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After he took a paycut to play one season for the veteran’s minimum in hopes of winning his first NBA championship, it’s unlikely Antawn Jamison will return to the Lakers. Los Angeles Daily News

The 15-year NBA veteran hopes to play somewhere near his Charlotte residence so he can spend more time with his four children, including Alexis (12), Kathryn 7, Antawn Jr. (6) and Rucker (3). Jamison will likely command more money on the open market considering he made $15.1 million in the 2011-12 season with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He tired of the endless in-fighting among the Lakers locker room. And partly stemmed from sitting out for six consecutive games, Jamison didn’t have the best relationship with Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni. Jamison had also skipped his initial exit meeting, though he attended at a later time. Los Angeles Daily News

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The Los Angeles Lakers player was hangin' out in Beverly Hills today when we asked about Jason's big announcement ... and the 36-year-old veteran had a lot to say. Antawn -- who's been in the league since 1998 -- told us he's glad Jason came out ... and he's happy the guy can "be who he really is." But Antawn says not everyone feels the same way -- telling us, "Of course, you're going to have some closed-minded people, let's be realistic." "That's life." TMZ.com

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