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A couple of us were standing in the alcove of the practice facility at the ACC the other day when Amir Johnson wandered by on his way out of practice. Of course, the smart-aleck remarks started right away (“Hey, are you still here?”) and brought back an immediate retort from him. “Hope so. I want to play the rest of my career here,” Amir Johnson said. Toronto Star

December 17, 2013 Updates

GMs are even more interested in trying to pry away Jonas Valanciunas and Amir Johnson, I'm told. Valanciunas is virtually untouchable, and it would take a pretty high draft pick to pry away Johnson, who is playing the best ball of his career right now (averaging 20 points and nine rebounds in his past five games). ESPN.com

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November 29, 2013 Updates

The Wall Street Journal ran a great article this week about the grooming secrets of NBA players, in which Clippers big man DeAndre Jordan acknowledged wearing women's deodorant for games. What kind of grooming products do you use, and would you admit to using women's deodorant? Amir Johnson: I usually let the females take care of that stuff for me. Just any man's soap, Dove, stuff that smells good, stays strong, high endurance, all the stuff athletes pretty much use. One of my female friends might go to Bath & Body Works for me and get some of that exclusive stuff but other than that, nothing special. I can't use women's deodorant, man, I sweat too hard. That's only going to last like two seconds. I need something a little bit stronger. Toro Magazine

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What makes Johnson so irreplaceable for the Raptors, at least according to those numbers? He excels at one aspect of the game that we don't currently track, the one aspect that is particularly important on a team with this kind of offensive personnel: setting screens. Setting effective picks is a lost art among NBA big men, due to a combination of declining fundamentals and the increased importance of spacing and small ball. Johnson is a throwback, a big man that consistently makes contact on his picks, whether they're on-ball screens for Lowry or off-ball curls for DeRozan and Gay. SB Nation

October 3, 2013 Updates

Late last season he held his third annual "Roll with Amir" night out, hosting 100 fans at a Raptors game and then treating them to dinner. He posed for pictures with each and every fan, and posted the fan photos on his various social media channels. What's impressive is that Johnson's random acts of kindness are exactly that — umprompted by the team or his agent. "Everything I do is just off the top of the head, it's just genuine pretty much," Johnson said. "I don't really plan anything or call anybody. I just wake up in the morning, and say, OK, I'm going to do this. That's how I do everything." The Star Phoenix

September 25, 2013 Updates

So when Drake's third full-length studio album, "Nothing Was the Same," hit stores on Tuesday, it stood to reason that Johnson would pick up a copy or two — one for the home hi-fi, one for the car — to support the scene. As it turned out, though, Johnson had something larger in mind: Amir Johnson: Out here at yonge and dundas I'm buying every @drake album and supporting the homie! If you see me I got a copy for u! #nwts. Pretty cool fan interaction/community outreach, Amir. And you didn't even have to put on makeup to appear undead to make this one happen; you just needed to be willing to put a dent in that $6.5 million annual salary. As one of the league's premier (if often underappreciated) workhorses, Johnson certainly puts the time and effort into earning the money, so he might as well enjoy spending it. Yahoo! Sports

September 24, 2013 Updates

On Tuesday, Drake released his third studio album, Nothing Was the Same. Despite the fact that it only contained three references to sports, countless athletes purchased copies. Some more than one. But nobody bought as many copies as Toronto Raptors power forward Amir Johnson. Johnson posted on his Instagram account that he bought out the entire stock of Nothing Was the Same at a Future Shop and an HMV in Toronto. For The Win

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Ross could not crack the Raptors’ small lineup down the stretch, with DeMar DeRozan, Landry Fields and Alan Anderson each playing ahead of him. Valanciunas played a few fourth-quarter minutes with Amir Johnson in foul trouble, but came out in the final stretch. Kyle Lowry’s four final-minute points won the game for the Raptors. “I had to get Jonas out at the end, bless his heart,” Casey said. He said, ‘Coach, [Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson] is coming really fast.’ I said, ‘Guess what: All of them are coming fast.’ … Everything is so fast for rookies. I don’t care who you are, what level of rookie you are: It is a learning experience. National Post

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December 21, 2012 Updates

On Thursday, Johnson uploaded a photo of his new haircut to his official Twitter account. Shaved into the back of his head, as you can see above, is the Raptors’ dinosaur claw logo. After posting the photo, Johnson took the pleasant extra step of shouting out his Toronto- based barber. Johnson was already sporting a Mohawk, so this just takes it up another notch. SI.com

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December 11, 2012 Updates

If you had asked me which of the Raptors would throw a mouthpiece at a referee I would have had to go far down the list before I got to Amir Johnson. That was so totally out of character it’s not even funny. But out of character or not, you cannot throw things at officials, and you can’t hit them with what you’ve thrown and you can’t get to the point where you’re physically restrained from going after him. Toronto Star

I am not at all laying the blame for this totally at the feet of the new starting point guard but I’m wondering where all this “leadership” and “grittiness” stuff we heard so much about has gone. There is more than enough blame to be spread around but I thought – and was told – that Lowry had one of those “screw this, I’m getting us out of this funk” attitudes in him. Toronto Star

Amir Johnson was ejected from a Monday loss to the Blazers for tussling with referee David Jones over who could hold the basketball in between free throws, and after throwing his mouthpiece at the official on his way off of the court the Raptors forward told reporters that the exchange wasn’t becoming of two grown men. “I think [it was childish] between both of us,” Johnson said. “We were both wrestling with the ball. That was kind of childish. We both either could of let it go or anything. That part was childish. Plus, on my part for reacting that way.” SI.com

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