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April 17, 2011 Updates

"What I can say," Boyle said, "is the NBA guys love Alec's athleticism. They love the fact that he can get to the basket virtually anytime he wants to. The thing about Alec is, he has a great combination of proven production at the top level of college basketball, averaging 20 points per game in the Big 12, one of the top leagues in America. "But he's got big-time potential as well. His ceiling is very high. He's going to be a much better player two or three years from now than he is today. He's a better player now than he was 12 months ago. So he's got production and potential. Some guys are production at this level but no potential. Some guys are all potential and no production. Alec has the combination of both. That makes him pretty special." Denver Post

NBA players, including new draftees, are not paid during a lockout. Burks said he is aware that, if he turns pro and hires an agent, his agent could borrow a large sum of money for him through a line of credit with a financial institution, based on Burks' future income potential. "The (potential of a) lockout doesn't affect me at all," Burks said. "It might affect somebody else's decision, but it's not going to affect mine. I feel like the dream is to play in the NBA. I love this game so much. I have the time to succeed. Money will come regardless." Denver Post

April 14, 2011 Updates
April 11, 2011 Updates

If you're looking for greatness at shooting guard in this year's Draft, you'll probably be disappointed. "I don't envy you," a Southwest Division executive said Sunday night, knowing that today was the day that we here at NBA.com put our shooting guard Big Board out. The pickings are ... well, slim is the wrong word. There are plenty of twos with the potential to become contributors in the league. But there are few that are special, who project as first-rounders or potential stars. Colorado's sophomore Alec Burks is the consensus top pick among the twos, and Washington State junior Klay Thompson is most team's second choice, despite his one-game suspension last month following his arrest on misdemeanor marijuana possession charges. After that, there is potential, guessing and uncertainty. NBA.com

The irony about Burks is that the 19-year-old is not a great shooter. But his upside is the best by far among those expected to play the two spot, even though he won't likely score in the traditional NBA manner by coming off of screens and pindowns. His style has at least one player personnel director thinking of veteran Larry Hughes -- "he's so much like Larry, it isn't funny," said the personnel man. Hughes was taken eighth overall in the 1998 Draft after one season at St. Louis, and that could well be the range in which Burks goes after leading the Buffaloes to the NIT semifinals. "I've become a convert," said a Northwest Division scout of Burks. "I saw them play Texas at home. He was (terrible) in the first half. Second half, they couldn't guard him. Then I saw him twice in the Big 12 (tournament) and he was really good. He can't shoot, but he can score. He's something like a 28 percent (actually, 29.2) three-point shooter. But he gets to the line a lot. He can really rebound. I saw him get 16 rebounds. And they're not like those rebounds that fall to the floor. He goes and gets them." NBA.com

But Burks does need to work on some things, and not just his shooting. He has to stop ignoring the defensive end of the floor. "There's no pride in doing it yet," says a Northwest Division executive. "He has no interest," the first Northwest scout said of Burks. "He won't go under, through, or behind (screens). He's got some issues. But we draft on talent, and he's very talented. He'll have the ball and he'll break you down. In space, he's (tough) ... great upside if he's willing to work. Something tells me (the work ethic) is not off the charts because he hasn't worked on his body at all. But the holes in his game are fixable." NBA.com

April 7, 2011 Updates

Alec Burks has already enrolled for summer school classes and even has his fall schedule set up at Colorado. The Buffs` sophomore star is also heading back home to Grandview, Mo., today to discuss with his mother the possibility of leaving school early for a lucrative job in the NBA. During an interview with the Camera on Wednesday at the Coors Events Center, Burks said deciding whether to return to CU for his junior season or perhaps provide his family with financial security is an excruciating one to make. "It`s going to be a hard one, there`s so many pros and cons with either decision," Burks said. "People think it`s easy, but it`s harder than what it looks like." Boulder DailyCamera.com

April 6, 2011 Updates

April 20 is the target date for Colorado sophomore Alec Burks to decide whether to enter the 2011 NBA Draft, the 6-foot-6 sophomore said today. Burks said the possibility of a lockout by NBA owners next season will have no bearing on his decision. "Whatever I decide to do is not going to have anything to do with the lockout," he said. Denver Post

April 1, 2011 Updates
March 31, 2011 Updates

Last year, coach Tad Boyle's first priority when he accepted the Buffs' top job was re-recruiting Burks. At the time, Burks made noise about leaving Boulder, but after talking with the new coach, he soon decided to stay at CU. This time around, Boyle said there will be no re-recruiting. "His situation is totally different. It's not about recruiting him, it's about supporting him in whatever is best for him and his family," Boyle said recently. "This is a life decision for him. He's worked awfully hard to get where's he's at. Denver Post

"His situation is totally different. It's not about recruiting him, it's about supporting him in whatever is best for him and his family," Boyle said recently. "This is a life decision for him. He's worked awfully hard to get where's he's at. "I need to make sure I have Alec's best interests at heart. That's basically what I told him and his mom last spring when I got the job. I said, 'Give me a chance, I want to prove myself.' If I don't have my best players' interests at heart, you're not long for this business." Denver Post

March 10, 2011 Updates

Following Colorado’s 77-75 victory Wednesday over Iowa State at the Big 12 Tournament, Cyclones coach Fred Hoiberg was asked about CU sophomore guard Alec Burks, who had just scored 29 points and grabbed 15 rebounds. “I thought Alec Burks was a (NBA) lottery pick before today,” Hoiberg said. Denver Post

March 9, 2011 Updates

Colorado is heading west to the Pacific-10 next season, but Burks — a first-team All-Big 12 selection — will soon have his own relocation decision to consider. As a projected first-round pick in this year’s NBA draft, Burks could be playing his final games for Colorado, too. “I hear it everywhere I go,” Burks said of his looming decision. “I can’t go a day without hearing what I’m gonna do; so it’s everyday talk. But I just gotta put it away and play hard for my teammates.” Kansas City Star

November 26, 2010 Updates

Six NBA scouts and former Golden State Warriors general manager Chris Mullin were on hand to watch Colorado sophomore guard Alec Burks last Saturday night against San Francisco. The 2010 Big 12 Freshman of the Year didn’t disappoint with 29 points, five rebounds and two steals. He averaged 23 points on nearly 50 percent shooting through four games. While scouts want to see him play with more intensity and think his 3-point shooting needs improvement, they also have been impressed by his overall scoring ability. Burks said he won’t enter the 2011 draft if a lockout is expected. “I like Colorado,” Burks said. “There is no reason for me to not stay another year. “I’m in no rush. The only rush I will be in is to help my mom out. If it not’s there, it’s not there. I will go back to school and get my education.” Yahoo! Sports

November 21, 2010 Updates

Alec Burks is in no hurry to leave Colorado. After the Buffs` painful 83-81 overtime loss to San Francisco on Saturday night, the super sophomore said he is content to continue his college basketball career in Boulder if there is a lockout looming in the NBA. But just in case they are hiring, Burks put on an offensive show at War Memorial Gym with a career-high 29 points as six NBA scouts and a national NBA writer looked on. Cory Higgins had a nice audition as well with 28 points and some clutch plays in crunch time. "I`m getting used to it more," Burks said of Tad Boyle`s system. "We all are. It`s a learning process and we`re getting there." Brush News-Tribune

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