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February 4, 2013 Updates

Brooklyn has placed forward Andray Blatche on the market, according to multiple sources. The Nets are looking for a draft pick in return. Portland, looking for ways to shore up its bench, might have an interest. FOXSports Ohio

January 19, 2013 Updates
January 11, 2013 Updates

With unseemly details emerging in the sexual assault allegations over which Andray Blatche was questioned, several team executives expressed dismay and concern about the Nets forward's notoriously poor judgment. Though police initially said Blatche was not involved in the alleged assault at the Four Seasons hotel in Philadelphia, authorities have since characterized that information as "very preliminary" in a statement provided to CBSSports.com and other media outlets. "It is an ongoing investigation and information will be released by [the] Special Victims Unit once the investigation is complete or formal charges are filed," the police said. "Charges will not be determined until this investigation is complete and the district attorney's office has a chance to review it." CBSSports.com

January 10, 2013 Updates

Brooklyn Nets backup center Andray Blatche says he's "not worried at all" about his involvement in an alleged sexual assault that occurred in his Philadelphia hotel suite early Tuesday morning. Blatche was questioned by Philadelphia police, but not charged, according to Philadelphia police commissioner Charles Ramsey. An investigation remains ongoing. "I'm not worried at all, because when the truth comes out, then everybody will realize what happened," Blatche told reporters Thursday. ESPN.com

The 21-year-old woman who filed a sexual assault complaint with police after a night in Brooklyn Nets player Andray Blatche's Four Seasons hotel suite has told a Philadelphia TV station that he witnessed the alleged assault but did not participate. A. Charles Peruto Jr., Blatche's Philadelphia-based attorney, told USA TODAY Sports that Blatche "has cooperated every step of the way. He voluntarily surrendered DNA. They will find nothing because he did nothing," Peruto said in a phone interview. While the investigation remains ongoing, in Peruto's view, "This case is closed (for Blatche)," he said. USA Today Sports

Andray Blatche said he doesn't have to re-evaluate who he hangs out with "No. Like I said, no. Y’all going to hear the truth sooner or later. It’s just a bad situation what somebody would say. But trust me, when the time comes and I can talk about it, everybody will realize it’s not what you think." Sulia

The victim of an alleged rape that happened in Brooklyn Nets' forward Andray Blatche's Center City hotel room spoke only with Action News Wednesday with the promise her identity would not be revealed. The 21-year-old student says she knew a member of the basketball star's entourage who invited her to meet them at Delilah's in Spring Garden. "I think I was already. I had to be already. Because it was like slowly...I was, I felt strange," the student said. They then went back to Blatche's suite at the Four Seasons where the alleged victim, who admits to drinking, says she passed out on the bed. "It was like I was asleep, but I was still conscious. I heard everything that was around me, but I couldn't, I couldn't move ...and not long after that that was when the first guy came in. It was like he rolled me over and had his way," the student said. abc.com

But she says, the player did nothing to stop the alleged assault. "He was not oblivious. He was aware the whole time," she said of Blatche. Several hours later, Blatche was back on the basketball court. When asked at a Tuesday morning practice why the 21-year-old was taken to the hospital, he replied, "I couldn't even tell you why. Maybe, she was sick. I don't know." Police sources confirm she told them Blatche was in the suite, but did not take part in the alleged rape. abc.com

January 9, 2013 Updates

A night of partying turned into involvement in a sexual assault investigation for Andray Blatche as the Nets center took to the basketball court Tuesday night with a bad reputation renewed. According to sources, the Nets center was questioned and released by Philadelphia police about an alleged rape that occurred in his hotel room Tuesday morning. Philadelphia police commissioner Charles Ramsey told the New York Times that another man committed the alleged rape, but Blatche was present in the hotel suite at the time. According to the ABC affiliate in Philadelphia, samples of a date-rape drug were found in the hotel suite rented by Blatche. The station also reported that police confiscated Blatche’s cell phone, finding “compromising pictures of the alleged victim.” New York Daily News

“From all accounts, (Blatche) was not personally in any kind of assault or anything like that,” Ramsey told the Times. “He was there but was not involved.” Ramsey curiously knocked the credibility of the alleged victim, saying she was “so drunk... she is not going to be a good witness.” New York Daily News

Police have released the two men being held after an alleged sexual assault at the Four Seasons hotel in Center City Philadelphia. Investigators say they are awaiting toxicology and DNA testing, and then it will be up to the District Attorney to decide whether charges will be filed in the case. abc.com

Authorities were called to the Four Seasons Hotel on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday. Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey says officers found a highly-intoxicated, incoherent 21-year-old woman who told authorities she'd been raped. Sources say the woman was in hotel suite 663 with six men, friends of hers, including 26-year-old Brooklyn Nets forward Andray Blatche. abc.com

According to sources, Blatche met the alleged victim at Delilah's gentlemen's club on Spring Garden Street. They say she along with two other women went to the Four Seasons Hotel suite. The suite was being rented by Blatche, whose one-year contract with the Nets became guarenteed just hours before the alleged incident. The woman told investigators at least two of the men raped her and the others saw what was happening. Sources tell Action News investigators found samples of the date rape drug in the suite. abc.com

The Nets forward told police while he was in the hotel suite, he was not in the same room where the sex was taking place. But sources say investigators found Blatche's cell phone with what they described as compromising pictures of the alleged victim. Even so, Commissioner Ramsey says he was released without being charged. abc.com

According to Ramsey, Blatche was among three men and three women who were together inside a room at the Four Seasons Hotel in Center City, where the Nets stayed Monday night. One of the women, whom Ramsey described as “highly intoxicated,” said that she had “nonconsensual sex” with one of the men and “consensual sex” with another man. Blatche was “not an active participant” in either supposed sexual encounter, and he was not in the bedroom area when the alleged assault took place. New York Times

The woman was taken from the hotel to a hospital around 4 a.m. Ramsey said investigators ordered a rape kit in hopes of acquiring DNA evidence. He said that the investigation was in its early stages and that it was unclear if charges would be filed against anyone. “She was so intoxicated,” Ramsey said. “She is not going to be a very good witness.” New York Times

January 8, 2013 Updates

Christopher A. Vito: For those interested, Brooklyn F Andray Blatche was a no-show in Nets locker room in pregame. No surprise there. Twitter @ChrisVito

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