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April 21, 2015 Updates
April 17, 2015 Updates

The Nuggets need a bona fide star. Can Gallo be an all-star in this league? "It's my goal. It has been in my mind since I came in the league. ... There is something in my mind that tells me I have a chance to go to the All-Star Weekend," said Gallinari, looking forward to next season after needing almost two years to regain his form after a knee injury in 2013 led to the downfall of the Nuggets in the playoffs and the nasty divorce between Karl and Kroenke. Denver Post

April 8, 2015 Updates

Rick Welts: The thing that I get credited with, maybe that I’ll always live with, is the creation of the NBA All-Star Weekend. It wasn’t really as visionary a thing on my resume as people might want to credit me for. I was in the unenviable position of trying to sell the NBA to major corporate sponsors at a time when the NBA was not viewed as a good investment for companies like that. I knew that if we could create some additional events, I’d have a chance at least to try to create some corporate interest in sponsoring those events. That, really as much as anything, was my motivation in trying to create a second day of events around All-Star: that we could bring the fans with the support of some corporate partners, and that really was an important part of launching [NBA Commissioner] David Stern’s success. Rainbow Times

March 16, 2015 Updates
February 26, 2015 Updates

Q: You've talked about how that should even be the case at All-Star Games, where you'd still go after guys. Kobe: Go back and watch the 1988 All-Star game, the '89 All Star game. Those guys competed. They were trying to win, man. And I always tried to do the same thing. ... You understand, when I'm matching up with Vince (Carter) in the All-Star Game, or matching up with Dwyane (Wade) in the All-Star Game, they know I'm coming. Hopefully All-Star Games will get back to that. USA Today Sports

February 25, 2015 Updates

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said Wednesday night that it’s “probably unlikely” for Orlando to host the 2017 NBA All-Star Game because the city hosted the exhibition just several years ago, in 2012. Asked about Orlando’s chances of hosting in 2017, Silver answered that Orlando’s chances are slim “only because the game was here in 2012 and there are some other teams that haven’t had an All-Star Game in a long time who, if their bids are complete, would take priority only because we like to share the wealth, so to speak. Orlando Sentinel

February 20, 2015 Updates
February 19, 2015 Updates

ESPN NBA analyst Jeff Van Gundy sure doesn't think Anthony has his priorities straight. And he feels the same about Knicks management, which apparently was OK with its franchise player suiting up for an exhibition game but not being healthy enough to help the NBA's worst team. Newark Star-Ledger

"I totally disagreed with this whole idea that the All-Star Game is so important that we should sit out regular-season games to get ready for the All-Star Game, and now with Anthony's decision to not only play in the All-Star Game but to end his season," Gundy said Thursday on ESPN Radio's Mike & Mike show. "I think it's backwards thinking from these organizations or players. It's got to be about the team, the team, the team. "The All-Star Game doesn't need any specific player. But these teams do need these maximum salary guys." Newark Star-Ledger

February 18, 2015 Updates

The NBA made some noise during its All-Star festivities this past weekend when it became the first major sport to embrace virtual reality. But across the street from the main event happening at Madison Square Garden, there was an ancillary event that offered fans a whole different type of immersion: a playable life-size half court made of LED screens created by Nike's Jordan brand for its 30th anniversary. It was an NBA holodeck, and I had to try it. The Verge

“The 30th anniversary is a look forward, to inspire the next generation,” says Dixon. “This installation was a way for us to educate people about the man behind the brand, to show the situations that made him who he was.” And depending on your age, your definition of Jordan’s legacy may vary. “We were playing in a game in Charlotte, and my (five-year-old) son was sitting court-side,” Chris Paul told the crowd during his visit. “He saw MJ and said ‘Daddy, that’s the guy from Space Jam.’ He relates more to Space Jam and the shoes.” Wired.com

February 17, 2015 Updates

Welcome to Rest Week, yet another innovation by Adam Silver that only enhances his reputation as The Players' Commissioner. Silver made it clear, not long after taking the job roughly a year ago, that keeping the players fresh and reducing the chance for injury was a priority. And just like that, the basketball is currently deflated for a few extra days here post-All-Star weekend, allowing players to catch their breath after 3 1/2 months of work and especially a weekend of partying in New York. "Love it," said Hawks forward Paul Millsap. "Just what we need," said Blazers forward LaMarcus Aldridge. NBA.com

When asked to explain what he was thinking afterward, he said he wanted to do all he could to pay the fans back for voting him in as a starter. “I understand that my fans and our fans for this great game voted me in for a reason,” James said. “They wanted to see me play. They wanted to see me do what I’ve been doing this year, and that’s why they voted me in. It’s my obligation and my responsibility to go out there, if I’m feeling 80 percent or 85 percent or 90, to go out there and give my fans something. Give my fans what they wanted to see. And hopefully I did that.” NBCSports.com

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