in a lot of people’s eyes, Mark Cuban has become the modern owner," Silver said. "And I give him a lot of credit, because when he came into the business, he made it really cool to be upfront and visible." Dallas Morning News

Legalized sports gambling in the U.S. is likely to spread and the National Basketball Association expects to profit from it, league Commissioner Adam Silver said. The NBA joined other U.S. professional sports leagues in opposing a plan to legalize sports gambling in New Jersey, and a federal judge agreed in March, throwing out a law that would have permitted wagering at racetracks and Atlantic City casinos. Bloomberg

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