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June 27, 2012 Updates

I’m hearing the Warriors do like Wilson Chandler but don’t believe he is worth the No. 7 pick so that deal is unlikely to happen. The Nuggets would have to take back Andris Biedrins or Richard Jefferson to make it worthwhile for the Warriors. However, if the Warriors trade down a bit, maybe to 12 or 14, that Chandler deal may be in play. That could be a high enough jump for Denver (#20) and the Warriors could still get someone they like at No. 20 – whether Terrence Jones, Quincy Miller, Moe Harkless or even Festus Ezeli Contra Costa Times

March 24, 2012 Updates

The fans have started booing the beleaguered center during pregame introductions, he quietly hoped he would be included in a trade- deadline deal, and the Warriors believe there is still a market for the 25-year-old 7-footer. "This is the franchise that gave me an opportunity, and I have spent my whole career here, so I'm not one of those guys who is going to demand a trade or say, 'I don't like it here,' " Biedrins said. "We have to finish this season and see where it goes from there. We'll have a talk after the season and evaluate the situation, but I don't like to complain about things." San Francisco Chronicle

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January 31, 2012 Updates

Biedrins is averaging 16 1/2 minutes per game this season, his lowest mark since 2005-06. He's averaging a career-low 2.9 points per game with 4.8 rebounds and 1.1 blocks. Asked what kind of season he's having, the 7-foot Latvian said, "I don't know. I wouldn't say great. I don't know. I mean, it's a great question. Obviously, I'm not satisfied with it." San Francisco Chronicle

So what does he think about his role? BIEDRINS: “I don’t know if that’s in my control. He’s the head coach, and he makes all of the decisions. I just have to do what he’s telling us to do.” Biedrins made sure to point out he and Jackson aren’t on bad terms. He made it even more clear he’ll do whatever Jackson requires. BIEDRINS: “We have a good relationship. I don’t see any dislikes between us. We work together well. He’s the head coach. This is his team. If he wants me to play 15 minutes, I’ll play 15 minutes. If he wants me to play 10 minutes, I’ll play 10 minutes.” Contra Costa Times

But when asked if he was having fun, Biedrins revealed where he’s at mentally. There’s a difference between being willing and wanting. Biedrins is clearly willing to play this limited role. But if he had his druthers … BIEDRINS: “Maybe I could have a little more fun. I would like to play a little bit more, but this is the situation. I have to accept it. I have to do what they tell me to do. That’s the way it is.” Contra Costa Times

January 30, 2012 Updates
January 15, 2012 Updates

Barbieri: Howard may not like it much, but I think you're right - I think it did give you the best chance to win, especially shorthanded like that. Mark Jackson: The score is 22-13 in the first quarter, and after Dre (Andris Biedrins) picks up his foul we have to take him out, and Ekpe Udoh comes into the game. The very first play, Dwight Howard spins, gets to the rim and dunks it. We were smaller, and physically he's so dominant, so we had no other option - and he's a bad free-throw shooter. If you look at the numbers, 21-for-39 is nothing to be proud of. It gave us a chance to be in control of that game. We did it for three reasons: because he's a bad free-throw shooter, to eliminate his dominance and then to eliminate their three-point shooting. It took them out of rhythm offensively. San Francisco Chronicle

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December 30, 2011 Updates

After the draft, teams got to (and get to) determine the height of their employees. This is what you see on the player card, and this is what largely informs the public idea of how tall a player is. There is a yearly physical to keep tabs, though teams rarely make changes. For example, the Warriors informed me that Andris Biedrins is their only player to receive a height alteration over the last decade, due to a spurt that took him from 6-11 to 7-0. ESPN.com

December 25, 2011 Updates

Jackson is also the coach who, when asked on the first day of camp whether Biedrins was definitely his starting center, replied, "He's definitely a center on this basketball team." So at least no one is hiding the fact that Biedrins begins the season needing to win over his own team. "It is what it is," said Biedrins, who put on 15 pounds in the offseason. "Obviously I didn't play my game the last two seasons, and I don't blame them if they started looking for another guy because I was not really great the last two seasons. That's the way the business is. There is nothing you can do about it. Just come back and play strong and show them again that you are worth having around now." NBA.com

December 17, 2011 Updates

At this point, the Warriors’ brass only whispers about his progress, afraid to mess with it. But the buzz heading into Saturday’s exhibition opener at Oracle Arena against Sacramento can be best described by three words from point guard Stephen Curry: "Dre is back." "I worked as hard as I’ve ever worked," said, Biedrins, 25, entering his eighth season. "I got my life together. Had a son. There was a lockout, so I had a long offseason. Everything just came together. It was the perfect time to work on everything." Boston Herald

December 12, 2011 Updates

When he was on the court, Biedrins often looked a step behind as he desperately tried to rediscover his timing. "Obviously I didn't play my game the last two seasons. I don't blame them if they started looking for another guy because I was not really great the last two seasons,'' Biedrins said. "That's the way the business is. There's nothing you can do about it but come back and play strong and prove to them again that you're worth being where you are right now. ... "It makes you a little bit stronger, too, that they've started looking for somebody else. You say, `No way, I can prove to them I'm better than those guys they're looking for.''' SI.com

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