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They go through center Andrew Bogut more than Mark Jackson did. And after thumping the Lakers Sunday night, the Warriors are 8-2 and two games clear of the Clippers for the Pacific Division lead. "We still want to push the ball -- I think we're number one in the league right now in pace of our offense, getting the ball up the floor," Bogut said. "Last season, the issue for us was when that wasn't there. What now? And it was usually one pass [and] iso. We have a lot of things in place where he wants to get ball movement and move the ball side to side, and he's emphasized that, and that's probably a key to our turnovers early in the season, because we're trying things that we're not used to. But I think it's going to get better and better." NBA.com

Most days rap wins the day, though Wednesdays are reserved for rock and heavy metal (and thus called "White Boy Wednesdays"). "I have to get on him a little bit to widen his arsenal of music," Bogut said, laughing. "No one will like it [but] I want my day. I listen to a lot of old rock and roll, old school rock and roll, some late '70s, '80s rock, [Bruce] Springsteen. And I listen to a bunch of Croatian music. I definitely can't put the Croatian on, because people will stop practicing and leave the gym. But I think the rock might pass." NBA.com

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"In training camp, we did basic fundamentals," Bogut said. "We did dribbling drills. We did pivot drills. We did jump-stop drills. I'm talking like grade-school stuff. And some guys thought it was stupid, but I think it's just that attention to detail. He knew last season that we were horrible at turning the ball over, so he was all about, 'If you're double-teamed, do a jump-stop, get to your pivots.' We actually do that stuff. It's monotonous to some guys, because you're a pro and you're like, 'Holy (expletive), this is lame.' But I knew right away that he didn't care what guys thought. He was like, 'We're going to do this.' " That approach extended past training camp and into the regular season, too. "Last season, we didn't practice a lot," Bogut said. "Every coach is different, and coach Jackson liked us to be fresh for games and have fresh legs. We came in, did what we needed, scouted and got out of there. (Now) we're doing a little more with coach (Kerr). Like I said, the fundamental stuff … That worked for us last season. This season, they're different. They want to make sure we stay on the fundamentals and that kind of stuff." USA Today Sports

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That seems like a lot. Do you feel that your offense is just flowing better this season? Andrew Bogut: Oh definitely. I think we were last in the league last season in passes per possession. By a long shot. And that’s something that Coach brought to us the first team meeting–something we were going to focus on. When we pass on offense, everything just frees up. San Jose Mercury-News

That second unit tonight–if you put David in there, you’ve got Lee, Iguodala, Livingston, Ezeli and Barbosa… That’s a pretty interesting group. Bogut: I just said to (USA Today’s) Sam Amick, our third group could probably be a second group on most teams. Thing is, there’s not enough minutes. We’ve got a very deep roster–the guys you just mentioned. Some nights, someone’s going to get screwed out of minutes. You know what I mean? But I think we understand it makes us better as a team, we’re 4-0, we’re winning games, everything’s positive. San Jose Mercury-News

Thompson deflected a lot of the praise for his hot start to teammates, specifically Andrew Bogut. "We're just scratching the surface of what we can be," Thompson declared. "Coach Kerr has really put an emphasis on moving the ball. We're without one of our best passing big men right now in David Lee. When we get him back, he's gonna make us that more dangerous ... Andrew Bogut has been such a good player for us. I can't describe how good his passing is. He gets me so many good looks every night. I should give a percentage of my contract to him now..." CSNBayArea.com

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Warriors center Andrew Bogut, the 29-year-old Australian who missed the entire playoff series against the Clippers with a rib injury, is looking forward to re-entering this not-so-friendly fray. "It's not that I enjoy it," Bogut said when asked if he relishes the no-love-lost dynamic of this matchup. "If (physicality) happens, it happens. Some games, it happens and I'm happy to battle and wrestle and scrap and claw and fight and do whatever you have to do. And some games it doesn't happen. "I'm one of the few guys that doesn't have a boatload of friends that I party with in the summer in Vegas that are in the NBA. I kind of go and do my own thing, so I'm not one of those guys that's schmoozing guys before the game or at halftime. So I don't really care once they think of me once the game is over." USA Today Sports

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Guber's email, which was sent from his phone and obtained by Yahoo Sports, came after the NBA announced in a news release earlier Monday that the league's 30 teams will have a record 101 international players from 37 countries and territories on opening-night rosters for the upcoming season. Warriors director of media relations Raymond Ridder forwarded the league's release in an email sent through the franchise, saying, "The following is a great example of the growth of our league. There are 101 international players on NBA opening night rosters, which represents 22% of the league. We have five [5] international players on our roster (33%), which includes Andrew Bogut, Leandro Barbosa, Festus Ezeli, Ognjen Kuzmic and Nemanja Nedovic. We've come a long way…" Guber responded to the email by writing, "I’m taking rosetta stone to learn Hungarian Serbian Australian swahili and hoodish This year. But it's nice." Yahoo! Sports

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Bogut said he expected to continue shooting free throws right-handed after experimenting this preseason with the other hand. A 40-percent free throw shooter in two seasons with the Warriors, Bogut said it meant something to him hearing Kerr express a preference for leaving him in during late-game situations despite the struggles. Oakland Tribune

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The way Bogut sees it, though, there's not much he can do about contact injuries. The only solution, well, that's not in Bogut's nature. As he told the San Francisco Gate: My body feels great. All of my injuries have been of the high-impact variety. The only thing I can do to change that is to be a puss and avoid contact at all costs. Then, it’s the other side of the ball when people say I’m a puss. I’ll take the good with the bad. I’ll still take charges and go for blocked shots. Every now and then, I’ll get a knock. The Score

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