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September 11, 2011 Updates

After determining that he had yet to truly turn his potential into more than flirtations of production, Blatche has taken some steps toward getting better. He recently hired powerful agent Andy Miller after going without representation for all of what turned out to be a difficult season — even after he had secured a lucrative extension with the Wizards. And he also decided to separate himself from people who weren’t interested in his personal development. Washington Post

September 6, 2011 Updates

Longtime Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin has chosen a new agent – now we’ll see if he chooses a new team. The unrestricted free agent has hired Andy Miller, who also represents former Nuggets all-star Chauncey Billups. Martin is seeking what could be the last big contract of his career – the 2010-11 season was the last on Martin’s seven-year, $90-plus million deal with Denver. Denver Post

He turns 34 in December, but coaches across the league annually gush about Martin’s ability to quarterback a defense. Last season, Martin averaged 8.6 points per game and 6.2 rebounds in what might have been his final season in powder blue. Last fall, Martin had expressed desire to get a contract extension, but that didn’t happen. Martin was asked earlier this summer about possibly signing with the Nuggets and said: “It’s not on me. My standpoint has been clear for a year now. … Wherever it’s going to be, if it’s Denver or somewhere else, I’m back in the gym working hard every day, so wherever it’s going to be, I’m going to be ready.” Denver Post

May 5, 2011 Updates

Jordan Williams' short stint as a college basketball player has come to a close. The former Torrington High and Maryland star has signed with an agent and will remain in the NBA draft, a source said. The news was first reported by the Washington Post on Wednesday afternoon. The Republican-American confirmed the report that Williams has signed with agent Andy Miller of New Jersey-based ASM Sports. rep-am.com

Williams, 20, all but confirmed the reports via Twitter, though as of late Wednesday afternoon he hadn't informed Maryland coach Gary Williams of his plans. "Thank you for all the support...it really means a lot!! It's been a dream to play in the NBA and now I finally have the opportunity!!" Jordan Williams tweeted. rep-am.com

April 25, 2011 Updates
March 2, 2011 Updates

According to his agent, swingman Rasual Butler will sign with the Bulls once he clears waivers, CSNChicago.com has learned. Andy Miller, Butler's agent, told CSNChicago.com, "We intend on signing with Chicago when he clears waivers," via text message Wednesday morning. Butler, a 6-foot-7 sharpshooter, confirmed to CSNChicago.com that he was bought out of his contract by the Los Angeles Clippers late Sunday evening. CSN Chicago

February 25, 2011 Updates
February 23, 2011 Updates
December 2, 2010 Updates

Brendan Haywood's agent, Andy Miller, told CBSSports.com that his client's one-game suspension enforced Friday against the Spurs was for "an isolated incident. ... It's over, and we're moving forward." One person familiar with the situation called it a "flare-up" and a "misunderstanding" between Haywood and coach Rick Carlisle that did not involve minutes or playing time. The relationship between Haywood and Carlisle is not in need of being addressed further, the source said. Haywood logged only 7:58 against Miami in his return Saturday night, but got more than 21 minutes Monday night against Houston -- the Mavericks' sixth straight win. CBSSports.com

October 30, 2010 Updates

Rudy Fernandez enjoyed Manhattan last night, having a business dinner with his agent Andy Miller. The Knicks play their home opener tonight against Portland and the Blazers' Spanish-born shooting guard still would prefer to make New York City his home. According to a league source, Miller plans to meet tonight at the Garden with Blazers president Richard Cho to discuss Fernandez's future. "What Rudy wants is irrelevant," one person familiar with the situation said. "It's what the Blazers want." New York Post

October 29, 2010 Updates

A league source says Portland Trail Blazers guard Rudy Fernandez has filed a grievance with the league after he was fined $50,000 for comments made on his behalf about him seeking a trade. European agent Gerard Darnes told a Portland radio station on Oct. 6 that Fernandez’s hopes to be released from his contract and return to Spain. Andy Miller is Fernandez’s official NBA agent and Darnes also isn’t registered as Fernandez’s European agent. Yahoo! Sports

