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April 6, 2012 Updates
April 5, 2012 Updates

“Whatever happens at the end of the season is not under my control. I am a player for the Magic,” he said. “I am not the GM. I am not [team owner] Rich DeVos. I am not [CEO] Alex Martins. So that’s not my job. So you guys should stop with every other week it’s trying to find something, because there’s nothing. There’s nothing. I haven’t said anything to anybody about anything. Our main concern is winning. So all the other stuff should stop.” Whatever, Van Gundy, by coming forward Thursday, made it impossible to believe there is “nothing.” He made it clear that if he were to be fired at some point that Howard had something to do with it. Orlando Sentinel

April 4, 2012 Updates

Both Van Gundy and Smith are under contract through 2012-13. Martins insists that he did not make any specific promises to Howard to convince Howard to waive his early-termination option. "Nothing specific has been pledged," Martins said. "The conversations all centered around wanting the same thing, and that's to win a championship, and the only pledge made is that we will do what it takes to win a championship. "Rumors happen in our league every single day, and coaches and players work through those rumors. I think, as I've said several times, that our coaches and our players have done an incredibly commendable job working through every rumor that we've had this season, every speculation that we've had this season, every concern about whether a specific player would be traded or not traded. For us to have the fifth-best record in the NBA [at the trade deadline] with all that swirling around, to me, is a great testament to our coaches and our players." Orlando Sentinel

March 15, 2012 Updates

Magic executives, including CEO Alex Martins, GM Otis Smith and owner Rich DeVos, were expecting Howard to lead off the conversation Wednesday night -- hours after Howard had informed a high-ranking team official that he wanted to sign the ETO waiver, commit to Orlando and not be traded. But when the Magic officials got on the call, the first voice they heard was Fegan's, according to a person who was briefed on the call. Fegan spoke for about 10 minutes, the person said, informing team officials that Howard was not willing to relinquish his ability to become a free agent after the season. When it was Howard's turn, all he could muster was a plea for DeVos and the Magic brass to "trust" that things would work out. "Then you're watching the game," a person familiar with the chronology of events said, "and you're thinking, 'Oh my God, this is his last game.' " CBSSports.com

March 14, 2012 Updates
March 13, 2012 Updates

With the combination of Howard’s disdain for confrontation, desire to be liked and a pragmatic belief that a trade is no longer in his best long-term interests, Howard has created an illusion with the Magic that there are factors that could cause him to sign an extension with the team. “Dwight’s gone, and [Magic CEO] Alex Martins is the only person who doesn’t believe that,” a league source with knowledge of Howard’s intentions told Yahoo! Sports. Yahoo! Sports

March 12, 2012 Updates

“But we’ll have to wait and see what happens,’’ Van Gundy said. “But if Dwight stays, then we’ll have the same storylines.” As for the team’s ongoing discussions surrounding Howard, Magic CEO Alex Martins told the Orlando Sentinel yesterday the team has yet to decide. “We’re not at the point where we’re ready to answer that question yet,” Martins said. “Sometime in the next four days we will be, but we’re not at the point where we’re ready to answer that question yet.” New York Post

March 11, 2012 Updates

Orlando Magic Chief Executive Officer Alex Martins indicated Sunday that the team has not decided whether it will trade Dwight Howard before the NBA trade deadline on Thursday afternoon. The Magic face one of the most momentous personnel decisions in franchise history: Do they trade the best center in the sport before the deadline to ensure they receive assets in return or do they hold onto Howard and accept the risk that he could sign a free-agent contract with another team in July and leave the Magic with no assets in return? Orlando Sentinel

"We're not at the point where we're ready to answer that question yet," Martins told the Orlando Sentinel before the Magic hosted the Indiana Pacers on Sunday. "Sometime in the next four days we will be, but we're not at the point where we're ready to answer that question yet." In the meantime, Martins continues to speak with Howard in an effort to convince Howard to remain with the team. On Friday, Martins met with Howard and at least one of Howard's key advisers. Martins would not disclose specific details, but Martins did say that he outlined the team's marketing plan for the next year "as it relates to the team and how our plan is for Dwight an integral part of that." Orlando Sentinel

All signs are that Magic Chief Executive Officer Alex Martins continues to speak with Howard almost daily to convince Howard to stay. And it also appears that Smith has attempted to upgrade the roster since the All-Star break in an effort to sway Howard. Martins has said he is "hopeful" that Howard will remain long-term, which jibes with the team's overall message that it will do whatever it can to retain the superstar center for years to come. Orlando Sentinel

March 5, 2012 Updates

There’s a part of me that still believes Dwight Howard is long-gone. He’s been looking for reasons, albeit not many good ones at times, to bolt the tiny little suburb of Bore-Lando. Not I’m not so sure. One reason: Alex Martins. The man who once handled media relations for the Orlando Magic way back when has risen to power in the organization, and deservedly so. Martins is the last man standing who might be able to convince Howard to stay. Orlando Sentinel

Martins, promoted to CEO after Vander Weide left, is the now last man standing between Howard and the bus depot. Martins has been talking to Howard daily, trying to use whatever leverage he can to make the big guy stay. The problem is that Howard has most of the leverage, and it seems fairly obvious that for the last few months, he seems to want out more than he wants in. But at least now, I feel the Magic are back in the game. Howard remains non-committal, but there is a sense the door remains open for him to stay now. Orlando Sentinel

Orlando Magic Chief Executive Officer Alex Martins said the franchise will bid to host the 2016 NBA All-Star Game at Amway Center if, as expected, city and county government officials support bringing the exhibition back to Central Florida for the second time in four years. NBA Commissioner David Stern said during the recently completed All-Star weekend that Orlando is "a perfect city to host an All-Star Game with all things good, from the hotels to the golf courses to the spectacular Amway Center." Stern added: "We look forward to coming back, but I can't say when." Orlando Sentinel

The league solicits bids for All-Star Games in two-year increments. The 2013 game already has been awarded to Houston, and the host city for the 2014 game will announced 12 to 18 months before the 2014 game is played. In the next few months, the league will ask franchises to make bids to host the All-Star Game in either 2015 or 2016. Heather Fagan, a spokeswoman for Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, said Dyer would support bringing the All-Star Game back to Orlando in 2016. Orlando Sentinel

March 4, 2012 Updates
January 6, 2012 Updates

With the future of the franchise teetering on Howard's decision, multiple people plugged into league front-office dealings say it's no sure thing that Smith, the GM, will be the one making the final decision on whether to trade Howard and where. With the resignation of Bob Vander Weide and promotion of Alex Martins to CEO, rival executives believe Martins is the one calling the shots. And among those shots could be adding to the Orlando front office, which is thin by NBA standards behind Smith. The most experienced and capable candidate on the market is former Hornets GM Jeff Bower, who has solid relationships with the Magic front office staff. Bower also worked with Martins in New Orleans. CBSSports.com

Tony Ronzone, the former assistant GM in Detroit and Minnesota, also is a free agent and sources say he'd be amenable to joining a revamped Magic front office with Bower in the lead role. Thus far, Martins has not reached out to any potential candidates as he settles into his new role, but sources believe the direction of the team -- and Howard's fickle approach when it comes to staying or leaving -- could prime the pump for sweeping changes. CBSSports.com

December 12, 2011 Updates

Alex Kennedy: Dwight Howard was encouraged after meeting with Magic CEO Alex Martins. Martins wants to change culture in ORL and give Howard more input. Twitter

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