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January 20, 2015 Updates

Korver is the most consistent weapon in basketball beyond 24 feet. He's engineered his own long-range layup line. "I feel like for the most part I've shot the ball fairly consistently, and I think the thing with percentages, if you really watch guys' percentages, a lot guys have a lot of good games but there are those outlier bad games that really kill percentages. And I think it's trying to minimize those," Korver said. "You can have a few, but just try to be consistent with who you are and your approach." FoxSports.com

"A big part of, for me, shooting is understanding my shot, understand my check points, if I'm off where that comes from and keeping your body healthy. As you get older, you learn it's not just about, 'Did I get up 1,000 shots yesterday?'" Korver said. "It's more, 'Did I get my lift in? Did I get my legs stronger? Did I get the massage, do I feel good?' Those things tend to take on as big of a role as getting your shots up every day." FoxSports.com

January 19, 2015 Updates

Though the Hawks were interested in a longer deal (Millsap wanted chance to re-up for one more big deal at age 30), neither side was locked in long term if it didn't work out. Under Atlanta coach Mike Budenholzer, Millsap and the Hawks are a perfect fit, and they will try to extend the partnership, especially with Atlanta looking at a deep postseason run. They deserve each other for at least two more seasons. USA Today Sports

Detroit Pistons forward-center Greg Monroe planned for unrestricted free agency so he could choose his next team, and that remains the case. Whether Monroe gets a true max or not, he's going to receive a lucrative deal, and the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks and Atlanta Hawks are among the possible suitors. USA Today Sports

Doc Rivers, another famous old Hawk who now coaches the Los Angeles Clippers, could not have agreed more. "You can see the city is turned on by this team," he said. "It's the way they play that the city loves. It's a lesson to whomever becomes the new owner of the Atlanta Hawks, and to every other owner scratching his head when he reviews his attendance and revenue books. This weird thing called winning basketball, played in a fundamentally sound way with unselfishness ... It turns out, that sells. CBSSports.com

January 18, 2015 Updates
January 16, 2015 Updates
January 15, 2015 Updates

Jenkins was sent to play for Idaho by the flexible assignment rule. Idaho is the affiliate of the Jazz. The Hawks’ D-League affiliate is Fort Wayne, an organization they share with 12 other NBA teams. Jenkins said Idaho plays a style similar to that of the Hawks. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

January 14, 2015 Updates

"I root for the Sixers, but it's been hard the last 2 years," said Brand. "It definitely could have been different because we were so close. You see Boston breaking up, and we were younger than those guys. Miami breaking up, and we were younger than them. Indiana had a surge, but you see what's going on with them. I see the pieces around the league - Lou Williams getting 30 [for Toronto] or Andre Iguodala being the glue guy [in Golden State]. Even [Marreese] Speights is getting 20 off the bench [for Golden State]. [Nikola] Vucevic getting 30 [points] and 15 [rebounds] some nights [for Orlando]. "[The Sixers] are getting assets and those assets have to grow. They're stockpiling some young talent for sure and then this draft again. It is to be determined, so you'll see in a few years what happens from it." Philadelphia Inquirer

January 13, 2015 Updates
January 12, 2015 Updates

The Hawks have retained investment banks Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports to handle the sale of the team. Sources expect the team's "book," detailing the franchise's assets and liabilities, to be available for the interested groups by the end of this week, or next week at the latest. The Hawks have struggled in recent years to connect with the Atlanta community at large, losing market share to SEC football, NASCAR events and golf tournaments like The Masters in nearby Augusta. But the scarcity of NBA franchises and the potential of a market with 4.72 million people in the city and surrounding counties has a lot of rich people very interested in buying the team. NBA.com


While arguably the most popular, Dominique Wilkins is not the best player in franchise history.


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