Douby, who Glass would later assert was coerced to change agents by Miller and his high school coach, Jack Ringel, had spoken with Glass not long before firing him. And even if he didn't know it yet, Glass' three-year process of firing back had officially begun. "I was on the phone with Quincy, and he had not said anything, (but) I knew we had a problem (in their relationship)," Glass, who has been an agent for nearly 30 years, told FanHouse in what were his first extensive public comments about the case. "And I could tell that he was talking to somebody or somebody was talking to him as he was talking to me. I've known Quincy for years, and we'd gone through a lot. I could tell this conversation was not right. You didn't have to be a genius. He said to me, 'Mr. Glass, or Keith,' I'll call you back in five minutes, because he was being coached (by the person in the room). I never spoke to Quincy again in my life. FanHouse.com

"Then an hour later, the fax machine goes off, and me and Tyler (his son, a colleague in his firm and a former teammate of Douby's at Rutgers) looked at each other and went, 'Uh oh. Here comes my termination letter.' Then Tyler looks at me and says, 'It's Andy Miller.'" And so began the years of connect-the-dots detective work that led to the decision, one that has caught the attention of the NBA Players Association and could result in a change to the regulations that have been in place since 1991. FanHouse.com

Yet while the monetary amount in Glass' case is far inferior to what Fleisher was awarded, Glass hopes that the fact that he reached a successful decision, as opposed to a settlement, can cause what he sees as necessary change. "They settled that (Fleisher) verdict, and Eric probably isn't allowed to speak out on it," Glass said. "That verdict probably never went to the union, because that's a private settlement from the union. But the union is not hiding from this decision. "Monetarily, it did not really amount to much. (Polloway) got paid, and we made a little bit on it. There were expenses or whatever, but I would do it again tomorrow. And if other agents are reading (this story), I will do it again tomorrow. The point is that at some point somebody has to stand up and say, 'Look, as a man, I'm not Pollyanna, I know what's going on, but if you can prove it -- which is hard -- then you go and do it.'" FanHouse.com

And while the 40-page ruling that was obtained by FanHouse focuses mostly on how Miller orchestrated Douby's termination of Glass for his own benefit, a footnote on page 5 sheds light on the issue of side deals that so many agents say must be solved. According to the report, which was written by arbitrator George Nicolau, Ringel -- who coached Douby at Grady High School in Brooklyn, N.Y., and was a father figure to him -- admitted taking $3,000 from agent Ken Glassman on behalf of Douby during his freshman season at Rutgers. Ringel, who claimed the money was spent by Glassman to keep Douby away from other agents, testified that he wasn't aware that such practices were prohibited under NCAA rules but said, as the report reads, that he "would have accepted the $3,000 even if he had known." That one example, numerous agents say, is merely the tip of an enormous iceberg that doesn't appear to be melting. FanHouse.com

September 17, 2010 Updates

Yet this blip of a career has cost a prominent player agent tens of thousands of dollars and dented his reputation. It could potentially get him disciplined by the National Basketball Players Association, which certifies and regulates agents. In a ruling issued this summer, an arbitrator found that the agent Andy Miller had illegally interfered with Douby’s relationship with another agent, Keith Glass. Miller was ordered to pay $40,000 in damages. New York Times

The sum is modest, but the judgment is noteworthy, marking one of the few times that an N.B.A. agent has been punished for, in essence, stealing a client. Agents complain about the practice all the time. But lawsuits are rare, and sanctions even more so, because cases are difficult to prove. When Glass won his case, it was the equivalent of hitting a game-winning shot at the buzzer, from the opposite baseline. “This certainly has the potential to be a significant case,” said Gabriel Feldman, a law professor at Tulane and director of the school’s sports law program. “It’s rare for an agent to successfully sue another agent for client-poaching, or tampering, or tortuous interference, or whatever you want to call it.” New York Times

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