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The issue is compounded by the fact the closest semblance to a stretch 4 on the roster is 35-year-old Antawn Jamison, who is shooting a career low 20 percent (8-for-40) from three-point range. Perhaps that’s why one league source with unique insight into the Clippers organization does expect them to make a blockbuster deal before the February trade deadline. That assumes Rivers has the ability and the desire to convince Sterling such a move is necessary. Rivers did joke, in his lambasting of the report, that he had not bothered to talk to Griffin about it because, "If I do pull him aside, I'm probably not telling him the truth." Bleacher Report

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More than three years after Wizards team president Ernie Grunfeld granted his request to join a championship contender and traded him to Cleveland in the aftermath of a horrendous season that included the death of Wizards owner Abe Pollin and the gun fiasco, Jamison admits that he wishes he had handled the situation in Washington differently. “I regret it,” Jamison said. “Ernie came to me and said, ‘You deserve it. I want to do what’s best for you.’ I was frustrated. That was a tough year. But I wish I would’ve stuck it out the duration of my contract, because if it wasn’t for D.C., I don’t think I’d be where I am at professionally. They gave me that opportunity, from Ernie and Eddie Jordan and Mr. Pollin. They gave me that captain [title]. . . . That was my family. Washington Post

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Under typical circumstances, when a player signs as a free agent over the summer, they cannot be traded until Dec 15. Now that that date has been reached, the Lakers are now able to deal most of their free-agent acquisitions. This isn't to suggest the Lakers are actually looking to make any specific moves, but technically Jodie Meeks and Antawn Jamison are now trade eligible. Additionally, Devin Ebanks and Darius Morris can be dealt but under the strict rules of the league's collective bargaining agreement, both have the right to block any trade after signing one year-deals (with Bird or Early Bird Rights upon completion). Another wrinkle to the equation is Jordan Hill, who can't be dealt until Jan. 15 after getting a raise greater than 20% from the Lakers. Los Angeles Times

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Regardless, sources out of the Chicago Draft Combine are saying the Bobcats’ plans include more than just a lottery pick. They also may turn to free agency, the goal being to get veteran players to guide the youth movement while contributing on the court. The target list could include the likes of forwards Antawn Jamison and Grant Hill, who spent the past few years with Cleveland and Phoenix, respectively. Both are former All-Stars with strong North Carolina connections – Jamison played his high school ball in Charlotte and collegiately at North Carolina, while Hill played just down the road at Duke. FOXSportsOhio

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Antawn Jamison has heard the trade rumors. He knows he has an expiring contract -- considered a valuable commodity in this sometimes warped world of NBA deals. He also understands the Cavs are approaching this season with one eye on the future. So it’s no surprise to 35-year old Cavaliers forward that his name keeps popping up. “If I don’t hear my name around this time, that’s when I’ve got something to worry about, because that’s when something might actually happen,” he said from the Cavs’ practice facility Monday. FOXSportsOhio

Still, Jamison said he felt he still plays an important role. And it’s for that reason that he feels he won’t be traded before the March 15 deadline at 3 p.m. “It’s part of the game, as far as trade rumors and speculation,” he said. “People call me just as much at this time as anytime of the year. They say, ‘I heard you might go to this place or that place.’ But me and (Cavs general manager Chris) Grant have a good relationship. He told me that if something comes up, ‘I’ll be the first to let you know.’ “As a player, that’s very satisfying when you have someone who is up front with you and will let you know if something is going to happen. So far, we haven’t had that talk. So I don’t expect to go anywhere.” FOXSportsOhio

Antawn Jamison doesn’t mind hearing his name come up in so many trade rumors, but he doesn’t expect to be moved before Thursday’s 3 p.m. NBA trade deadline. Cavs General Manager Chris Grant is actively looking for ways to acquire another first-round pick in this summer’s draft. That may include moving Jamison and his $15 million expiring contract. Jamison joked that he has heard his name pop around around this time every year since about his second or third year in the league. “If I don’t hear my name, that’s when I’ve got something to worry about because that’s when something might actually happen,” Jamison said. “Me and Mr. Grant have a great relationship. He told me if something comes up, he’ll be the first to let me know. As a player, that’s satisfying when you have somebody who is up front with you & lets you know if something is going to happen. So far we haven’t had that talk, so I don’t expect to go anywhere.” Akron Beacon Journal

“It’s tough for the organization because you’re trying to build a foundation here and things are going a little quicker than what most people anticipated would happen,” Jamison said. “It’d be gratifying this year to find a way to get into the playoffs and bring some excitement back to these fans who had to deal with the last year or two. The most important thing is we’re going in the right direction as far as building a foundation of a winning organization, an organization that is used to winning. One year off is not bad to getting back to what we once were.” Akron Beacon Journal

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