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January 25, 2014 Updates

And somewhere along the way, the franchise seemed to lose faith in its star. “When coach O’Neill came and [later] coach Mitchell came, to me, they were making a point that this ship is going to move without you. We don’t need you,” says Alvin Williams of the attitude toward Carter, his one-time teammate. “Both of those coaches came into the situation with the idea of: ‘Vince who?’ And I think Vince wasn’t used to that, and it was an unfortunate situation because he was still our best player, by far, but he wasn’t treated like our best player. You could tell something was going on.” SportsNet

July 3, 2013 Updates
June 18, 2013 Updates

Williams had spent last season scouting for the team, based out of Philadelphia, but he was far, far more than just an employee picking up a cheque. He loved the organization and the city, he was a link to some of the best times the team has ever had, he is a great guy who’d show up every now and then and sooth some antsy players, offer a unique perspective and be a valued confidant to many. Fired. Not by the general manager who never spoke to him, but by a CEO who seems hellbent on getting his fingers in every decision at some level. Toronto Star

June 17, 2013 Updates

Well, if Tim Leiweke wanted to make significant changes to get away from the Raptors past, he’s picked the right guy to fire. In what I think is a terribly short-sighted move that will rankle as many people as anything he does, Leiweke has told Alvin Williams that his services are no longer required. Yep, the chief executive officer of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment – on the job for less than a month – has jettisoned one of the great guys ever associated with the franchise and a man who wanted nothing more than to spend his entire career with the organization in some way, shape or form. Alvin had spent last season scouting for the team, based out of Philadelphia, but he was far, far more than just an employee picking up a cheque. Toronto Star

June 3, 2013 Updates
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July 14, 2011 Updates

More than a few people asked in the wake of yesterday’s coaching announcement what it all means for Alvin Williams. Nothing. In case you missed it, and it seems a few did, Alvin’s a Henchman now, became one last year when he was elevated to a front office job as director of player development. He’s not going anywhere. Toronto Star

June 29, 2011 Updates

PJ Carlesimo - in spite of the one year he had remaining on his contract - will not be back with the Raptors. Though many believe(d) otherwise, Alvin Williams was technically not on Triano’s staff last season. He did do some pre-game work with the guards, but he was not on the bench during the games. Williams was and is, officially, the Raptors Director of Player Development. He has told me on numerous occasions that his NBA aspirations are in the front office and not as a coach. FAN590

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