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Bob Myers: So it wasn’t just adding Iguodala, it was adding Iguodala along with clearing up a lot of salary on our books that really made us believe the deal was worth it from our side. If somebody wanted to compartmentalize the deal, you’d say one pick was for Iguodala and one pick was to get off $24 million. Would we do that in a bubble? Yeah, we felt like that was worth it, because it wasn’t just two first-round picks for Iguodala. We would have been looking at a team, should we not have done anything and stood pat, likely the same team coming back at the five starter spots, but also without Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry, who were huge in regards to our success last year. That likely would have set us back and we didn’t really want to take a step back after having some success for an organization that hadn’t had any in so long. We wanted to try to not just maintain, but take a small step forward. That was the motivation behind the deal and moving the picks. You never know how things could have worked out, you never know in any deal. Our thought at the time when we did it and constructed it was that it was worth it. Basketball Insiders

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ESPN.com has obtained a copy of the complete 28-man list from which Colangelo and Krzyzewski will choose 12-man rosters for both the World Cup which starts in late August and the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. The other national-team veterans to make the cut alongside James, Paul, Anthony, Rose and Westbrook are Kevin Durant, Kevin Love, James Harden, Dwight Howard, Stephen Curry, Deron Williams, Tyson Chandler, Andre Iguodala and Anthony Davis. ESPN.com

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Q: Brandon (Foster City, CA) - I liked the feature on you in Grantland. Just wanted to know how you feel being compared to Scottie Pippen and how much his game influenced you growing up. Thanks… Andre Iguodala: I’ve been a Scottie Pippen fan since growing up being from Illinois. I was also the tallest player on the court playing point guard until my senior year of high school, so I’ve had the comparison made a lot. Mind of AI9

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Known as one of the best all-around basketball players in the NBA, Golden State Warriors swingman Andre Iguodala is now demonstrating his versatility off the court, particularly in the arena of real estate. After shelling out $1.84 million on a posh Mediterranean home in the hills of Berkeley earlier this year, Iguodala is now looking to get into the rental game. The All-Star wing is asking $6,700 a month to rent his 4,000-square-foot home in Sherman Oaks, CA, a neighborhood of Los Angeles. Built in 2008, the gated five-bedroom home features hardwood flooring, a chef’s kitchen and a master suite with a walk-in closet, patio access and a soaking tub and shower. Outside, the grounds offer ideal space for entertaining with a plus-sized patio, rolling green lawns and the quintessential baller amenity: a basketball hoop. Records show the home last changed hands in 2008 for $1.05 million. Realtor

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No one understands the value of Iguodala more than those who have coached him before. Start with George Karl, who had Iguodala last year in Denver, where Iguodala helped the Nuggets to 57 wins. It was during last postseason that the Warriors knocked off the Nuggets in the first round of the playoffs, sparking Iguodala—who was to be a free agent—to consider Golden State as a potential destination. He signed on July 5. “When that deal went down, I said to myself, there’s probably not a better team for Andre than Golden State as far as his personality,” Karl said. “Andre loves the team to play as a team, he is a team guy, he is unselfish. The only thing he has had problems with in his career has been when teams want him to score 20 points a game. Golden State doesn’t need him to score 20 points. They need him to do what he does at a high level.” Sporting News

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Andre Iguodala had a target date in mind to return from a right hamstring injury. The Golden State Warriors had a different one. Iguodala said Thursday the sides are "in the same chapter, not on the same page." He says he hopes to come back soon but will leave the decision up to team trainers. USA Today Sports

"I wasn't upset about the trade, it was the timing," he continued. "It was like, 'I'm in the Olympics, I'm playing some meaningful minutes, and you're trading me in the medal round.'" Krzyzewski asked Iguodala if he could still perform. "The minutes kind of came down,1 which I understood, because in Coach K's mind, he's like, 'His head might not be in the right place right now,' because he doesn't know me personally. So that was the only thing that I was upset about. It could've waited five days." Grantland

They wanted a shooter and a scorer and a winning team, not a player who could do it all. Iguodala consulted with Donovan McNabb, the Eagles' oft-criticized quarterback. "Philly is not understanding [about anyone who is] 19 years old and coming into this league," Shanklin said. "Philly is on record booing Santa Claus." Iguodala was nothing like the charismatic, controversial Iverson. His jumper ran hot-and-cold. He could be aloof in interviews. The fans were unforgiving, acting as though Iguodala himself had traded Iverson. "If we lost, I couldn't go out the next day," Iguodala said. "I couldn't walk outside. I would walk down the street and get 'Fuck you' all the time. People are always focused on what you don't do all the time. 'Why don't you do this, why don't you do that?' Maurice Cheeks was a great coach because he said, 'You got here because you do what you do. Do what you do well. Don't let nobody tell you what you can't do.' "I had some really good years in Philly, but there [were] always so many changes, and I've always had to tailor my game to each situation," Iguodala said. "It's taken away from what I bring to the table." Grantland

Pippen may have been a better shooter than Iguodala, but Kerr sees similarities between his former teammate and his fellow Arizona alumnus. "Both guys are more natural passers than scorers," he said. "They are both incredibly versatile defenders. Obviously, the athleticism is off the charts, and just the length. One of the reasons why Andre has become — and Scottie did become — distributors is that they weren't great shooters. So when you're not great at something, you figure out what you are really good at and you always work on your weaknesses." "Is Scottie considered a superstar?" Iguodala asked. "He played with MJ. Sometimes it's time and place. You got guys that have superstar capabilities but just aren't in the right spot." "I don't like comparisons too much, but I really do see myself as a Scottie type, a Penny type," Iguodala said. "Those are my two favorite players." Grantland

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