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March 20, 2015 Updates

Andrew Bogut: Iguodala's my locker partner. He's right next to me in the locker room. He's a great intangibles guy for us. This is a guy who was an All-Star at one point and put up huge numbers scoring-wise, but he accepted his role. He's the leader of our bench. He's probably one of our highest basketball IQ guys on our team and one of our best defenders. He brings a lot of things that some other guys don't have on the team that he's willing to do. He's been absolutely huge for us. CBSSports.com

You reached out to Larry Sanders to wish him well. What'd you think of his video? Do you think that's a message that needs to get out a little bit more — that basketball isn't the only thing that you guys care about? Andrew Bogut: It's a tricky one because we're paid a significant amount of money to play basketball and most people that support the game are passionate about it, they'd love to do what we're doing. So for someone to come out and say that it's my job, people probably can't relate to it as much. Which is unfortunate. Because it is, it does become a job after a while. I still enjoy it, I think most people that play it enjoy it, but it has its ups and downs. I think what Larry was trying to say is he doesn't want basketball to define him, he wants to define himself. And I think that's when we go back to what guys are doing off the court and all that, you gotta have outlets that aren't just predicated on basketball because you'll drive yourself crazy. You'll get to a point where you retire, and you want to know what happens to a lot of those guys two or three years out of retirement? They get depression and then all hell breaks loose financially and emotionally and socially. So I think he made the right decision. CBSSports.com

Andrew Bogut: A lot of people think he's crazy leaving that money on the table, but mental health is an interesting one. I have some friends and family that had similar issues. And it's a tough one because you can't see it. It's not not like a broken leg where you have a cast on and people can feel sorry for you. It's in your head. And people kind of call you soft and a pussy for it. That's just the reality of being a professional sportsman. You're supposed to be tough and be able to fight through anything. But I think what Larry did is an even tougher thing than what most people could do. The time I spent with Larry, he was a really good teammate. I got along with him just fine. He was a young player, I had no problems with him and I really do wish him the best. CBSSports.com

You've said you don't want to have kids until you're out of the league. Andrew Bogut: I kind of don't want to raise them around this environment because I don't think it's a healthy environment in a way for children. Because everything's monetary, everything's about money and flashiness and what car you drive. Not to disrespect how other people live, but it's something that I don't think is appropriate for children. I don't think a child should have a Luis Vuitton bag at four years old or have a cell phone at six. That's something I don't think is right, and it's not the way I'll raise my kids the day I have ‘em. Yeah, it's an interesting one. I'll just try to keep my kids level-headed and make sure that they work just as hard as I did to get to where they are. There are going to be no free handouts and I'll want them to have a normal childhood. CBSSports.com

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"The second I walked in to watch Chris Paul play, there was no doubt in my mind he was ridiculously special,'' Ainge says. "I saw him play at Duke, as a freshman for Wake Forest, and he did not have a good game. It was just his talent level -- athletic, smart, tough, physical. He was just confident in what he was doing, in spite of the fact that he wasn't making shots and everything else. There was just something about him, that he put a smile on my face as I watched them play.'' In 2005, Ainge tried to trade Pierce to Portland for the No. 3 pick in order to draft Paul. The trade fell apart and Paul went No. 4 to New Orleans, behind Andrew Bogut, Marvin Williams and Deron Williams. "Chris Paul was clearly the No. 1 pick in the draft that year, in my mind,'' says Ainge. "I was very confident in spite of my own staff, in spite of my own coaches and my own people not sharing that opinion.'' NBA.com

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Based on this data, it appears as though Rudy Gobert and Andrew Bogut both have a good case to be selected as the defensive specialist for the Western Conference All-Star team this season. Gobert has the highest block percentage, holds opponents to the lowest field goal percentage at the rim and helps Utah’s defensive rating by a healthy 6.9 points while on the court. Bogut’s numbers are similarly good, but behind Gobert’s in most relevant categories. Basketball Insiders

February 11, 2015 Updates

Most players on off days are “stray bullets,” Warriors center Andrew Bogut said, arriving at the team hotel and not seeing each other until their light pregame practice the next morning. “That’s just the norm in the NBA,” said Bogut, a 10-year veteran. “We go out together and eat together way more than any other team I’ve been on.” Wall Street Journal

How is the body holding up and how much longer do you plan on playing for? Andrew Bogut: Who knows? It’s a roll of the dice for me. I just turned 30 so I’m staring down the barrel a little bit and I’ve had some pretty tough injuries to deal with. But I’m battling through, I’m definitely not thinking of retiring anytime soon but we’ll see what happens. As long as the body keeps holding up and I can get through seasons I’ll keep putting myself out there. news.com.au

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The remarks were probably "ill advised," Jazz coach Quin Snyder said. Still, the coach appreciated his player's passion. "I like that Enes is being emotional and aggressive and playing that way," the coach said. "I think it was said in that kind of spirit of exuberance. But I think we all know the reality is [Golden State] is a terrific team, and what Klay Thompson did the other night was remarkable, and Andrew Bogut may be the best center in the league — to set the record straight." Salt Lake Tribune

Aaron Falk: Bogut: "No energy, no bounce coming out of the gate. Can't afford to do that against any team in this league, so we deserved to lose." Twitter @tribjazz

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Kerr admitted the club got absolutely no warning Bogut wasn’t going to play. He just said he wasn’t feeling well and bolted. Didn’t even give it a try. Kerr maintained he isn’t worried about Bogut’s dependability when pressed on the subject after the game. Privately, though, you know all the Warriors’ brass are discussing this behind closed doors because Bogut is such a monumental element to the Warriors’ long-term aspirations. It’s a 7-foot asterisk to them possibly making it the NBA Finals and winning it all. Without him, they probably don’t get through the second round in the West. Contra Costa Times

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