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That was just too easy for Warriors coach Steve Kerr, who made a joking plea to Warriors fans a couple hours before tipoff. "I'm just going to make an appeal to our fans to be as quiet as possible," he said. "It's the least we can do." The sellout crowd paid no heed to Kerr's faux instructions. Decked out in yellow "Strength in Numbers" T-shirts, fans roared at every opportunity. The Pelicans kept coming, but so did the crowd. "It was unbelievable," center Andrew Bogut said afterward. "At one point it got to where we couldn't even hear the whistle. That's what we want. We love that from our fans and the atmosphere they provide. We wouldn't want to play anywhere else in the world." Contra Costa Times

Kerr seemed puzzled by the notion that the noise could reach illegal levels. "I know the NBA likes to control a lot of things, but I don't think they can control how loud the fans yell," he said. Contra Costa Times

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When Bogut was asked to discuss whether Davis' late outburst was the product of his improved play in the fourth or the Warriors' collective relaxation when they held a huge lead, he smiled and said, "Yeah, I wouldn't go that far. I'm not going to give them any bulletin board material — nice loaded question, by the way (laughter all around). He's going to get his points. We're not going to keep Anthony Davis to zero points or five points. He's going to get his numbers. He's an All-Star. He's one of the best players in the league. ... He's a top five player in this league, up there with LeBron and those guys." On the topic of Davis having just one rebound through three quarters: "Yeah, I can't really comment too much about that," Bogut said, as if the Warriors' efforts had nothing to do with it. "We do a great job on the boards, (but) I'm not sure. He was floating around on the perimeter a whole lot more, so maybe that's why." USA Today Sports

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"(The outside perception of them) is still the same, though," Bogut said. "We still talk to journalists, and they know we're No. 1 or No. 2 in scoring but no one knows we're No. 1 in defense. They'll say, 'You guys are so high-scoring, so high-powered, but can you sustain that in the playoffs? It doesn't work in the playoffs!' And you're sitting there like, 'We're No. 1 in defense. Our defense has been unbelievable.' People still think we're the Warriors of the 2000s, but we don't mind it. We're happy that people talk about us like that, because we hope teams prepare for us like that. 'They're soft. Let's go at them.' Because we'll fight back." USA Today Sports

"Oh, I've been in some scuffles," he said with a grin when pressed about his real-life, knuckle-knocking experience. "Growing up, I got picked on a lot because I was taller. I was a head taller than my whole year (grade) so in Year Seven, the Year 10s and 11s and 12s were giving me (crap). I followed one of them home on the bus and gave him a few and he left me alone after that. Just stuff like that. The area I grew up in, everyone thinks — especially being in the NBA — everyone wants to talk about growing up in a bad area, but I didn't grow up in a nice area in Australia. It was a rough area, and you kind of had to be very street smart to get by. I've been jumped by a gang as a 16-year-old, had the (expletive) beaten out of me. Five or six guys beat the (expletive) out of me at a party. I've been in fights at school." USA Today Sports

"My first year of high school, I got suspended for being in a fight, throwing a kid up against the locker," he continues. "It was some racist stuff from my European background that I dealt with. I was always kind of in scuffles. It was a way of life. That was the only way you could get by in that area. If you didn't stand up for yourself, you'd just get crushed. USA Today Sports

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Warriors center Andrew Bogut said he didn’t have a good live look of the memorable move Stephen Curry put on Chris Paul, but figured the Internet would help him out with that one. “I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of memes,” Bogut said. “So I’m looking forward to getting on Instagram and Twitter and seeing exactly what they’re doing on the Photoshop because there’s a lot of antics that were going behind the bench when it happened, and it was a hell of a play by Steph.” Contra Costa Times

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