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Clearly, Leonard was not one of the "winners" of the Draft Combine's athletic testing results and shooting chart. Who were the winners? Isaiah Thomas, who measured two inches taller than he was listed at (5-foot-10), shot 76 percent on college 3-pointers and 72 percent on NBA 3-pointers in the spot-up shooting drills. He made 61 percent of his mid-range jumpers off the dribble and 92 percent (12-of-13) of his timed mid-range jumpers on the move. Thomas measured a 40-inch vertical and bench pressed 185 pounds 13 times. He's strong, he's athletic and he can shoot. Other than his height, which turned out better than expected, there isn't much of a knock on Thomas. Andrew Goudelock measured a 37-inch vertical, had the second fastest lane agility time and shot the lights out in the drills. In the timed mid-range shooting on the move, Goudelock made all 21 of his attempts. He made 76 percent of his spot-up NBA 3-pointers and 68 percent of college 3-pointers. He made 78 percent of his mid-range jumpers off the dribble. Goudelock proved his claim as the best shooter in the draft and he showed that he's quite the athlete as well. The Hoops Report

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