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August 19, 2012 Updates
August 9, 2012 Updates

Walk into the Timberwolves' locker room after one of last April's heartbreaking losses, and there sat Anthony Tolliver. There sat Tolliver, ready to talk, ready to analyze, ready to break down whatever happened in that night's particular brand of collapse. There sat Tolliver, with intelligent responses and insight, with the proper amount of anger after a tough night and only a hint of resignation to the team's struggles. Got a question? Ask Tolliver. Afraid to tick off someone else? Talk to Tolliver instead. Want some insight on what's going on with the league, something bigger-picture than just a blown lead or a missed shot? Tolliver's your guy. Fox Sports North

If there were a statistic that measured the ratio of minutes spent talking to the media to minutes spent on the court, Tolliver would lead the league. He's every reporter's guilty pleasure, a guy who might not necessarily have an impact in every game but who's eminently quotable, disarmingly friendly and refreshingly smart. And yet despite all that the 27-year-old forward remains an unsigned free agent, with the Timberwolves hoping to sign him but currently unable. Fox Sports North

August 7, 2012 Updates

Larry Fox, the agent for forward Anthony Tolliver, said recently that his client shares a mutual interest with the Wizards but is “not in the minimum game.”Tolliver, 27, has attracted interest from Minnesota, Indiana and Cleveland, but Fox felt that Tolliver could address one of the Wizards’ remaining needs. “You look at Washington’s roster, he’d probably be a decent fit there. They don’t have a guy at the forward position that can step out and shoot the ball and that’s a main part of Anthony’s game,” Fox said. Washington Post

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August 1, 2012 Updates

Free-agent forward Anthony Tolliver said Charlotte has emerged as a new suitor for him. “Charlotte reached out for the first time the other day,’’ Tolliver said Wednesday. “They’re really interested… They lost out on Carl Landry (who went to Golden State).’’ Tolliver has interest in the Bobcats. “They could use another veteran to put in there instead of just always throwing in rookies and not knowing what you’re going to get out of them,’’ Tolliver said. Sulia

In addition to Charlotte, free-agent forward Anthony Tolliver said Washington and Minnesota are teams on his short list. Cleveland has fallen off. The Cavaliers recently picked up Jon Leuer on waivers from Houston. Tolliver played the last two seasons with the Timberwolves. Tolliver said he’s looking in free agency for a salary similar to the $2 million he made last season for Minnesota. Sulia

Free-agent forward Anthony Tolliver said Washington is coming after him harder than any other team. “They’re calling every day,’’ Tolliver said of the Wizards, who made forward Andray Blatche an amnesty victim two weeks ago, reaching out to his agent. The Wizards could be a frontrunner. “They don’t have a big guys who can step out and shoot it,’’ said Tolliver, who is that type of player. “That makes a team in that situation kind of attractive… (Minnesota, where Tolliver played the past two seasons) has the best in the business at that (in Kevin Love).’’ Sulia

July 31, 2012 Updates

“This is a very important time in my career,” Tolliver said in a recent telephone interview from his home in Minneapolis. “Getting into the right situation where I’m able to play and contribute to a team is very important”. Springfield News-Leader

Tolliver, 27, is willing to be patient as his career has reached a crucial juncture. “This is a very important time in my career,” Tolliver said in a recent telephone interview from his home in Minneapolis. “Getting into the right situation where I’m able to play and contribute to a team is very important. “There are several teams that have shown interest and I’m weighing options. I’m taking my time and making sure my decision is a good one.” Springfield News-Leader

“Sure, the money is important, but I know this time around I’m not looking to lock myself in for a whole bunch of years,” he said. “Right now, I’m looking at probably a shorter-term contract, something that gives me a chance to get with a team, play one or two years and show what I can do.” Springfield News-Leader

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Free-agent forward Anthony Tolliver said Minnesota and Cleveland are leading the pack his services. “Minnesota and Cleveland are the frontrunners,’’ said Tolliver, who played the past two seasons for the Timberwolves. “But the last time around (when Tolliver was a free agent in 2010), Minnesota wasn’t a frontrunner and came on at the end.’’ Tolliver said other teams in the mix for him are Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago and Washington. He said the Wizards jumped in after they made Andray Blatche an amnesty victim earlier this week. Sulia

Had things gotten serious with Miami, free agent Anthony Tolliver didn’t think spoof of LeBron's "The Decision" when he signed with Minnesota in 2010 would have been any problem. “It was all done in fun,’’ Tolliver said of the video he put on YouTube entitled “The Decision… Part Deux.’’ “He didn’t take it that seriously.’’ James had been asked early in the 2010-11 season about Tolliver’s video, and James responded, “I didn’t see it, but I heard about it. We play Minnesota twice.” But Tolliver said it was his understanding James wasn’t really upset Sulia

July 18, 2012 Updates

Anthony Tolliver's agent Larry Fox tells HoopsHype he's talking regularly about his client with four teams - Wolves and Cavs included. "Minnesota has made it clear they want Anthony back, but we have to wait until the Batum situation resolves itself today and then also for them to finalize some transactions that have been discussed but not yet formalized," Fox said. "Cleveland also has expressed serious interest, but has to first work through some trade scenarios the next couple of days before we can further our discussions. Several other teams have expressed serious interest and each day recently has brought forth new teams inquiring." Sulia

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