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August 19, 2011 Updates
August 17, 2011 Updates

Lakers draftee Andrew Goudelock could be the next 2011 second-round pick to sign overseas. Agent Austin Walton told HoopsHype his client is looking at two offers from Germany and Spain - both with NBA outs. “One is a Eurocup team in Germany and the other an ACB club,” Walton said. “We are seriously considering both offers. We are working the final stages of negotiation with both clubs.” HoopsHype

July 31, 2011 Updates
July 30, 2011 Updates

Many international teams have expressed interest in Los Angeles Lakers rookie Andrew Goudelock, but he likely won't sign overseas unless a deal includes a NBA-out. He's looking forward to starting his career with the Lakers and wants to be able to play in Los Angeles as soon as the season starts. HoopsWorld

June 28, 2011 Updates
June 22, 2011 Updates

Andrew Goudelock, the Southern Conference player of the year from Charleston, has hopes of going from mid-major school to the NBA. He was the nation's fifth-leading scorer as a senior, showing the offensive firepower it took to possibly make it at the next level. The Harlem Globetrotters can say they got to him first, announcing the 6-foot-2 guard as one of their "draft picks" on Tuesday. It's fun and games, of course, but it doesn't just mean Goudelock can always don the flag-colored uniform if he ever chose to do so. It's also recognition that he's one of the more entertaining players you can find anywhere. "I'm going to score wherever I am, whatever level I'm on, because that's my game," Goudelock told MLive.com last week while working out for the Detroit Pistons. "I'm going to be able to shoot until the day I die." ESPN.com

Ryan Feldman: Word is that Andrew Goudelock may have a draft floor at 39 or 41. Could go as early as 27. NJ, Chi, Mia, Sac, Cha, LAL all in the mix. Twitter

June 1, 2011 Updates

Kansas forward Marcus Morris will be the headliner as the Bucks open workouts for draft prospects at the Cousins Center on Wednesday. The 6-foot-9, 230-pound Morris is considered a potential lottery pick and the Bucks own the No. 10 pick in the June draft. Morris worked out for the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday, along with Brigham Young's Jimmer Fredette and four other players. Also involved in the Bucks' six-player workout Wednesday are 6-10 forward Trey Thompkins of Georgia; 6-6 guard Anatoly Bose, a native of Kazakhstan who played two seasons at Nicholls State (La.); 6-3 guard Dwight Buycks of Marquette; 6-3 guard Andrew Goudelock of the College of Charleston; and 6-3 guard Malcolm Delaney of Virginia Tech. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

May 31, 2011 Updates

Andrew Goudelock may win the award for most draft workouts this year. By the time the NBA Draft rolls around, he will have 17 workouts (the schedule is obviously subject to change). With all of the hype after his performance at the Portsmouth Invitational and the Nets Combine, almost every team has expressed interest in bringing him in for a workout. While early second round is most likely, it is very possible that a team in the late first round could fall in love with Goudelock and select him there. The Hoops Report

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May 26, 2011 Updates

Clearly, Leonard was not one of the "winners" of the Draft Combine's athletic testing results and shooting chart. Who were the winners? Isaiah Thomas, who measured two inches taller than he was listed at (5-foot-10), shot 76 percent on college 3-pointers and 72 percent on NBA 3-pointers in the spot-up shooting drills. He made 61 percent of his mid-range jumpers off the dribble and 92 percent (12-of-13) of his timed mid-range jumpers on the move. Thomas measured a 40-inch vertical and bench pressed 185 pounds 13 times. He's strong, he's athletic and he can shoot. Other than his height, which turned out better than expected, there isn't much of a knock on Thomas. Andrew Goudelock measured a 37-inch vertical, had the second fastest lane agility time and shot the lights out in the drills. In the timed mid-range shooting on the move, Goudelock made all 21 of his attempts. He made 76 percent of his spot-up NBA 3-pointers and 68 percent of college 3-pointers. He made 78 percent of his mid-range jumpers off the dribble. Goudelock proved his claim as the best shooter in the draft and he showed that he's quite the athlete as well. The Hoops Report

May 21, 2011 Updates

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