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“The reason I never asked for a trade or anything is because I always knew we were going to turn things around,” Varejao told SLAM. “When you have an organization that wants to win, like we have in Cleveland, they did everything. They tried everything they could to get players here. And it just didn’t work out. We didn’t make the Playoffs, but I saw that we were trying to get better every year. It wasn’t one of those things that like, ‘Oh OK, LeBron left, Z left, that whole team that we had that went to the Finals, they left,’ and then nobody cares anymore. It just wasn’t like that. SLAM

“We were trying to get better. We were trying to do things the right way. Nothing really changed from when we had LeBron there during those last four years. I’m talking about treatment from the owners, to the organization, to the players. We had everything the same way. On the road, in Cleveland, the practice facility, the food, everything that we had, it was all great. The goal of winning never changed. That’s why I never asked for a trade.” SLAM

Jasikevicius, a Euroleague legend who played with Varejao in Barcelona, told Zydrunas Ilgauskas that Anderson was a young player worth lending a helpful hand and watchful eye. From the day he first arrived in Cleveland, that’s exactly what Ilgauskas offered. “It was Z who really helped me a lot with everything when I first joined the Cavaliers,” Varejao said. “He really tried to take care of me. So I just try to do the same with the younger guys now when they come from overseas, the same things that Z did for me when I got here.” SLAM

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There is of course is the annual Anderson Varejao watch. The Cavs have been reluctant to include him in trade talks, but sources around the situation say the massive dysfunction in Cleveland has them listening to a lot of things they normally wouldn’t. Basketball Insiders

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For the record, the Cavs are not working hard to make any sort of trade, especially any involving big man Anderson Varejao or guard Dion Waiters. While general manager Chris Grant is a willing listener (and admittedly likes to make deals), the Cavs are pleased with the way things have looked lately. And who could blame them? They've won five of seven since their 4-12 start. And in one of the two losses (Saturday at Miami), they were in it at the end. FOXSports Ohio

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Conjecture about Anderson Varejao made sense because Morey has long admired his game. Morey tends to consider rebounding - especially offensive rebounding - as undervalued in trade talks and team building. But according to an individual familiar with discussions so far, he has not been in talks with the Cavaliers. Despite conjecture that Morey will consider deals that would send Asik to only an Eastern Conference team, a person with knowledge of talks said he has been open to deals with Western Conference teams. Houston Chronicle

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Varejao’s name surfaced this week in trade rumors involving the Houston Rockets’ Omer Asik, but a league source told me Friday the Cavs are not interested in acquiring Asik. With Andrew Bynum beginning to flourish, Asik and his $14.9 million salary for next season are not a fit on this team. Varejao’s ability to play both power forward and center makes him a far better fit. Akron Beacon Journal

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The Cavs are not interested in acquiring Omer Asik from the Houston Rockets, a league source said Friday. The Rockets are expected to trade their disgruntled backup center next week, and the Cavs’ Anderson Varejao has been mentioned as a possible trade chip. Akron Beacon Journal

The Cavs, however, are not interested Asik, who is due to make $14.9 million next season. They could, however, get involved in talks if the Rockets need a third team to move Asik. It’s unclear at this point what the Cavs would be asking. Akron Beacon Journal

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