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This would be the ballgame. The shot clock was off, and the Bucks would have to foul, and the Knicks could win the game at the foul line, and — AND HOLY HELL, DID HE JUST SHOOT A 3-POINTER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? “Maybe he thought I shot an airball and he had to shoot,” Anthony would say later. “Maybe he thought we were behind,” Mike Woodson said. “I made a mistake,” Bargnani said. New York Post

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Anthony didn't get the memo. He didn't hear his teammates yelling, so he wrapped up Howard and the Hack-a-Dwight backfired, for once. "That was a boneheaded play on my behalf," Anthony said. "He made a mistake," Howard said. "Bargnani was going to do it to, but some of the guys told him, 'Don't do it.' And then Carmelo didn't hear it, and he did it. It happens." CBSSports.com

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"The makeup of [this] team is different. Last year, I was playing up top with the ball, spreading the floor, creating a lot of mismatches," Anthony said of his spacing. "This year's a little different in terms of the system and the team. But I'm fine. I'll figure it out." Making Bargnani a reserve could unlock Anthony's efficiency and improve the starting lineup's rebounding and bench scoring. Replacing him with Cole Aldrich—whose 26.3% defensive-rebound rate last season dwarfs Bargnani's 9.7% rate this season—would fill a need. And in a game like Wednesday's, against a smaller Atlanta Hawks team, even the idea of using the 6-foot-7-inch World Peace at center could work. Yes, he'd give up five inches to Bargnani, but at 260 pounds, he outweighs the Italian and is a superior low-post stopper and rebounder. Wall Street Journal

But the coach appears committed to the Bargnani-Anthony duo. Of the 144 minutes Bargnani has logged so far, 133 of them have been with Anthony in the game, a rate that's likely climb in Chandler's absence. (It's worth noting here that the Knicks have outscored opponents by 7.2 points per 40 minutes in the time Bargnani has logged without Anthony.) In his defense, Bargnani, despite being a wholly ineffective rebounder, has proved to be a competent rim protector thus far, holding opponents to 46.7% shooting when defending at the rim, according to SportVU player-tracking technology. But the team's strategy of switching on nearly every pick-and-roll play—particularly when Felton is defending—often pulls Bargnani from the basket, putting him in poor position to shadow quicker players. Wall Street Journal

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Bargnani claims he’s ready. He played center in Toronto. “I did that in the past with the Raptors, when I was playing with [Chris Bosh],’’ Bargnani said. “Of course, with Tyson out different guys are going to have to play some minutes at [center. That’s just natural. I’ve got to be comfortable with that. That’s what the team needs me to do.’’ New York Post

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It took a little more than one quarter as a Knick for Bargnani to hear his first boos at the Garden as fans began to jeer after he missed his fourth consecutive field goal in the second quarter of Wednesday night's 90-83 win over the Milwaukee Bucks. Bargnani, whom the Knicks were hoping would be a secondary scoring option behind Carmelo Anthony, picked up his game somewhat in the second half, finishing with six points and shooting 3-for-9 in 17 minutes of play. Bargnani's teammates and coach, however, believe that it's only a matter of time before he gets comfortable with their offense and his new surroundings and becomes the scorer they need him to be. "This is New York. It's the Garden. And it's the show," center Tyson Chandler said. "Once he gets past all of that he'll be fine. All of his teammates love him and we think he's going to be the key. He's going to be huge for us." Newsday

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