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May 29, 2013 Updates

According to the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the coaching search, Griffin partook in an extensive phone interview with Pistons' President of Basketball Operations Joe Dumars over the weekend. CSNNW.com

Griffin, 38, also had a phone interview with Phoenix Suns general manager Ryan McDonough early last week regarding their head coach vacancy, CSNNW.com has learned. It has since been filled by Utah Jazz assistant Jeff Hornacek. CSNNW.com

August 9, 2012 Updates

CSNNW.com has learned that the Orlando Magic and new head coach Jacque Vaughn asked for permission to interview Griffin for their lead assistant position to which the Bulls denied the request. Apparently, the Bulls are only allowing him to interview for head coaching positions. Most of the time, a lead assistant role is the final step in becoming a legitimate head coaching candidate. Again, that's not always the path. However, a lead job for Griffin would most definitely be a step in the right direction. CSNNW.com

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July 9, 2011 Updates

Griffin, who turned 37 on Monday, put a stop to his 12-year NBA run — nine as a player and three as an assistant coach — to devote more time to his family and faith. After years chasing his goals — which included two playing stints with the Bulls, starting in the 2006 NBA Finals for the Mavericks and serving on Skiles' staff in Milwaukee and Thibodeau's here — Griffin might follow in his father's and brother's footsteps and become a minister. He certainly will be at home with his wife, Audrey, who holds a master's degree in education and is an aspiring R&B singer, and their four children. Chicago Tribune

"Coaching is a great aspiration," Griffin said in a phone interview. "But it came down to what is the best thing for me to do as the head of my house and as a husband and a father. I wasn't there. The NBA is a great industry to be a part of, but it's demanding. It's hard to be a full-time husband and father and full-time coach. Something has to give. "My family has made so many sacrifices over the years when I was in the minor leagues and overseas. My kids are getting older. I feel like coaching might be in the cards one day when the kids are out of the house. But for the time being, I want to give myself to them like my father gave himself to me. My father was there every night. I know the impact he had on my life. And I felt like I wasn't giving that to my kids. And that bothered me a lot." Chicago Tribune

"I've moved them every year," Griffin said. "My oldest daughter has never gone to the same school twice in a row. It's tough on your family. And my wife and I know the pressures and burden she has had to carry all these years of raising these four kids and uprooting every year. It took a toll on her and our marriage. At the end of the day, it didn't seem worth it. I wanted her to get the opportunity to pursue her goals and dreams. "I had to ask myself: If I do become a head coach, is it worth losing my family or not being there for them? Knowing the impact my father had on my life, it was an easy decision." Chicago Tribune

July 8, 2011 Updates
April 21, 2011 Updates

That said, the Bulls know that their No. 1 seed and Indiana’s No. 8 seed don’t mean much when the games begin. With or without Collison, the Pacers, who pushed the Bulls to the brink before coming up short in the first two games, are a dangerous young team. ‘‘I don’t think people realize how good a team Indiana is,’’ Griffin said. ‘‘We don’t want to sell them short and say we’re playing bad. I just think they’re playing great. Give them credit. They pushed us to the limit twice on our home court. We’ll try to return the favor and play well on their home court.’’ Chicago Sun-Times

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September 9, 2010 Updates

KC Johnson: Bulls will name Adrian Griffin an assistant coach soon. Class act. And one of the youngest bench coaches in the league at 36. Twitter

September 7, 2010 Updates

Now, two years later, Griffin has beaten the odds again. Monday, he was on the verge of being hired as a bench coach for new Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau. At 36, Griffin will become one of the youngest bench coaches in the NBA. "I am very fortunate,'' Griffin said. "I was just a player two years ago and now I'm a coach. It's very competitive to make an NBA team as a player, but it's even more competitive to become an NBA coach. There are only a few of them (usually five) on each team. "God has been good to me.'' Racine Journal-Times

September 3, 2010 Updates
September 2, 2010 Updates

The Bulls are getting closer to hiring an assistant coach. It looks like the candidates are former Bucks and Suns head coach Terry Porter, along with former Bulls forward Adrian Griffin. Griffin retired as a player a couple years ago and joined Scott Skiles’ coaching staff in Milwaukee. One issue the Bulls may be dealing with is whether or not the Bucks are willing to let Griffin leave. Porter has been out of the league since being fired by Phoenix during the 2008-09 season and appears ready to get back into coaching. Milwaukee assistant Kelvin Sampson, rumored to be a candidate, was never in the mix with the Bulls, according to multiple sources. Arlington Heights Daily Herald

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