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Most times, James' inner circle moves easily through the corridors and news conferences where rival agents are rarely, if ever, credentialed in the NBA Finals. In the regular season and playoffs, you'll see star agents with the run of arenas, but never with league-issued passes. There are benefits to working with the King, and perhaps that's why Paul seemed so perplexed when a dutiful arena guard wouldn't let him into his client's news conference late Sunday. Yahoo! Sports

"I'm LeBron James' agent," Rich Paul told the security woman. She looked at his credential. She looked at him. She shrugged. "I'm LeBron James' agent," Paul said again. "What don't you understand about that? She told him simply that his credential didn't allow access into the news conference. She didn't seem confused, nor doubting of his fancy job. This was a news conference, and he didn't seem to be a reporter, nor a team official. Yahoo! Sports

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First off, I didn’t mention this last time, but I have a brother and a sister. My oldest brother, Drew, is professional basketball player. And my older sister, Elise, just finished up at Harvard. We must have good genes, right?! Actually, I was just out in Boston last week at my sister’s graduation from Harvard. She got accepted to Harvard more than four years ago, and she just hit the ground running. Commencement was emotional for her, and I’m just extremely proud. It reflects well on our whole family. To be honest, she’s going to by my manager and go wherever I go. To have your sister, with a Harvard degree, managing you is just an unfair advantage. It’s unfair. But if I can get an advantage like that, I’ll take that! SLAM

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Landmark also has signed point guard Shabazz Napier, most outstanding player in this year’s NCAA tournament playing for the champion University of Connecticut Huskies. barrons.com

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Long story short ... a guy named Igor Crespo says Biyombo owes him more than $2 MILLION in unpaid commission for his help in "developing" him into an NBA talent. In the suit, Crespo says he met Biyombo in Yemen back in 2009 ... and he signed a contract promising him 10% of all pro basketball earnings for the rest of his life in exchange for Crespo's help. The contract was allegedly signed in Spain, where Crespo says he helped Bismack get a job with a pro team in Madrid. TMZ.com

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Sam Amick: Programming note for free agency in July: Pistons guard Rodney Stuckey is now with agent Paolo Zamorano. Left CAA/Leon Rose a while back. Twitter @sam_amick

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