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July 21, 2014 Updates
July 20, 2014 Updates

As he has previously, Kirilenko seemed to diss Kidd, at one point suggesting he may not have wanted to deal with the pressure of coaching in New York, "So the pressure is huge. And Kidd couldn’t handle it. Or maybe didn’t want to." He called the team's second round exit a "lack of success." (Kirilenko's wife, Masha, publicly criticized Kidd for not playing the veteran in the playoffs.) NetsDaily

The criticism got harsher, more so than in previous interviews. "Basically he was not able to do much of anything, if you look at the big picture – we have to admit that fact," says Kirilenko, throwing his arms open. "There were objective reasons. Our starting center, Brook Lopez, injured himself early and was out for the whole season. There were health problems with other players. But the serious goals set before the club were not cancelled. We were serious about fighting for the title." "When Kidd became head of the team, no one really knew what to expect," he added. "Of course he had colossal experience as a player but no coaching experience. Or reputation. At the beginning it was difficult. What else could it be when you’re losing more games than you’re winning? Things were a bit easier for me as I was injured at the time and couldn’t be on the court and do anything about it, no matter how much I wanted to. So, inside, I was calm." NetsDaily

As for Holllins, AK-47 likes the idea of having a veteran coach. "No one knows how we’ll play under Lionel. Maybe better. Maybe worse. But one thing is for sure: Hollins, unlike Kidd, has huge experience as a coach. And he has an excellent understanding of what to do and how to develop the team’s playing." NetsDaily

In a wide-ranging interview with SovSport, the Russian sports tabloid, Andrei Kirilenko said everyone on the Nets remains focused on a championship for Brooklyn, is happy for Sergey Karasev who he expects will get playing time under Lionel Hollins and offers some indirect but telling criticism of Jason Kidd whose decision to leave Brooklyn for Milwaukee he called "an unequal exchange." "We intend to seriously compete for the title," said Kirilenko at point in the interview, later adding that Brooklyn, ownership is all about winning a championship. NetsDaily

Andrei Kirilenko said that Ettore Messina leaving CSKA Moscow was the right decision for the Russian club. The Nets forward had a long interview with Sovsport. “I think that it was the right decision. A coach cannot do as Messina did during the most important game of the season saying “I am not able to coach the team, I am leaving”. You are not a player and ask for a substitution is something goes wrong. You are the mentor and you have to motivate the team. Sportando

July 11, 2014 Updates

You have renewed your contract with Brooklyn. Why did you make this decision, even though you had player option for the next season? Andrei Kirilenko: When I was just signing the contract originally, I planned that I would stay in New York for a couple years. Me and my wife always wanted to live for some time in this city. We have seen a lot of different places, different parts of America, different people – in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Minnesota. But we have never managed to feel the real spirit of this special city. We wanted to dive into this atmosphere. And then many factors came into play, making it possible for it to become reality. Rush'n Hoops

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Andrei Kirilenko: I’ve known Sergey since he was a kid, I played on a team with his father. Of course I will always help Sergey. Idon’tliketheword“patronize”. I played on the Timberwolves with Alexey Shved and always tried to help him, give some advice, but never patronized him. Sergey and Alexey are grown up guys, they know it perfectly themselves what they need to do. There is no way I will interfere in Sergey’s life and I’m even less likely to play basketball for him. Rush'n Hoops

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Nothing's official, but Nets officials are optimistic that Andrei Kirilenko will not opt out of his player option and remain with the Nets through next year. Kirilenko has a player option on the second year of his two-year mini-MLE signed last summer in a big coup for Billy King and Dmitry Razumov. Kirlenko has until June 29, a week from Sunday, to decide. NetsDaily

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Masha Lopatova (Andrei Kirilenko's wife): I just wanted to let everybody know that I am absolutely fine with Andrei not playing tonite. The only thing I personally want is for #brooklynnets # to win. I apologize if I hurt anybody by posting a quote from Nellys song. Haha, journalism in this country sucks #dailynews# I was just trying to be witty but I failed))) but I guess I have some stupid talent for creating media attention. Peace! Instagram

April 20, 2014 Updates

Brooklyn Nets forward Andrei Kirilenko said he was “a little bit surprised” that he did not play in Game 1 on Saturday. But Kirilenko, who reiterated that he is healthy, was understanding of coach Jason Kidd’s decision to sit him. “I was a little bit surprised. But to be honest, when I watched the game everybody played so well,” Kirilenko told ESPNNewYork.com on Sunday. “I didn’t even see a position for me to fill-in because Terrence Ross obviously got two quick fouls, [DeMar] DeRozan didn’t have a great game and they played a small lineup with Kyle Lowry, [Greivis] Vasquez and even [Nando] de Colo at three and two big guys, so [there] wasn’t really a place for me on the floor, to be honest.” ESPN.com

Kirilenko’s wife, Masha Lopatova, did not appear to be too happy that her husband was not playing. She posted an Instagram photo of Kirilenko sitting on the bench accompanied by the comment “ ... And you are Kidding like Jason ...” That could be a reference to a lyric in the song “Hot in Herre” by Nelly, where the rapper says, “I’m just kiddin’ like Jason.” She later wrote to fans: “I don’t want to say anything bad, but just think about 350 million Russian fans back in Russia cheering for the one Russian player in the playoffs (not to mention Russian community and Russian ownership) that hurts!!!” Asked about his wife’s comments, Kirilenko said, “She wanted me to play. I spoke with her, and she said she was surprised but she’s a fan.” ESPN.com

One of the big surprises to come out of the Nets’ 94-87 victory over the Raptors in Game 1 of their best-of-seven first round series was the fact super sub Andrei Kirilenko never got off the bench for Brooklyn. It appears his wife, Russian pop singer Masha Lopatova, was just as surprised as everyone else. On her Instagram account after the game, Lopatova tweeted out a picture of her husband sitting on the bench with the comment, “…And you are Kidding like Jason…” which appeared to be a reference to Nelly’s song, “Hot in Herre” which includes the line, “I’m just kiddin’ like Jason.” As fans and others began to comment on the photo, Lopatova later wrote, “I don’t want to say anything bad, but just think about 350 million Russian fans back in Russia cheering for the one Russian player in the playoffs (not to mention Russian community and Russian ownership) that hurts!!!” New York Post

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