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July 9, 2013 Updates

The Nets are not planning to add a 15th player to their roster. Once they sign Andray Blatche, Shaun Livingston and Bojan Bogdanovic and then complete their blockbuster with Boston, they will have 14 players ... barring a trade. NetsDaily

Andray Blatche will be officially re-signed Tuesday as the Nets' top free agent acquisition, and it will occur with an air of vindication regarding his involvement in a sexual assault investigation. Blatche and his friends will not face any charges regarding the January incident, according to a Philadelphia police spokesperson, who told the Daily News their Special Victim's Unit conducted a "thorough investigation" that determined nobody should be prosecuted. The investigation, which centered on the alleged rape of a woman by at least one other man in Blatche's hotel room, was closed about two months ago, according to the Philly police. New York Daily News

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Because they are well over the salary cap and don't have his Bird Rights, the Nets can only offer Blatche all or part of the taxpayer "mini" mid-level exception or 120 percent veteran's minimum. But the Nets are expected to use their mid-level exception to sign someone else, possibly sharpshooter Kyle Korver, according to a source. ESPN.com

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Brooklyn’s biggest free agent is Andray Blatche, who sat down for an interview today and joked that he shouldn’t have to remove his shades – “I’m a free agent, y’all should be buttering me up.” More seriously, Blatche said he plans to re-sign. ... BUT, “I can’t tell you 100 percent yet. …I gotta take my time.” New York Daily News

Blatche reiterated that money isn’t such a big deal to him because he was amnestied and is still getting paid by the Wizards. We went over the whole situation in March, when Blatche said he’d be inclined to take less money just to stick it to his former team. “He’s not going to make more money,” Billy King said Sunday. “Hopefully he likes the situation and wants to be here.” New York Daily News

The Nets will not have salary-cap space and do not own Blatche’s Bird Rights. But the enigmatic 26-year-old is thankful the Nets let him revive his career after he was waived last offseason by the Wizards, and both Blatche and general manager Billy King said they hope to see him back in Brooklyn next season. “That’s the plan,” Blatche said. “I’m not sure yet right now. I can’t tell you 100 percent yet, but that’s the plan for me.” New York Post

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