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December 25, 2012 Updates

“For sure, he’s made everything easier,” Shved said of having Kirilenko has his teammate. “We’ve played together for a long time – last summer with CSKA Moscow and then all summer on the Russian team. We understand each other. I know what he likes to do, when he likes to cut and where he likes his passes. He knows the same with me. We play well together, but we need to play better with the whole team. We need to do what’s best for the team.” HoopsWorld

December 14, 2012 Updates

Obrad Fimic, Alexey Shved's agent, via email, retracing how his client came to be on the Timberwolves: "The first person to show interest in Shved was David Kahn. Shved really peaked when Kahn watched him play at the Euro Championships in Lithuania. David felt his style of play would work well with Rubio's. There was just interest then. Later into the season we knew during the Final 4 in Istanbul that Shved was closer to going to the NBA. Honestly, the whole deal was done thanks to David, who convinced us that Shved is a perfect fit for coach Rick Adelman's system. Alexey and I liked what we heard and here we are." A team source said to not leave out Timberwolves European scout Pete Philo in this equation. 1500ESPN.com

December 7, 2012 Updates

Ricky Rubio, Andrei Kirilenko, Alexey Shved, Nikola Pekovic, JJ Barea. Minnesota has five international players on the roster, tied with Cleveland for second-most in the NBA. San Antonio has eight international players, a league record. "I think it's pretty evident to me that there's a lot of not just good players, but some of the very best players in our game who have come from overseas," Kahn said. "To me, it's just a natural extension of scouting. Just as you can't afford to be negligent about the domestic side, you can't afford to not be on top of matters internationally." NBA.com

December 6, 2012 Updates
December 4, 2012 Updates

Shved, averaging 10.4 points and 3.7 assists, might be asked to think more about his own shot selection in the coming weeks. The Wolves learned last season that teammates get good looks at the basket when Rubio is on the floor, and Adelman wants Shved to benefit from that sharp court vision. "Right now, he's concentrating more on trying to find people instead of looking for his shot," Adelman said of Shved. "As time moves on, he'll get into more of a comfortable zone on when to take shots and when to pass. He's a much better shooter than he's shown at this point." St. Paul Pioneer Press

Shved's future there is being overlooked by some Wolves followers who have clamored in recent years for the team to obtain a bona fide shooting guard. That guy is Shved, whom the team signed to a three-year, $10 million contract last summer. "I think he will be," Adelman said when asked if Shved is the long-term answer at the shooting-guard spot. "I think he's a much better shooter than he has shown to this point. If he plays with Ricky, he'll get open shots and he'll knock those down. We've seen it time after time in practice: He makes shots. I think he'll become more of a solid shooter. "What's good about him is you've seen his playmaking ability, too. He gives you both things." Minneapolis Star-Tribune

November 8, 2012 Updates

Teammate Ricky Rubio snapped a picture of Shved sleeping during the plane ride home. He tweeted it with the caption: "Gotcha!!! The young Toni Kukoc is tired!" Fact is, the shorn Shved does look a lot like a young Kukoc, the former NBA player from Croatia. But Shved got a bit flustered when asked about it. "Come on, guys," he said. "I don't know about that. Ask Ricky Rubio." Minneapolis Star-Tribune

November 6, 2012 Updates

So what was the key? No one seemed to know. Chief among the reasons, according to this giddy, proud bunch, was Shved's haircut ("You think because of that we win?" Pekovic asked. "Me and AK, we make him to cut his hair. Now he look like a man.") Fox Sports North

November 5, 2012 Updates
October 9, 2012 Updates

The Wolves have been working with Shved on being more vocal on the floor, a major requirement for NBA point guards. Even if Shved's point-guard duties are temporary, particularly when Ricky Rubio completes his rehabilitation from knee surgery, the Wolves want Shved to "speak up." "He hasn't shown it yet," Love said Monday when asked if Shved can yell out a play when he has the ball. "I could understand Ricky more when he first came here. Alexey is shy, but he's like Ricky. He loves the game and knows how to play. If we can get him to talk more, he's going to make big strides." St. Paul Pioneer Press

October 1, 2012 Updates
September 30, 2012 Updates

For Shved, it's a dream come true to join the NBA. The Russian dramatically improved his game over the last few years, and was a key reason his country's team won a bronze medal in London this summer. He hasn't had much rest as he prepares for the move, but the former CSKA guard said he was raring to go. “I have already been in training for the last two weeks and I just want to get there [in Minnessota] and start playing,” he said. “They say the first season in the NBA is always the hardest, but I hope one particular friend will help me out when I get there, and I hope everything will be ok.” RT

He'll have a big helping hand when he moves to Minnesota, since he will be joined by NBA veteran Andrey Kirilenko. Shved is thrilled to have such a good friend as a teammate. “He's been playing in the NBA for 10 seasons and he's vastly experienced.He's always the kind of guy you can go to for some advice. He's a great person to have around, and is a good friend of mine, both on and off the court,” Shved said. “I am sure he will help me out when I get there, and I'll try and take his advice on board.” RT

September 15, 2012 Updates

Shved will arrive with his brother, who is fluent in English and who along with Kirilenko will help Shved adapt to a foreign and a different brand of basketball. He was scheduled to come to Minnesota for his introduction and a look-around in August right after the Olympics. But then Putin called. “It’s kind of mandatory, you have to attend,” he said, laughing. “You know Putin, you don’t go against Putin in Russia.” Minneapolis Star-Tribune

September 12, 2012 Updates

Andrei Kirilenko states that Rick Adelman’s game is very similiar to European basketball, he admired the play of Sacramento Kings back in the days under Adelman with Vlade Divac, Peja Stojakovic and he believes that kind of playing style is ideal for him. 31 years old forward is also excited about his former team mates in Minnesota, he says Kevin Love has become a superstar and Ricky Rubio showed a lot of promise before getting injured last season. When asked about if he feels responsible about Alexey Shved as the Russian player will be a rookie this season with Timberwolves, Andrei Kirilenko said: “I think he has a good chance and potential to be an essential part of this team but I can not go out there and play for him even if I wanted to. In my opinion you need three things to be succesful in the NBA: 1.Confidence of your coach, 2.Performance and 3. Good Luck. You need to join the right team, with the right role, with the right coach and at the right time. For my part I will do my best to help him adapt as quickly as possible and focus on basketball.” TrendBasket

September 11, 2012 Updates

Joan Niesen: Timberwolves assistant coach Jack Sikma on Alexey Shved: Sikma has helped out at Eurocamp for nearly a decade. Checks in with international scout Pete Philo about memorable/impressive players when he sees him: “Every once in a while when I see him, I ask him about some specific players. There were two this year that I was wondering about, one of which was Alexey, and he’s going to be on our team now. It’s a small world.” Twitter

September 2, 2012 Updates

Messina, who spent last season on Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike Brown’s staff, coach Shved when he first broke into the CSKA team, and has now returned to the 19-time Russian champion team. “Alexey has for sure the talent to play there. He’s probably at a good age to go there. I think they will ask him to use his creativity on the floor,” Messina said. “I think they will ask him to use his creativity on the floor. At the same time, I think they will ask him to become stronger physically because contact is a very big factor in the NBA.” RIA Novosti

August 4, 2012 Updates

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