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Free-agent forward Anthony Tolliver said Minnesota and Cleveland are leading the pack his services. “Minnesota and Cleveland are the frontrunners,’’ said Tolliver, who played the past two seasons for the Timberwolves. “But the last time around (when Tolliver was a free agent in 2010), Minnesota wasn’t a frontrunner and came on at the end.’’ Tolliver said other teams in the mix for him are Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago and Washington. He said the Wizards jumped in after they made Andray Blatche an amnesty victim earlier this week. Sulia

Had things gotten serious with Miami, free agent Anthony Tolliver didn’t think spoof of LeBron's "The Decision" when he signed with Minnesota in 2010 would have been any problem. “It was all done in fun,’’ Tolliver said of the video he put on YouTube entitled “The Decision… Part Deux.’’ “He didn’t take it that seriously.’’ James had been asked early in the 2010-11 season about Tolliver’s video, and James responded, “I didn’t see it, but I heard about it. We play Minnesota twice.” But Tolliver said it was his understanding James wasn’t really upset Sulia

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Anthony Tolliver's agent Larry Fox tells HoopsHype he's talking regularly about his client with four teams - Wolves and Cavs included. "Minnesota has made it clear they want Anthony back, but we have to wait until the Batum situation resolves itself today and then also for them to finalize some transactions that have been discussed but not yet formalized," Fox said. "Cleveland also has expressed serious interest, but has to first work through some trade scenarios the next couple of days before we can further our discussions. Several other teams have expressed serious interest and each day recently has brought forth new teams inquiring." Sulia

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Tolliver, who made a lot of friends and impressed a lot of people in his short time in Cleveland, wound up getting released after never actually putting on a uniform in a regular season game. But the experience proved valuable. "That ended up helping him tremendously because that counted as a year of service because he was on an NBA roster for one day," said his agent, Larry Fox. "The following season when he made the NBA [with San Antonio and the Byron Scott-coached New Orleans Hornets], he was considered having one year of service so he got paid several hundred thousand dollars more, and that one day is the reason he's an unrestricted free agent because he's been in the league enough years. Had he not had that one day with the Cavs that year, he'd be restricted. "So his experience with Cleveland so far has been good." Cleveland Plain Dealer

Fox said Minnesota is still interested in keeping Tolliver, who played there the last two seasons after splitting time with Portland and Golden State in 2009-10. But Fox called the Wolves an "extreme moving target" right now, because of all the transactions the Wolves are involved in. He thinks Tolliver, who averaged 4.1 points and 3 rebounds in 51 games last season, could fill a role here. "Cleveland is an interesting team," Fox said. "Antawn Jamison is not going to be there next year, so I think Anthony Tolliver is looked upon as a guy who could play a similar role -- a guy who comes in and can bang down 3-point shots, can play big, can step out a little. I think it's an interesting fit for the Cavs to fill that Antawn Jamison role." An NBA source has confirmed the Cavs' interest. Cleveland Plain Dealer

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The Knicks feel good about their chances of re-signing Steve Novak despite nearly a dozen teams contacting his agent yesterday on the first day of free agency. But as a back-up plan, the Knicks have targeted free-agent forward, Anthony Tolliver as a possible replacement, according to sources. Tolliver was an excellent 3-point shooter two seasons ago with the Timberwolves before being hampered by a wrist injury last season. New York Post

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