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December 27, 2014 Updates
December 23, 2014 Updates

Frank Isola: Apparently Amar'e Stoudemire will play on Christmas: "Feeling good like a Hebrew should," Amar'e said today. Seriously. Twitter @FisolaNYDN

December 21, 2014 Updates

Al Iannazzone: Knicks announce that Carmelo Anthony is available to play today. Amar'e Stoudemire and J.R. Smith are both out. Twitter @Al_Iannazzone

December 18, 2014 Updates

Jonah Ballow: Fisher says Stoudemire will not play tonight vs. Bulls. They want to give Stoudemire rest with back-to-back coming up. Twitter @jonahballow

December 6, 2014 Updates

The New York Knicks wake up Saturday morning with the third-worst record in the NBA. They have played only 21 games but are already 13 games under .500. Still, Amar'e Stoudemire views the Atlantic Division as "wide open" at this point. “With Toronto and [DeMar] DeRozan being hurt now, you never know how that team is going to end up. Brooklyn’s not playing great. The division is still open,” Stoudemire said after the Knicks' loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers Thursday night. "We've just got to turn this thing around." ESPN.com

December 1, 2014 Updates

It wasn’t that way against the Thunder, and Anthony saluted Stoudemire for questioning the team’s desire. Stoudemire wondered if other teams want it more and called their record “unacceptable.’’ “He has his opinion,’’ Anthony said. “Sometimes we go out there and it’s like we don’t want to be out there. We’re not giving effort like we’re supposed to. As leader of the team, he had the right to step up to the plate.’’ After Sunday’s loss, Stoudemire said, “At this point we need to look at ourselves in the mirror and see if we put forth the effort we need to win individually. New York Post

November 29, 2014 Updates

Westbrook made a brilliant return from a broken right hand, which had forced him to miss 13 games, in crushing the Knicks at Chesapeake Energy Arena. The loss left the Knicks 0-3 on their Southwest trip. They return to the Garden on Sunday to face Miami with a 4-13 record. “They played like they wanted it more,’’ Stoudemire said of the Thunder. “At this point, I don’t see how a team wants it more than we do. It’s unacceptable. We should be in desperation mode. We’re a team that’s fighting for a win. Right now we got to have a higher sense of urgency and more enthused and mentally involved.’’ New York Post

Stoudemire was one of the few Knicks to play aggressively. He scored 20 points on 7 of 8 shooting, 6 of 10 from the line, with nine rebounds off the bench. “It’s intensity level at this point,’’ Stoudemire said. “The learning process is there. We can’t keep saying we’re learning. We’re learning. Teams want it more than we do. We can’t say we’re still learning. We can’t say we had an off night shooting. That happens, but you can still win the ballgame with defense. We have to become students of the game and become masters of our craft.’’ New York Post

November 25, 2014 Updates

Amar’e Stoudemire feels the Knicks were struck down by angels Monday night. Stoudemire chose an interesting metaphor to describe the way James Harden rallied the Rockets to victory. In fact, Stoudemire thinks Harden’s 6-of-6 free-throw shooting line in the final period was something out of divine intervention. In a clear slap at the officiating, Stoudemire said: “It was like an angel came down and started calling calls for him. Down the stretch, I don’t see how he was getting those foul calls.’’ New York Post

November 22, 2014 Updates
November 17, 2014 Updates

Stoudemire said he could take a break every 10 games or so but nothing’s set. “Something we’ve talked about for a long time,’’ Stoudemire said of the break. “So many games, five games in seven nights, played every back to back and tough matchup. Depending on the schedule, we’ll see what makes the best sense when medical staff looks at the schedule.’’ New York Post

November 14, 2014 Updates
November 13, 2014 Updates

You recently moved to New York. Are you a Knicks fan now? Taylor Swift: Yeah, totally. You realize they’re not very good. Taylor Swift: I love them, though. Why does that matter? So you run into a bunch of different, interesting types of people at the Met Ball. I’ve gone the last four years. And the most normal people at that event, every single time, are Amar’e Stoudemire and his wife Alexis. I talk with them and hang with them every time I’m there. So I’ve always had this sort of love of the Knicks, just because Amar’e is so cool. And also I performed at the Knicks’—at Madison Square Garden’s—Kids Talent Competition at halftime when I was 12 or 13. And ever since then I’ve had this kind of sparkly, magical opinion of Madison Square Garden and the Knicks, since they let me sing when I was a little kid. TIME

November 12, 2014 Updates

Amare Stoudemire: I mean I've accomplished so much during my career – six-time All-Star to Rookie of the Year to FIBA Americas gold medal games to bronze medal at the Olympics to All-NBA First team... I've accomplished a lot in my career... I think the next phase in my career is to win a championship. So I want to do whatever I can from a basketball standpoint to improve as a player, to get better on both ends of the basketball court, to be an intricate part to a championship-caliber team. HoopsHype

November 11, 2014 Updates
November 8, 2014 Updates

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