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November 21, 2013 Updates
November 16, 2013 Updates

Drummond, who’s pretty active on social media, posted one of the best Vine videos we’ve seen. It shows that Wallace, though he’s only a few months removed from playing in the NBA, can still dunk. Barely. For The Win

November 7, 2013 Updates

Drummond stands 6-foot-10 and weighs 270 pounds. Pacers center Roy Hibbert is 7-2 and 290. They fought for position and bumped and bruised one another in an old-school exchange that would have made Bill Laimbeer proud. It was a wonderful inside battle that reminded you of the 1970s and 1980s in the NBA, when giant gladiators fought for position in the paint. There were some jabs during the game, but Hibbert saved the biggest one for after. “To tell you the truth I was a fan of his until tonight,” Hibbert said Tuesday. “He is a real good prospect, but it seemed like he was running his mouth a little bit tonight. He has a tremendous future, but I was a fan of his. I thought he was supposed to have a breakout year this year. Best of luck to him. He can dunk the ball real well and he can block shots and he can rebound. He is going to have a bright future — but I was a fan of his.” Detroit News

This is Drummond’s second season with the Pistons and he has a new style of basketball — it’s called “bust their head open.” It doesn’t mean being violent or malicious. But he is a happy-go-lucky guy off the court, and he can’t be that way on the court. He has been told he needs a tougher attitude. Drummond is a nice guy who is learning to grit his teeth and fight for what belongs to him. “My intention is not to knock somebody down,” Drummond said. “If somebody falls, they fall. I’m going for the blocked shot and not to hurt anybody.” Detroit News

November 2, 2013 Updates

Billups was brought in because the Pistons are tired of being a lottery team. Detroit hasn’t been anywhere close to contending since Billups’ last stint with the franchise, and they’re hoping he can help them get back to the postseason after four seasons of winning 30 games or less. Billups is joining a young cast that features Smith, Jennings, Caldwell-Pope, Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe among others. He’s expected to teach the players how to be professionals, work with the guards to make sure they’re playing to their full potential and be the veteran leader that this team needs. “I suspect my experience will come in handy all year for this team and that’s what I am here for,” Billups said. “I’m here to teach these guys. Not only that, but I can still play too. That’s exactly what I am here for though.” HoopsWorld

October 21, 2013 Updates

There are some pretty big names in this category, starting with Pistons center Greg Monroe. The consistent word out of Detroit all month holds that 2010's No. 7 overall pick, despite his undeniable promise and standing as one of the East's top bigs, is most likely headed to restricted free agency next summer. The Pistons just spent big money to sign Josh Smith and are believed to be saving their biggest bucks for young center Andre Drummond, factors that appear destined to force Monroe and agent David Falk to play the market in July 2014 and see if the Pistons are willing to match the best offer he commands. ESPN.com

October 18, 2013 Updates

These excerpts about Drummond’s draft stock particularly resonated with me: According to those close to Drummond, there are several possibilities for the rumors’ origins. Maybe it was because he smiled when he played, rather than scowled. Or maybe it was the AAU teams Drummond chose not to play for that floated the rumors out of jealousy. Or maybe Drummond knows the real reason. “Honestly, I think it was just because of the way I played at UConn,” Drummond said. “I didn’t have the best year. We lost in the first round and I think there was a lot of weight on my shoulders knowing that I didn’t play the way I was supposed to play.” Piston Powered

October 16, 2013 Updates

"Whenever you take a raw, young player, there's a risk to it," Dumars said. "I don't know if you can ever eliminate the risk of taking young big men. I just think you have to have faith that if you take a young big and it doesn't work out, I don't think you can be gun-shy about the next young big that comes along, like an Andre. There's no foolproof method to this. There's no exact science to this. We saw Andre and the thought of not taking him because Darko didn't work out never entered the equation. Not even remotely. It's a part of this business." Grantland

"He's always asking questions," Cheeks said. "Even before practice, he'll come in and see me and we'll talk about certain things that he can do to get better at. I think he has some knowledge in terms of where he wants to get to in terms of his ability. Most guys like that can reach another level — he has that ability." Grantland

October 15, 2013 Updates

Having Rasheed Wallace’s voice in your head while taking free throws doesn’t seem like the type of anecdote that yields positive results, but Andre Drummond’s improvement can be traced to Wallace’s “three points” of emphasis. Drummond is guarding those tips given by the Pistons’ new assistant coach as a precious commodity. “It’s a little thing me and him came up with to help me focus when I get to the line,” Drummond said. “I can’t tell you that. That’s between he and I.” Detroit News

October 1, 2013 Updates

Interesting exchange when the subject of Nickelodeon star Jeannette McCurdy was brought up to Andre Drummond, whom Drummond courted for a date via twitter in the offseason. The two have chronicled their dates and interactions via social media this summer. “I thought we were talking basketball, but I had no idea it would be this big. I was really excited that it happened,” Drummond said. “She’s adorable!” a reporter said. “Yes, she is.” “Is she a Pistons fan already?” “Yeah, she is.” Detroit News

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September 10, 2013 Updates
August 21, 2013 Updates

Andre Drummond turned 20 this month and now he’s starting to flex his leadership muscles. Seeing the dividends that spending much of the summer before his rookie season working out in Auburn Hills under Pistons assistant coaches yielded, he urged the three 2013 draftees to show up early, as well. “I got Peyton (Siva) to come to town, Tony’s (Mitchell) coming in the next day or two and Kentavious (Caldwell-Pope), too,” Drummond said. “I’m making sure all the rookies come in. Last year, I was here real early. I’m like, ‘You guys need to get here early. Just because you made it to the league, don’t think you can come back when all the veterans come back.’ ” After Siva experienced his first brisk workout, he acknowledged to Drummond that he felt winded and was happy to have the six weeks until training camp opens to acclimate. “And I told him, ‘It’s only going to get worse. As soon as training camp comes, it’s running times 10.’ So I’m glad to have him out here with me and the other rookies will be here soon, too.” NBA.com

August 19, 2013 Updates

Andre Drummond soaks up a little knowledge from Rasheed Wallace every day they spend together. One of the most searing lessons so far: Don’t engage him in a game of H-O-R-S-E. “I played with him the other day – it wasn’t fun,” Drummond grinned after a Monday workout. What did coach Wallace throw at his prodigy? “Everything. The little side corner shot with his feet against the out-of-bounds line. The shot from the track line (that runs behind the basket), over the hoop, made it in. And then the two-ball thing. He’s a natural. I don’t know why I did it to myself. I have no idea why I did it.” NBA.com

“I’ve picked up a lot of different tricks just being with him,” Drummond said. “We’re not doing anything drastic as of yet. Right now, he’s just telling me he’s going to keep it simple since it’s so early but at the end of the season you’ll see something a lot different than at the beginning. He’s said, ‘You’re one of the fastest bigs I’ve ever seen and your feet are really good, light on your feet, and you move really well, so the moves I show you, you should do 10 times faster than I did.’ So I’m excited for what’s coming.” NBA.com

August 17, 2013 Updates
August 10, 2013 Updates

The Pistons have aggressively remade their roster since the end of last season, highlighted by the acquisitions of Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings. One guaranteed contract shy of the league's limit of 15, Detroit is said to be intrigued by the veteran know-how Collins possesses and views him as a potential insurance signing in support of its two blossoming big men: Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond. Leaguewide interest in the veteran center has nonetheless been somewhat tepid during the first six weeks of NBA free agency, sources said, but that was not wholly unexpected given Collins' recent play. ESPN.com

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