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Q: How did you guys talk Andre Iguodala into signing here when you were capped out this summer? Joe Lacob, majority owner of the Golden State Warriors: “It’s interesting, during one of the playoff games in Denver, I was sitting on the floor. It turned out per chance, that one of his cousins was sitting behind us. We introduced and got to know him during the first game. When we came back for the second game, he made it pretty clear that Andre liked the Warriors, liked the organization. Obviously, I couldn’t talk about that at the time, but when he did become a free agent, I didn’t have to sell a lot. He was pretty sold. He sees how we do things, and the word gets out among the players. We get approached all of the time by agents with really big names who say, ‘Hey, when my guy’s contract is up, we’d really like to consider playing for the Warriors, because you’re building something the right way.’ We can’t talk to them, because it’s illegal, but you can see that we’re building something for the future, and people can sense that.” San Francisco Chronicle

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Golden State's Andre Iguodala is with his second team in as many years since leaving the Sixers in the summer of 2012 in the trade that brought Andrew Bynum to Philadelphia from the Lakers. Though Bynum was the key piece in the four-team trade, part of the thinking in getting rid of Iguodala was to clear the path for Evan Turner to take over as the team's small forward. Asked whether he liked the transition to more freedom, Turner replied: "To some extent, but I was trying to get better and make my own situation. Dre did a lot of things that were positive for this city; he's obviously a winner, and to be able to play with him and be able to have a friendship with him is really cool. He's an Olympian and also a great player. "To me, he's the best defensive player in the league. He knows a lot about the game. I respect his IQ and everything like that. It was always fun." Philadelphia Inquirer

Stephen Curry: Great start to the roadtrip. That man @Andre Iguodala was em fuego tonight. #dubnation Twitter @StephenCurry30

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With a new four-year, $48 million contract in hand, Andre Iguodala of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors can afford the finer things in life, including a luxury home in the Oakland hills. While teammate Steph Curry eyes a Bay Area penthouse flip, the All-Star swingman is settling into his new surroundings nicely with a new home purchase. Iguoadala recently paid $1.84 million for a Mediterranean contemporary home in Berkeley, Calif. Located in Claremont Hills, the same affluent suburb where Oakland A’s manager Bob Melvin bought a home in February, the 2001 build offers five bedrooms, five bathrooms and nearly 5,000 square feet of living space. The home features a chef’s kitchen and a 5.1-kilowatt solar installation, and each of its three floors open onto balconies with unobstructed views of the Bay Bridge and water. Realtor

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Two of those early vacations - 2006-07 and 2009-10 - came when he was playing in Philadelphia and after seasons in which the 76ers were asked to spend a portion of their training camp overseas. Needless to say, Iguodala is more than a little anxious to see how his new team, the Warriors, will handle this week's preseason trip to China. "I don't know, man. I've got mixed feelings," Iguodala said. "I've been in training camps overseas, and it's not always enjoyable. We'll get an opportunity to see the world and meet some great fans in Asia, but you've got to man up and remember to get your work done." San Francisco Chronicle

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Andre Iguodala was one of the NBA’s early adopters of Twitter, and several months ago he pulled off an impressive feat: he got his handle changed from @mindofAI9 to @andre. On Twitter, everybody, no matter how well-known, is essentially representing themselves as a brand, and a big part of that is the handle you choose. Some people will choose a clever pun on a celebrity’s name, or a variation of their own name with “the_real_” or a number tacked onto it. But to be able to pull off just your first name takes a special kind of credibility. For The Win

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David Aldridge: What's the rotation looking like right now? Mark Jackson: We'll figure it out. We know our top seven or eight guys, especially with Klay, Harrison and Andre. To me, there's 96 minutes, split between the three of them. Which is more than enough. So it won't be a concern. Me: Can all three of them interchange between the two and the three? MJ: Yes. Harrison is probably the one guy that can handle two, three, four. And he's more so a three. With either one of them (on the court), he's a three. But to me, yeah, they can all do it. With our system, there's no difference, really. So it's just that you're the two and you're the three. But they're doing the same thing. NBA.com

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Iguodala revealed in an interview with ESPN The Magazine that his decision to sign with Golden State was due to more than simply getting the chance to play alongside Stephen Curry. It turns out Iguodala is a lot more shrewd with his money than people might have assumed, and that he is already preparing himself for his post-playing career. “I thought the Bay Area would be a great spot for me,” Iguodala told Sam Alipour. “There are just so many opportunities out here. I’ve got my mind on tech funds and venture capital funds. That’s what I want to get acquainted with. In fact, my financial team has already started laying some of that groundwork.” NESN.com

From the sounds of it, the big, geeky glasses Iguodala wears aren’t just for looks, unlike some of his NBA brethren. He says he has gone to seminars about investing and how to run a team, and hopes to own an NBA and a WNBA franchise. He plans to pick the brain of Warriors owner and successful venture capitalist Joe Lacob, and calls himself the “biggest fan” of Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle Corp., based in Santa Clara, Calif. He interned at Bank of America Merrill Lynch during the lockout two years ago. NESN.com

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Stephen Curry indicated the Golden State Warriors are aiming for 50 wins this season when he said earlier this month that there's a number that "has a five in front of it" written on a whiteboard inside the team's practice facility as a goal. Apparently, that's not enough for Andre Iguodala. Not after he helped the Denver Nuggets win a franchise-record 57 games last season. And not after he turned down more lucrative offers to sign a $48 million, four-year deal with the Warriors this summer. Fifty wins? "I would say more than that," Iguodala said Wednesday at the team's downtown Oakland headquarters, where most players have been voluntarily working out for about three weeks before training camp starts Sept. 29. "I just have really high expectations for us. I won't say too much about wins. I'd rather fly under the radar." Associated Press

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